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Hashtagify Review & 8 Alternatives (2023) – Let‘s Explore Your Options

Hey there! Looking to step up your Instagram hashtag game in 2023?

As your resident social media geek, let me give you the full rundown on Hashtagify and some solid alternatives to consider. I‘ve tested and reviewed over 130 top hashtag tools to help you find the best fit.

A Deep Dive into Hashtagify

With over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram remains one of the most important platforms for brands and influencers to build a following.

But with over 95 million photos shared per day, standing out is harder than ever. This is where leveraging the right hashtags becomes critical.

Hashtagify aims to optimize your hashtag strategy through robust research, tracking, and analytics. Let‘s take a closer look under the hood.

What Does Hashtagify Do?

Founded in 2016, Hashtagify is a data-driven platform that helps you:

  • Find the most popular and relevant hashtags to reach your target audience
  • Track the real-time and historical performance of any hashtag
  • See which hashtags your competitors are using successfully
  • Identify influencers in your niche collaborating with
  • Analyze the engagement and reach of your own hashtags
  • Optimize your hashtag strategy for maximum growth and exposure

It integrates directly with Instagram and Twitter to pull data from billions of public posts and profiles.

According to Hashtagify, the platform is used by over 300,000 brands and influencers, including big names like Buzzfeed, Forbes, and Casper.

Key Features and Benefits

Hashtagify packs a wide range of features under 4 main pillars:

Discover the Best Hashtags

Hashtagify makes it easy to search for on-trend, high-momentum hashtags in your niche. You can:

  • See real-time data on any hashtag‘s popularity and engagement.
  • Get curated recommendations personalized to your brand and competitors.
  • Identify rising hashtag trends before they hit mainstream.
  • Find top influencers in your industry using relevant hashtags.

This helps ensure you‘re always using the most relevant, high-performing hashtags early on.

Get Actionable Analytics

Dive deep into the performance of any hashtag with Hashtagify‘s analytics and tracking:

  • Monitor reach, engagement, influencers, and more for your target hashtags.
  • See when your audience is most active to inform best posting times.
  • Analyze historical data to spot trends and patterns.

Having data to understand what works can directly inform a better hashtag strategy.

Increase Engagement

Hashtagify doesn‘t stop at just research. It also helps you act on insights:

  • Track your own account‘s performance and receive growth suggestions.
  • Get customized hashtag recommendations for your next post.
  • Spy on competitors‘ hashtags for inspiration.
  • Identify influencers to potentially work with.

Converting research into engagement is crucial for growth.

Measure Your Performance

Finally, Hashtagify provides robust analytics to monitor and prove your success:

  • Create custom reports on any metrics important to your brand.
  • Combine data from multiple platforms into one analytics dashboard.
  • See how your top hashtags perform over time.
  • Identify your best-performing hashtags to double down on.

Without measurement, it‘s hard to improve. Hashtagify gives you the data you need.

What Users Are Saying

Hashtagify has earned outstanding reviews and loyalty from many users. Here‘s a sample of what they highlight:

  • "Grew my follower count by 42% in 3 months after optimizing hashtags."
  • "Their tracking helped me find influencers and trending topics early."
  • "Easy dashboard to compare my hashtag performance vs competitors."
  • "Recommendations are on point and very targeted to my niche."
  • "Saved so much time by not having to do manual hashtag research."

With a rating of 4.7/5 stars on Capterra, Hashtagify users are seeing real value from the platform.

Hashtagify Pricing and Plans

Hashtagify offers a free forever plan with limited functionality, along with three paid tiers suitable for different use cases:

PlanPrice/moKey Features
Free$03 daily searches, basic stats
Personal$29Unlimited searches, custom recommendations, account tracking
Business$86Track 30 hashtags, get top 30 influencers/hashtag
Enterprise$311Track 100 hashtags, get top 100 influencers/hashtag

All paid plans come with a free 7-day trial. There are no contracts so you can cancel anytime.

Based on usage, I‘d estimate that the Personal plan is sufficient for most individual influencers and brands starting out. Agencies and enterprise brands may benefit from the increased capabilities in the Business and Enterprise plans.

Compared to competitors, Hashtagify is priced very competitively. Tools like TrendsHut and Whistle IQ offer similar capabilities starting at just $9.99-$12/month for individuals, but may lack some of Hashtagify‘s depth.

Where Hashtagify Shines

There are a few key areas where Hashtagify stands out:

  • Robust analytics: Hashtagify provides more custom reporting and data visualization options compared to competitors. You can slice and dice hashtag data from multiple angles to uncover insights.
  • Real-time tracking: The platform displays fresh trending topics and engagement metrics as they happen vs relying on old data. This allows you to capitalize on new opportunities faster.
  • Competitive intel: Hashtagify makes it easy to benchmark your performance against competitors and see what‘s working well for them. This translational data is hugely beneficial.
  • Category focus: As a dedicated hashtag research tool, Hashtagify provides more depth on analyzing this one aspect extremely well.

