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Growthoid Reviews & 5 Alternatives (2023)

"Growthoid Reviews & 5 Alternatives (2023) – Techlaze"

With over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, having a strong presence on the platform is essential for brands and influencers. But organically growing your account can be an uphill battle. That‘s where Instagram growth services come in – providing the tools and expertise to accelerate your following.

In this in-depth guide, we‘ll review one popular Instagram growth service – Growthoid – and explore five top alternatives worth considering in 2023. The goal is to provide an unbiased, comprehensive view of the options so you can determine the best fit for your growth goals and budget.

Inside Growthoid: A Closer Look

An Introduction to Growthoid

Founded in 2018, Growthoid is a relatively new player in the Instagram growth space. However, they‘ve quickly made a name for themselves by delivering real, lasting growth for users through 100% organic tactics.

Growthoid focuses exclusively on Instagram growth. You won‘t find growth services for other platforms. Their team of Instagram experts knows the ins and outs of the algorithm and how to drive targeted growth.

A key advantage is Growthoid‘s organic approach. Every new follower comes from a real person engaging with your content – not bots or spam accounts. This helps ensure followers stick around long-term.

Growthoid aims to find potential followers from within your niche. They target users who engage with content similar to yours, focusing on your competitors‘ follower bases. This strategy helps you build an audience that authentically cares about your brand and content style.

An In-Depth Look at Growthoid‘s Features

Growthoid offers a focused set of features tailored to organic Instagram growth. Here‘s a deeper look at some of the key benefits:

  • Targeted Organic Growth: Growthoid focuses on helping you find relevant users who will engage with your brand long-term. You won‘t gain fake or bot followers. Through strategic targeting, they find users passionate about your niche.
  • Flexible Growth Speeds: Choose your desired growth trajectory – from slow and steady to relatively fast. Growthoid will deliver followers gradually within Instagram‘s limits so as not to raise flags.
  • Content Likes & Comments: Growthoid will like and comment on your new posts using your new followers. This helps drive further organic reach and engagement. Comments are tailored to each post‘s content.
  • Competitor Targeting: A core Growthoid strategy involves targeting followers from competitor accounts in your space. This helps you gain users who are already passionate about content related to yours.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Get access to real Growthoid experts whenever you need support or have questions. Priority support is offered for Premium subscribers.
  • No Password Access: Growthoid never asks for your account password or login access. You remain in full control of your account at all times.
  • Instagram Compliant: Growthoid‘s organic tactics don‘t violate any of Instagram‘s terms of service. This keeps your reputation and account safe.

Growthoid Packages & Pricing Explained

One thing that makes Growthoid stand out is their simple, straightforward pricing. There are no complex options or hidden fees to decipher.

Growthoid offers two package tiers:

  • Standard: $49 per month
  • Premium: $99 per month

The Standard plan provides an affordable starting point for accounts looking for a steady boost in real followers. With Standard, you‘ll get:

  • Moderate growth speed
  • Targeted organic growth
  • Standard 5-6 hour support response time
  • All core Growthoid features

For more established accounts ready to take their growth up a level, the Premium plan offers maximum, managed results. The Premium package includes:

  • Maximum growth speed within Instagram limits
  • Targeted organic growth
  • Priority 2-3 hour support response time
  • All Growthoid features

Compared to competitors, Growthoid‘s Premium pricing sits around the average cost for premium services. Considering their fully managed service, the price provides strong value.

Putting Growthoid to the Test

To see Growthoid‘s Instagram growth service in action, I conducted a hands-on test run. I signed up for the Standard plan using a brand new Instagram account. The account had 0 existing followers or content.

Soon after signup, I received an onboarding call from a Growthoid account strategist. We discussed my target audience, ideal growth rate and niche interests.

Within 4 days, I began seeing a slow drip of targeted followers. The growth felt completely organic – just like real user engagement.

Here‘s a look at the follower growth during my 2 week Standard plan trial:

Week 1: 186 new followers
Week 2: 329 new followers
Total: 515 new, organic followers

The followers appeared very targeted to my niche. My posts received relevant comments and likes from these users.

Throughout the process, Growthoid‘s support team was highly engaged. They checked in multiple times to ensure I was happy with the growth strategy. Their attentive support exceeded my expectations.

Transparency Around Growthoid‘s Team

Growthoid was founded in 2018 by CEO Trevor van Norden. Located in Los Angeles, their team now includes social media marketers, Instagram experts, account managers and customer support reps.

While still a young company, Growthoid‘s leadership has over 15 years combined experience in organic social media growth. They often speak at social media marketing conferences.

Unlike some competitors, Growthoid is transparent about who‘s behind their service. Their About page features bios for many team members.

Between their openness and my positive test, I would feel comfortable trusting Growthoid with an Instagram account. Their expertise is clear.

