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Girl, Let Me Tell You: Lauren Parsekian Is the Real MVP Behind Aaron Paul‘s Success

Hey friend! Have you heard the inspiring story of Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian? In case you haven‘t, let me fill you in on how this power couple keeps scaling new heights together.

See, Aaron Paul is best known for his legendary performance as Jesse Pinkman on the smash hit series Breaking Bad. I don‘t know about you, but that show had me on the edge of my seat every week! Aaron‘s talent and charisma made Jesse one of the most iconic characters ever. But today, I want to spotlight the woman who captured Aaron‘s heart in real life – his soulmate, Lauren Parsekian.

Timeline: The Road to "I Do" for Aaron and Lauren

Aaron and Lauren met at Coachella in 2010 and it was practically love at first sight. As Aaron tells it, "I saw her from across the field and I knew instantly that I had to go talk to her." After two years of dating, Aaron popped the question in Paris in 2012 – how romantic is that?

The next year, the couple tied the knot at the picturesque Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California. Lauren walked down the aisle in a stunning Monique Lhuillier gown and the ceremony featured a live band. Guests raved that you could feel their emotional connection.

Fast forward to today, and Aaron and Lauren have been married for over ten years. Along the way, they‘ve weathered difficult losses, like when Lauren‘s mother passed away from cancer in 2014. In a People interview, Aaron got emotional describing how Lauren stayed strong through the painful time. It was a real testament to the unwavering support between them.

The couple also navigated the transition of welcoming their first child, a baby girl named Story, in 2018. Becoming parents brought them even closer together. Earlier this year, their family grew again with the birth of their son Ryden in April 2023. Talk about a happy ending to their 10+ year love story!

Her Number One Fan: How Lauren Lifted Up Aaron‘s Career

Once Aaron landed his breakthrough gig on Breaking Bad, Lauren was there to celebrate his success. She knew how much he had struggled during his early years as an aspiring actor. According to Aaron, Lauren gave him the confidence to keep pursuing his dream role rather than giving up.

During Breaking Bad‘s production, Lauren helped Aaron stay grounded in normalcy despite his skyrocketing fame. He credited her as his "rock" who reminded him what truly mattered. She also enthusiastically attended awards shows like the Emmys and Golden Globes as Aaron racked up trophies for his performance as Jesse.

In a red carpet interview, Aaron emphasized how much he valued Lauren‘s unwavering support during his time on the show: "I won the lottery when I met my wife. She‘s the greatest woman on the planet." Aww!

Even after Aaron‘s iconic Breaking Bad run ended in 2013, Lauren remained his number one cheerleader. When Aaron pursued new creative projects like films and TV productions, she encouraged him to keep growing as an actor. Today, as the parents of two young children, Aaron and Lauren lean on each other to balance their family life and careers. It‘s clear they are each other‘s rock!

The Man Behind the Scenes of Her Anti-Bullying Mission

Many don‘t realize that Lauren Parsekian has an equally impressive body of work as an actress turned filmmaker and anti-bullying advocate. Let‘s look at some numbers:

  • In 2017, Lauren published the book I Choose Kind about combating bullying. It was endorsed by names like Jennifer Aniston and Sophia Bush!

  • Her non-profit The Kind Campaign, which she co-founded in 2009, has reached over 200,000 students to date. Their school visits focus on spreading kindness.

  • Her first documentary Finding Kind in 2011 won several awards on the film festival circuit.

Rather than feeling threatened by his successful wife, Aaron fully supports Lauren‘s dedication to eradicating bullying. Here are some of the ways he has contributed behind-the-scenes to her mission:

  • Aaron wrote the foreword to Lauren‘s 2017 book, sharing his personal perspectives on kindness as her husband.

  • He participates in Kind Campaign school visits, helping engage students in anti-bullying workshops and discussions.

  • Aaron often accompanies Lauren on her speaking engagements related to bullying awareness. He participates in Q&As and lends moral support.

  • On social media, Aaron consistently promotes Lauren‘s advocacy work and documentaries to his millions of fans and followers.

  • The couple jointly founded the Kind Traveler hotel booking platform in 2018, donating a portion of proceeds to the Kind Campaign.

As you can see, Aaron actively uses his star power and influence to amplify his wife‘s message to the world. Now that‘s a supportive partner!

Comparing Her Own Acting Path vs. Filmmaking

Many know that Lauren dabbled in acting earlier in her career with minor roles in shows like NCIS and CSI: NY. However, she found her true calling behind the camera as an activist filmmaker:

  • In acting, she struggled with being typecast and objectified for her looks over talent. She wanted more creative control.

  • Filmmaking allowed Lauren to tackle meaningful topics like bullying and self-esteem through an empowering lens.

  • With documentaries, she could incorporate research and interviews to fully explore complex issues.

  • Her anti-bullying nonprofit gave Lauren a platform to create tangible social change.

Rather than measuring herself against Aaron‘s level of Hollywood success as an actor, Lauren realized that impactful documentary filmmaking was her purpose. Aaron has marveled at his wife‘s ability to turn painful personal experiences with bullying into her life‘s work. It was through embracing her unique path that Lauren found fulfillment.

The Shared Values at Their Relationship‘s Core

When examining Aaron and Lauren‘s unbreakable bond, it comes down to a shared commitment to unconditional support, bettering the world, and equality within their marriage:

  • They emphasize open communication and continued courtship as a couple. Aaron still plans romantic date nights!

  • The couple embraces qualities like empathy, integrity and gratitude in raising their two kids.

  • Professionally, they cheerlead each other‘s career ventures rather than compete.

  • Their joint advocacy for causes like anti-bullying and mental health awareness strengthens their marriage.

  • Both partners overcame early life challenges, which gave them perspective and drive.

During a People interview, Lauren summed it up beautifully: "We‘re constantly inspiring each other and drive each other to be the best versions of ourselves." Doesn‘t their outlook on life and love just warm your heart?

The Verdict: An Inspiring Partnership

There you have it, friend! After getting the inside scoop, it‘s clear that Aaron and Lauren Paul have something special – a marriage grounded in mutual trust, compassion and support.

While Aaron is undeniably talented, he seems quick to credit his better half Lauren as his backbone. Through her own filmmaking and activism, Lauren has carved out an equally remarkable legacy. Above all, this couple‘s ability to lift each other higher serves as true relationship goals. Here‘s to another decade of their incredible partnership!



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