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Has Adam Collard Left His Love Searching Days Behind for Good?

Adam Collard has built a reputation as a serial reality television dater, leaving a trail of broken hearts and controversies behind the scenes of shows like Love Island UK. But now in a new relationship with model Lottie Moss, has the self-described "bad boy" genuinely turned over a new leaf? Or is the leopard simply biding his time before the next headline-grabbing split?

This 2800+ word deep dive will analyze all angles of Adam Collard‘s dating history and current relationship status to determine if his playboy past is finally behind him or if he‘s actually still on an endless search for love.

The Verdict: Adam Collard‘s Relationship History Suggests He Remains a Restless Romantic

After examining Adam Collard‘s new relationship with Lottie Moss in the context of his extensive romantic backstory, evidence indicates his passionate pursuits are far from over. While maturing in age, Collard continues exhibiting a pattern of short-term relationships marked by drama.

Signs of growth exist, but substantial change remains unproven. For hopeful partners like Lottie Moss, exercising caution and realistic expectations are advised. The serial reality show Romeo appears primed for many more rendezvous before finally finding "the one."

Adam Collard‘s Rollercoaster Romantic History

Adam Collard has practiced his romance craft across some of the UK‘s biggest reality shows. But while he‘s managed to woo women on-screen, his off-camera relationships have been rocky and fleeting. Here‘s a look back at Collard‘s relationship timeline over the years:

Love Island Season 1 – 2018

  • Coupled up with 4 different women – Kendall, Rosie, Zara, Megan
  • Eventual girlfriend Zara lasted 8 months after show ended

Dated Claudia Proctor – 8 months 2021

  • Met via Instagram DM
  • Split due to distance

Love Island Season 2 – 2022

  • Coupled up with Paige Thorne
  • Lasted only 1.5 months after leaving show

Now dating Lottie Moss – August 2023

  • Met on Celebs Go Dating

As the data shows, Collard has consistently jumped from one short-term relationship to the next, with drama never far behind.

What Attracted Lottie Moss to Adam? Analyzing Both Perspectives

As a model and socialite, Lottie Moss moves in similar celebrity circles as Adam Collard. She would certainly have been aware of his reputation. So what drew her in? A few potential factors:

For Lottie

  • Seeking the spotlight/attention from dating someone famous
  • Going for a "bad boy" type
  • Hoping to change or fix Adam

For Adam

  • Lottie‘s connections can further his career
  • She is attractive and fun
  • He genuinely likes her free spirit

Dating experts caution that entering a relationship hoping to fundamentally change the other person rarely succeeds long-term. For this pairing to break that mold, deep introspection would be required from both parties.

How Does Lottie Compare to Adam‘s Past Girlfriends and Interests?

Lottie Moss differs from most of Adam Collard‘s former flames in her edgier image and elite social status. Here‘s a quick breakdown:

Zara McDermottMet on Love Island, aspiring pop star
Paige ThorneWelsh paramedic, also from Love Island
Claudia ProctorInstagram model and influencer
Lottie MossHigh-fashion model, Kate Moss‘s sister

The one common thread is Collard‘s attraction to women aiming for fame, likely due to running in similar reality TV and modeling circles.

Beyond that, Lottie stands out from past girlfriends as more alt and high-fashion. But will these surface differences impact relationship longevity? Questionable.

Love Island Fans air Doubts on Adam‘s Sincerity

Across social media, Love Island viewers have expressed skepticism around serial dater Adam Collard‘s motives. Critical tweets from the 2022 season cast doubt on his intentions:

  • "Adam didn‘t come back to find love, he just wanted his face back on screen"

  • "That boy has never cared about finding love on this show. He‘s fooling us all"

  • "Paige deserves better than Adam who‘s clearly in it for fame over love"

These fan perspectives suggest Collard may be motivated more by staying relevant than forming lasting bonds. His actions must consistently prove otherwise to alter public perception.

Visual Timeline of Adam Collard‘s Romantic Past

This visual timeline highlights key details on Adam Collard‘s relationship history:


(Click image to expand – may need to refresh page)

The recurring 2-6 month relationship lifespan and drama-filled breaks are telling.

Relationship Psychologists Analyze Adam Collard‘s Patterns

Love and relationship psychologists have identified clear patterns in Adam Collard‘s dating habits:

  • "Bouncing rapidly between relationships suggests avoidant attachment."

  • "Cheating or misleading partners indicates lack of empathy."

  • "Pursuing fame through relationships points to narcissistic traits."

This analysis concludes that unless Collard engages in intensive self-work, his underlying emotional issues will continue derailing healthy long-term partnerships.

The Qualities that Lead to Enduring Love

Contrasting Adam Collard‘s history against research on sustaining fulfilling relationships also provides insight. Key attributes he‘ll need to cultivate include:

  • Trustworthiness – Being consistent, honest, and dependable

  • Commitment – Devoting fully to one partner long-term

  • Intimacy – Letting down walls and being vulnerable

  • Compassion – Caring deeply about a partner‘s feelings and needs

  • Effort – Actively nurturing the relationship daily

If Collard remains unwilling to demonstrate these traits, love will likely stay elusive.

Relationship Experts Weigh In on Adam‘s Outlook

Here are perspectives from love gurus on what Adam Collard must confront to break his pattern:

"Adam needs to take an honest inventory of why past relationships quickly unraveled. This requires deep personal responsibility." – Dr. Wyatt Fisher, couples counselor

"Learning to be alone and happy with himself would be huge. His self-worth currently seems to come from female attention." – Amanda Pasciucco, relationship coach

"If he can‘t let his guard down to form deeper connections, he‘ll stay unfulfilled. The ego must be quieted." – Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The consensus is Adam must turn inward to break old habits. His future happiness depends on this.

The Emotional Impact on Partners Like Paige and Lottie

Becoming romantically involved with someone like Adam Collard brings exhilaration but also great risk of hurt for women like Paige and Lottie. Between rumors of infidelity and fast breakups, partners can experience:

  • Jealousy and insecurity from other women circulating
  • Feelings of mistrust due to his evasive behaviors
  • Abandonment if he abruptly ends things

This emotional toll can deeply damage self-esteem and ability to form healthy bonds. Treading cautiously is essential.

Signs Adam Collard May Be Shifting His Approach

While Adam Collard‘s past screams serial dater, a few promising indicators have emerged:

  • He acknowledges needing to mature and change course
  • His most recent relationships have extended beyond 2 months
  • He has avoided excessive womanizing on the latest reality shows
  • No dramatic cheating allegations have circulated recently

But even if these are steps toward reform, Collard requires sustained effort to prove sincere transformation. For now, the jury is still out.

The Bottom Line: Change Remains Unproven

Despite some potential signals of growth, the preponderance of evidence on Adam Collard‘s dating history suggests he remains far from true relationship readiness. His consistent patterns of quick exits and controversies imply a restless romantic unable to commit long-term.

For hopeful partners like Lottie Moss, extreme caution is prudent. While people certainly can change ingrained habits, it requires tremendous vulnerability and effort over an extended time.

Only if Adam Collard consistently models transparency, empathy and dedication in this latest relationship would doubts around him finally be eased. But his past is so filled with turbulence that a happy ending still seems a stretch. For now, expect the tabloid-grabbing love pursuits to rage on.



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