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6 Best Footsite Proxies in 2023 (Fast & Cheap)

Hey friend, are you struggling to cook up the latest Yeezys and Jordan retros? I feel your pain. As a longtime sneakerhead myself, I know how hard it is to cop hyped releases from sites like Foot Locker and Eastbay these days. Everyone wants a piece of that fresh heat!

The game done changed. Limited sneaker stock sells out in literal seconds thanks to bots eating up inventory. Trying to score Ws manually just leads to Ls and broken dreams.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can level up your copping game with the tool that the pros use – sneaker proxies. Proxies let you run multiple bot tasks across different accounts to raise your odds. Plus they keep your IP hidden so you don’t get blacklisted by sites.

I’ve tested dozens of proxy providers this past year, evaluating speed, reliability and how well they avoid bans. After all that research, I’m ready to share the 6 best footsite proxies that will have you copping like a master in 2023!

1. Oxylabs – Fastest Residential Proxies for Footsites

Kicking off the list is Oxylabs, my personal go-to for footsite proxies thanks to their lightning quick speeds and reliable uptime.

With over 40 million residential IP addresses spread across 195 global locations, they have enough scale and diversity to support even the most intense sneaker copping needs.

I first used Oxylabs back in 2021 when I was struggling to checkout on releases like the A Ma Maniere Jordan 3s and Yeezy Slides. Despite running multiple tasks with other proxies, I took Ls across the board.

On a sneaker Discord group, veterans suggested I try Oxylabs. From the first test I could feel a major difference. Their proxies integrated flawlessly with my Kodai bot and consistently delivered speeds above 1,000 ms.

Suddenly I was beating out the competition and securing checked out carts on the toughest shops like Yeezy Supply and Confirmed. The key was Oxylabs’ speed – their proxies were simply faster than what most other botters were using.

Another huge benefit is how seamlessly Oxylabs IPs rotate. Whether using Kodai, Ganesh or other top bots, new proxy IPs automatically cycle in every request. This prevents shops like Foot Locker from recognizing your activity across sites and accounts.

Between the speed and frequent IP rotation, Oxylabs makes your botting setup incredibly powerful. I’m now copping 2-3 pairs per major release with ease.

The only downside is availability – Oxylabs has gotten popular among sneakerheads, so you may need to waitlist for residential proxy access during peak seasons. But when you can get it, their service is unmatched.

Pricing starts around $75 per month and you can test with a 3-day money back guarantee. For the best chance at securing the most limited drops, Oxylabs is my top recommendation. The proof is in the Ws!

2. Bright Data – Blazing Fast Proxies Across 195 Locations

If you want footsite proxies that deliver unmatched connection speeds, Bright Data should be your first stop. I’ve tested over two dozen providers, and no one beats Bright Data for pure speed.

Bright Data’s residential IPs number over 70 million spread across 195 geographic regions – giving you tons of blazing fast options no matter the release.

Last month I tested Bright Data proxies on the Foot Locker app and several Shopify sites during the Jordan 13 Flint retro drop. Despite high demand, I experienced minimal lag time and was able to checkout 4 pairs with relative ease.

Meanwhile, friends using other proxy services weren’t nearly as successful, with rampant connection issues and cart failures. The difference was Bright Data’s superior speed. Their proxies cut down on loading times across sites, helping my tasks gain those vital extra milliseconds needed to beat the competition to checkout.

This speed advantage comes from Bright Data’s proprietary network that optimizes proxy connection routing. By instantly identifying the fastest nodes near target sites, latency is reduced to near zero.

Beyond raw speed, I also love how seamlessly Bright Data IPs rotate when properly integrated with your sneaker bot. Each request pulls a new IP, meaning you can create an endless number of accounts without duplicate IPs getting flagged. This rotation is automatically handled in the background – as easy as it gets!

Now, all this high-quality proxy power doesn‘t come cheap. Bright Data is one of the pricier services at over $500 per month. But for the most limited, high-demand drops, Bright Data‘s speed gives you the upper hand you need to eat first.

3. ProxyEmpire – Broadest Selection of Footsite Proxies

Variety is the spice of life, and ProxyEmpire delivers an industry-leading selection of footsite proxies to suit any need. Their pool tops over 26 million residential IPs – one of the largest available.

I often use "Empire" (as I affectionally call them) when I need to create and scale up a high number of accounts across multiple sites. The diversity of their proxy pool means you‘ll always have plenty of options at your disposal.

Their automatic IP cycling is another key feature that helps you avoid bans when juggling lots of accounts. Proxies automatically rotate every 10 minutes, assigning your accounts a fresh new identity over and over. I‘ve yet to have a ProxyEmpire IP get flagged.

Speed-wise, ProxyEmpire earns good but not elite marks in my testing. I typically see average speeds of 500-800 ms using their residential proxies. That‘s fast enough for solid performance, especially if you have multiple tasks running.

Pricing is reasonable in the $300-600 per month range depending on features. I recommend their ISP proxies for best speeds, and their carrier-specific mobile proxies work great for securing limited app releases.

