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Get Hands-on with Battlefield 2042 Through Free Trials

Have you been itching to jump into the all-out warfare of Battlefield 2042 but aren‘t sure if you want to buy it yet? I‘ve got great news for you – there are multiple ways to play Battlefield 2042 completely free through limited time trials!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through how to access free trials for Battlefield 2042 on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PC. Read on to learn how you can try before you buy with Battlefield 2042.

How Do I Get the Free Trial of Battlefield 2042?

The two main methods of getting access to a Battlefield 2042 free trial are through EA Play and Xbox Free Play Days events.

EA Play members can play a 10 hour trial, while Free Play Days offers full weekend access for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. There are also occasional other promotional periods that grant free access.

I‘ll break down all the details on these free trial periods so you can experience Battlefield 2042‘s large-scale multiplayer battlefield for yourself before committing to a purchase.

An Essential Primer on Battlefield 2042

For those who haven‘t been following Battlefield 2042 closely, let me give you a quick primer so you know what you‘re jumping into with the free trial.

Battlefield 2042 is the latest entry in EA DICE‘s Battlefield military first-person shooter series. It‘s available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

Here‘s an overview of Battlefield 2042‘s key features:

  • Massive 128 Player Battles – PC and next-gen consoles support epic warfare with 128 simultaneous players. Chaotic fun!

  • Dynamic Weather – Tornadoes, sandstorms, and other extreme weather effects change the flow of battle and keep you on your toes.

  • Wide Open Maps – Battlefield 2042‘s maps are the largest in series‘ history, with plenty of vehicles for land and air combat across varied terrain.

  • Specialists System – Take your pick from several Specialists, each with their own unique traits and abilities that promote teamwork.

  • High-Tech Arsenal – Wield next-generation weapons and vehicles suited for combat in the near future setting of 2042.

There‘s a lot to experience with the large-scale battles, dynamic weather, and more in Battlefield 2042! The free trial periods let you check it all out risk-free.

Now let‘s get into the juicy details on how to access the Battlefield 2042 free trial on your platform of choice.

EA Play 10-Hour Trial

The most straightforward way to play Battlefield 2042 for free is to take advantage of the 10-hour trial included with EA Play.

EA Play is EA‘s subscription service that‘s available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It offers members a library of EA games to play, discounts on purchases, and early trial access to new releases.

Here are the key details on gaining access to the Battlefield 2042 trial through an EA Play membership:

  • Trial Length – 10 total hours of gameplay before it expires
  • Release Date – Early access on November 12, 2021
  • Platforms – PlayStation (PS Plus required), Xbox, PC
  • Cost – EA Play is $4.99 per month
Trial BenefitDescription
Early Access1 week before standard release
Play Time10 hours total
Game ModesAll modes and maps included
ProgressionUnlocks and progress carry over if buying full game

The table above summarizes the key benefits of the EA Play free trial for Battlefield 2042.

Notably, the trial gave EA Play members on consoles and PC access to the full game a whole week prior to Battlefield 2042‘s official launch. This was an excellent opportunity to get your boots on the ground early!

During those 10 hours of playtime, you have unrestricted access to all of Battlefield 2042‘s modes, maps, weapons, and other content. The only limit is the clock – once your 10 hours expire, it‘s over.

This allowed players a good chunk of time to experience Battlefield 2042‘s offerings before deciding on purchasing the full game at launch. Any progression and unlocks also carry over if you do choose to buy the game after the trial ends.

Overall, EA Play provided the earliest and most flexible free trial option for Battlefield 2042. If you want to maximize your risk-free playtime, EA Play is the way to go.

Free Play Days Trial on Xbox

Players on Xbox consoles were also treated to free access periods for Battlefield 2042 as part of Xbox Free Play Days promotions.

Free Play Days allows Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play select games for free during limited-time events, usually weekends. All you need is an active subscription – no additional membership required.