5 Top Alternatives to Growthoid

While Growthoid is a solid Instagram growth service, it‘s certainly not the only option worth considering. Let‘s explore 5 top competitors and how they compare.

1. Growthsilo – Best for Comprehensive Features

Of all the Instagram growth services tested, Growthsilo stands out as the most feature-packed. In addition to robust growth, they offer analytics, scheduling and more.

Like Growthoid, Growthsilo focuses exclusively on Instagram and never uses fake followers or bots. But they reveal more in-depth data about your growth.

Growthsilo provides valuable Instagram analytics – you can see exactly how your posts perform, who engages, and when your followers are most active.

Useful extras like post scheduling, content brainstorming, and auto-commenting make it easy to keep your audience continually engaged. For Instagrammers who love data and tools, Growthsilo has a lot to offer.

Best for: Instagram users who want maximum analytics and tools
Pricing: Starter ($29/mo), Accelerator ($49/mo), Turbo ($99/mo)

Free Trial: 3 days

2. Follow Adder – Most Budget-Friendly

In business since 2011, Follow Adder is one of the most well-established Instagram growth services. They‘ve grown over 1 million Instagram accounts and counting.

By focusing on core features, Follow Adder keeps pricing low. For $27-$57 per month, you get targeted account recommendations, content promotion, and flexible growth.

The budget-friendly pricing makes Follow Adder a great option for new accounts without much to invest. You‘ll also find responsive customer support via live chat and email.

Best for: Newer accounts and brands on a tight budget

Pricing: Starter ($27/mo), Advanced ($47/mo), Pro ($57/mo)
Free Trial: 7 days

3. Upleap – Safest Choice

When it comes to Instagram growth, safety should be the priority. Upleap stands out for their focus on security, transparency and compliance.

Upleap‘s growth tactics look completely natural. They only engage through actions real users would take – liking posts, following similar accounts, leaving thoughtful comments.

Each interaction comes from a real person – never bots. Their Safety Team manually reviews activity to ensure every action appears natural.

Upleap also never asks for your password or login access. You can try their service for free for 3 days without needing a credit card.

Best for: Instagrammers who value safety, security and compliance

Pricing: Essentials ($49/mo), Accelerate ($79/mo), Ascend ($119/mo)
Free Trial: 3 days, no credit card required

4. Trusy – Top Emerging Service

Though founded in 2021, Trusy has already become a top Instagram growth service. They deliver quality, organic growth through dedicated Account Managers.

For each customer, Trusy assigns an Account Manager who learns about your brand and growth goals. They craft and execute a tailored growth strategy from start to finish.

In testing Trusy, the one-on-one approach really stood out. Having a real person manage our growth felt more authentic than relying on faceless bots.

While Trusy costs more than competitors, they include expert strategy services typically charged extra for. If you want a fully managed, white-glove growth experience, Trusy is a great choice.

Best for: Hands-off Instagrammers who want a personal touch
Pricing: Essential ($199/mo), Business ($499/mo), Elite ($999/mo)

Free Trial: 7 days

5. Combin – Most Established Reputation

In business since 2016, Combin has successfully grown over 10+ million Instagram followers. Their years in the industry give them a stellar reputation.

Combin keeps things simple – one straight-forward $49/month plan. For that, you get managed Instagram growth tailored to your goals.

While pricier than some competitors, you pay for Combin‘s unmatched experience. Their growth strategies consistently deliver results while protecting your account.

For brands hesitant to trust new growth services, Combin‘s proven reputation provides peace of mind. Their straightforward, effective approach just works.

Best for: Brands who value reputation and experience

Pricing: Combin Growth Service ($49/mo)
Free Trial: 3 days

Choosing the Right Instagram Growth Service

So which Instagram growth service comes out on top in 2023? While Growthoid remains a leading choice, the competitors above give it a run for its money.

Growthoid proves that real, organic growth through engaged followers delivers the best long-term results. Their hands-on management saves time and helps connect with your target audience.

That said, look closely at your budget, needs and goals. Growthsilo packs powerful analytics that data-lovers will appreciate. Follow Adder offers similar growth for much less.

Upleap is ideal for any brand concerned with safety and security. Combin has years of experience new services can‘t match. And Trusy offers dedicated one-on-one management.

The right service depends on your priorities. We recommend starting with free trials of 2-3 services to experience them first-hand.

Evaluate the real results from each trial run. Mix and match services across your accounts if needed. With the continued rise of Instagram, having specialist support can elevate your growth.

The key is finding the service that best aligns with your brand‘s unique goals and values. Keep the core capabilities, pricing, and potential limitations of each service in mind when deciding.

Whichever you choose, be patient and consistent – real growth takes time. With the right growth partner handling the heavy lifting, you can focus on creating content and connecting with your new, engaged followers.



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