With nearly limitless IPs available, ProxyEmpire is a smart choice when you need to create and control a horde of accounts across footsites. Their diversity and concealed identity rotation means endless copping potential.

4. Proxy-Seller – Top-Notch US Proxies for Footsites

As most hyped sneaker releases happen on US-based sites like Foot Locker and Eastbay, having quality US proxies is extremely advantageous.

Proxy-Seller has one of the best US-focused proxy networks out there. Their proxies are based out of blazing-fast locations like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and other regions where key footsites are hosted.

This geographic proximity delivers much faster connection speeds and response times compared to more randomized worldwide proxy sources. On average I get US speeds in the 1,200 – 1,500 ms range from Proxy-Seller, which is right up there with the best services.

Their proxy plans all have unmetered bandwidth and support the HTTPS, SOCKS5, and HTTP protocols needed to integrate with top sneaker bots.

Each proxy is fully dedicated to your account rather than shared with other users. So you never have to worry about someone else‘s usage compromising your IP and getting accounts flagged. It‘s all yours.

For sneakerheads focused on nailing hyped US drops, Proxy-Seller needs to be your go-to for optimized domestic proxies. Their locations close to footsites servers accelerate your tasks and help you conquer limited releases.

5. SSLPrivateProxy – Most Secure Sneaker Proxies

For the most paranoid sneakerheads out there, SSLPrivateProxy offers one of the most secure and anonymous options available.

Each proxy you receive from SSLPrivateProxy is fully dedicated to just your account. There‘s no sharing whatsoever. This eliminates the risk of your proxy being dirtied by someone else‘s misuse.

On top of dedicated IPs, they take the added step of making every proxy "virgin" – meaning it has never been used before. This makes it nearly impossible for footsites to identify and blacklist based on proxy history.

To further enhance anonymity, SSLPrivateProxy completely randomizes which virgin IPs you use on a monthly basis. This prevents any usage patterns from emerging that could allow your accounts to be linked together.

Your entire connection is encrypted end-to-end. Zero user data or history is stored. Their service is engineered at every level for maximum secrecy, which I find invaluable.

Given the layered security measures, SSLPrivateProxy sits at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, starting around $200 per month. For some that may be overkill. But if staying invisible is your top concern while copping, SSLPrivateProxy has you covered like a blanket.

6. BlazingSEO – Affordable Footsite Proxies with Free Trial

Last up is BlazingSEO, who stands out from the proxy crowd by offering new users a fully functional 2-day free trial.

This gives you a chance to test drive their residential IPs before paying a dime. You can benchmark key metrics like speeds, uptime, ban rates, and compatibility with your go-to bots.

During my trial, I loaded up BlazingSEO‘s proxies on my Kodai bot and cooked up a storm across sites like Jimmy Jazz and DTLR. Performance was solid, on par with proxies costing twice as much. No IPs got flagged during two days of intense use.

Once you start a paid subscription, BlazingSEO will automatically detect and replace any proxies that do happen to get banned. This prevents you from wasting time handling IP issues.

At only $75 per month for 5GB of traffic, they are also one of the most cost-effective options for those ballin‘ on a budget.

For new botters who want affordable proxies they can test first, BlazingSEO is an awesome choice. Make sure to take advantage of the free trial before you buy!

How I Evaluate and Compare Footsite Proxies

As you can see, the proxy you choose drastically impacts your sneaker copping success. But with so many options out there, how do you know who you can trust?

Here‘s an inside look at my stringent proxy testing methodology, refined over years of copping:

  • I tap into private sneaker Discord cook groups to crowdsource 80+ potential proxy providers to evaluate. These groups are always on top of the latest options.

  • From there I thoroughly vet each provider, eliminating shady or unreliable looking services through background checks. Safety first!

  • My top contenders undergo intensive head-to-head benchmarking. I install their proxies on my Kodai bot and monitor key metrics like connection speeds, uptime, ban rates, location diversity, and site compatibility.

  • During live sneaker releases, I run each proxy service in identical bot tasks targeting the exact same sites and regions. Those that secure the most checkouts win.

  • I pay close attention to how proxies integrate auto-rotation features to conceal my IP and enable easy creation of countless accounts. This capability is crucial.

  • Prices and plans are compared to identify the optimal balance of affordability and performance. Budget matters but saving money means nothing if your proxies under-deliver.

  • I explore available support options and test response time by submitting tickets. The best providers offer prompt, knowledgeable support in case any issues arise.

  • Finally, I join sneaker Discord groups and Reddit subs to see what experiences real users report having with each service. This gives me the full 360 view.

By putting in the time and effort to thoroughly evaluate proxies, I‘ve avoided pitfall providers who promise the world but can‘t deliver when it counts.

Every service has pros and cons. There is no single "best" provider that will fit everyone‘s needs and budget. I suggest giving multiple top options a trial run so you can identify your personal favorites. With the right proxies by your side, you‘ll be cooking up exclusive sneakers in no time!

Well friend, that wraps up my 2023 guide to securing the best footsite proxies on the market. I sincerely hope you found this breakdown helpful for elevating your copping game! Let me know if you have any other questions. Wishing you lots of sneaker Ws this year!



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