There have been a few Free Play Days devoted to Battlefield 2042 since its release:

Free Play Days DatePlatformTrial Length
Dec 1-4, 2022Xbox Series X/S
Xbox One
Full weekend access
Jan 26-29, 2023Xbox Series X/S
Xbox One
Full weekend access

These Free Play Days sessions have granted unrestricted access to Battlefield 2042 on Xbox consoles for the entire weekend. All game modes, maps, weapons, etc. are available for players to experience.

Unlike the 10-hour EA Play trial, there‘s no playtime limit – you have all weekend to enjoy Battlefield 2042 for free with Xbox Free Play Days!

Free Play Days promotions pop up somewhat randomly and sporadically, so keep an eye out for future ones including Battlefield 2042. They tend to get announced about a week before the event starts.

When available, Free Play Days is a great opportunity to try out the full Battlefield 2042 experience risk-free on your Xbox.

Other Ways to Play for Free

I‘ve covered the two major methods of getting access to a Battlefield 2042 free trial through EA Play and Xbox Free Play Days. However, there have also been a few other limited ways players could play for free:

  • Free Access Periods – EA ran free access periods during certain weekends where Battlefield 2042 was free for all players on certain platforms.

  • Friend Referral Codes – Some EA Play members have been able to generate 10-hour trial codes to share with friends by referring them to sign up.

  • Subscriber Perks – Services like Origin Access on PC have included full Battlefield 2042 access as part of their membership benefits. Access ends if subscription lapses.

  • Amazon / Twitch Prime – Occasional Prime Gaming rewards have included Battlefield 2042 in-game content. Full game access has not been offered yet.

While not as widely available as EA Play and Xbox Free Play Days trials, these other promotions do pop up sporadically. Following Battlefield 2042 news and updates can alert you to future opportunities for free access.

And the good news is – once claimed during a free period, Battlefield 2042 is yours to keep and play indefinitely!

Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing the Trial

Now that you know where to look for free trial periods, let‘s walk through the steps to access and play the Battlefield 2042 trial on console and PC:

On PlayStation:

  1. Join EA Play – Subscribe on PlayStation Store or upgrade your PS Plus membership.

  2. Install Battlefield 2042 – Download from store or insert disc if you have one.

  3. Start Trial – Open Battlefield 2042 and your 10-hour trial will begin.

  4. Play All Modes – Experience Conquest, Breakthrough, Hazard Zone, etc.

  5. Buy Full Game? – Optionally purchase the full title to continue progress after trial ends.

On Xbox:

  1. Get Xbox Live Gold – Required for Free Play Days events.

  2. Check for Free Play Days – Announcements made ~1 week before event starts.

  3. Install Battlefield 2042 – Download the game in advance to save time.

  4. Play Free for the Weekend – Full unrestricted access during promotional period.

  5. Purchase to Keep Playing – Can buy and keep after Free Play Days ends.

On PC:

  1. Get EA Play – Subscribe on Steam, Origin, or EA Desktop app.

  2. Download Battlefield 2042 – Have it ready to go for early access.

  3. Begin 10-Hour Trial – Launch game and trial will start automatically.

  4. Experience All Content – No restrictions during the 10 hours.

  5. Buy on Your Platform – Can purchase on Steam, Epic, Origin, etc. after trial ends.

Following those steps will get you playing the Battlefield 2042 free trial on your gaming platform of choice. Enjoy!

Is the Free Trial Still Worth Playing in 2023?

Battlefield 2042 had a rough launch in November 2021, being criticized for shipping with minimal content and a myriad of technical issues. This disappointing debut turned many longtime Battlefield fans away from the game entirely.

Now over a year later in 2023, you may be wondering – has Battlefield 2042 improved enough since launch to warrant checking out through a free trial?

In my opinion as a longtime Battlefield player, DICE has made meaningful strides in improving Battlefield 2042‘s quality and value since its rocky beginnings.

Here is a rundown of positive changes and additions since launch that make Battlefield 2042 more enticing to try out:

  • 4 Seasons Worth of Content – 4 seasons of live service updates have added new maps, weapons, vehicles, Specialists, and more.

  • New Modes – Major updates added the persistent Squad Conquest mode and fun limited-time rotations.

  • Map Improvements – Map visuals, cover, spawn points and map flow have been tuned based on player feedback.

  • Gunplay Overhauls – Massive tweaks to aiming, recoil, and weapon handling for a tighter, more satisfying FPS experience.

  • Technical Upgrades – Huge strides have been made in fixing crashes, bugs, performance issues, and overall stability.

  • Balancing Tweaks – Changes to Specialists, weapons, attachments, and vehicles to improve balance and viability across the board.

There is undoubtedly still room for improvement, but you can‘t deny that meaningful progress has been made. I believe Battlefield 2042 today offers a substantially better experience than at launch.

Diving into a free trial is the only way to get a current snapshot of Battlefield 2042‘s quality and see the improvements first-hand. Don‘t write it off solely due to negative launch reception – try it yourself while you can for free!

Key Takeaways from My Battlefield 2042 Free Trial

I had the chance to dive into Battlefield 2042 during the recent January 2023 Free Play Days event on Xbox Series X. Here are some key takeaways from my experience that may help set your expectations.

128 Player Chaos – The sheer scale of the 128 player battles is spectacular. Maps are complete chaos with action all around you.

Steep Learning Curve – With so many maps, weapons, vehicles, etc. expect a challenging learning curve, especially as a new player.

Gunplay Hits & Misses – Core gun handling feels improved but still has some inconsistencies and quirks to master.

Classes Are Missed – The Specialist system lacks the teamplay and structure of traditional Battlefield classes.

Visual Downgrades – Graphics are noticeably downgraded from early trailers, but still look great during intense moments.

Not a Revolution – Don‘t expect brand new innovations for the FPS genre. Battlefield 2042 refines the classic formula.

Value Increasing – Ongoing updates are fleshing out more content and variety, improving long-term value.

Trying Battlefield 2042 first-hand helped ground my expectations and gave me a better feel for its current strengths and weaknesses. I encourage you to use the free trial periods to draw your own conclusions based on hands-on time rather than reviews alone.

Key Questions About Battlefield 2042 Free Trials

I hope I‘ve given you a comprehensive overview of how to access free trials for Battlefield 2042. Here I‘ll answer some common key questions for additional clarification:

How long do the Battlefield 2042 trials last?

  • EA Play grants 10 hours of total playtime. Xbox Free Play Days trials provide full weekend access.

What is included in the EA Play trial?

  • The 10-hour EA Play trial has no restrictions. All modes, maps, weapons, etc. can be played.

Do I need an Xbox subscription for Free Play Days?

  • Yes, you need an active Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

Can I repeat the trial by making new accounts?

  • Unfortunately no, each EA/Xbox account only gets one trial period ever.

Does my progress carry over if I buy the full game?

  • Yes, any unlocks or progression during a trial will carry over if you purchase Battlefield 2042.

Is the trial available on all platforms?

  • The EA Play trial is on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Free Play Days is Xbox consoles only.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to provide more detail on maximizing your Battlefield 2042 free trial.

Experience All-Out Warfare at No Cost

I hope this guide has given you clarity on the options available to try out Battlefield 2042 risk-free. Here are a few parting thoughts:

  • Don‘t miss out on limited-time free trial periods – they don‘t last forever!

  • Manage your expectations and use the trial to judge BF 2042‘s current state objectively.

  • Focus on having fun moment-to-moment rather than long-term progression during your trial time.

  • Use all the knowledge from this guide to make an informed purchase decision after your trial.

Thanks for reading! I sincerely hope you enjoy unleashing frenzied Battlefield 2042 warfare during your free trial. See you on the battlefield, soldier!



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