Potential Limitations

Despite its strengths, Hashtagify does have some limitations to be aware of:

  • No post publishing: The tool only provides analytics and recommendations. There is no ability to schedule or publish posts. You need to take the hashtag data into your own posting workflow.
  • Limited network support: Currently, Hashtagify only supports Instagram and Twitter. Support for other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok is lacking.
  • Steep learning curve: With so many detailed data visualizations, it can be overwhelming for new users to interpret them and extract insights. Some training may be required to leverage the platform fully.
  • Can get expensive: The top-tier Enterprise plan runs over $300/month. For individuals and small brands, this may be hard to cost justify.

Overall though, if your primary goal is to seriously level up your Instagram hashtag strategy, Hashtagify delivers tremendous value.

8 Top Hashtagify Alternatives to Consider

While Hashtagify leads the pack, it‘s not the only solid hashtag research option out there. Based on your specific needs and budget, here are 8 alternatives worth evaluating.

1. MetaHashtags – Best All-In-One Hashtag Tool

For a full-featured hashtag tool, MetaHashtags is my recommendation as the best Hashtagify alternative.

MetaHashtags centralizes all your hashtag research, tracking, planning, and analytics into a single intuitive platform. Core features include:

  • Recommendations: Get AI-powered hashtag suggestions based on your profile and content.
  • Performance tracking: Monitor real-time and historical data on any hashtag‘s engagement.
  • Hashtag lists: Save and organize hashtags into reusable lists by category or campaign.
  • Competitor bench-marking: See which hashtags competitors are using successfully.
  • Auto-generated reports: Weekly reports with key hashtag performance metrics.

At a starting price of just $9.99/month, MetaHashtags provides a complete hashtag optimization toolkit at a very reasonable cost.

The tool is focused specifically on optimizing Instagram hashtags with support for Twitter forthcoming. MetaHashtags packs an amazing amount of functionality into its simple interface.

For both breadth of features and intuitive usability, MetaHashtags is a leading Hashtagify competitor.

2. Growthoid – Best for Overall Instagram Growth

Growthoid is a fully-managed AI Instagram growth service. Alongside its core audience growth features, it incorporates robust hashtag capabilities including:

  • Avatar hashtag finder: Generates hashtags matched to your ideal customer avatar.
  • Related Hashtags: See recommendations similar to hashtags you input.
  • Hashtag tracking: Monitor performance and engagement metrics for specific hashtags.
  • Managed account: Dedicated account manager provides growth strategy.

Additionally, Growthoid can help with:

  • Increasing real, targeted followers
  • Generating more authentic engagement
  • Driving website traffic from Instagram
  • Building genuine relationships with followers

Its starting price of $49/month provides an end-to-end solution for taking your Instagram presence to the next level.

For powerful hashtag research coupled with comprehensive Instagram growth, Growthoid is a top choice.

3. TrendsHut – Most Affordable Hashtag Tool

If budget is a main concern, TrendsHut delivers robust hashtag capabilities at one of the lowest price points.

For just $7/month, TrendsHut provides:

  • Hashtag tracking to monitor performance
  • Curated hashtag recommendations
  • Customizable hashtag lists
  • Basic hashtag analytics and metrics

While the platform is light on bells and whistles, it consolidates the core hashtag research features solo entrepreneurs and bootstrapped brands need.

The tool focuses specifically on optimizing hashtags for Instagram, making it very purpose-built.

For cost-conscious users wanting just the essential hashtag features, TrendsHut is a leading Hashtagify alternative.

4. Flick – Best Real-Time Hashtag Tracking

Flick is a dedicated hashtag analytics and tracking tool with excellent real-time capabilities.

Standout features include:

  • Monitoring live hashtag engagement as it happens
  • Getting alerts for new trending hashtags
  • Comparing different hashtags side-by-side
  • Automatic blacklisted hashtag detection
  • Detailed historical data beyond just past 7-30 days

Flick makes it easy to instantly detect trend shifts and viral hashtag opportunities as they occur. This real-time intelligence can give you a competitive advantage.

Flick offers a forever free version along with Pro plans starting at $12/month. It focuses exclusively on optimizing hashtags for Instagram.

For brands that value fresh, real-time hashtag data, Flick is a top choice.

5. Ingramer – Best for Automated Reporting

Ingramer positions itself as an "all-in-one Instagram marketing toolkit" with excellent built-in analytics.

For reporting and tracking hashtag performance, Ingramer stands out with:

  • Automated, scheduled reports delivered to your inbox
  • Charts visualizing your hashtag metrics over time
  • Comparisons of your top-performing hashtags
  • Engagement metrics for each hashtag used

Plus, Ingramer provides broader Instagram growth features like post scheduling, account management, and competitor benchmarking.

Their Pro plan starts at $39/month, with an enterprise-level Suite plan available for larger brands.

For automated, shareable reporting on your hashtag performance, Ingramer is a great choice.

6. Trending Hashtags – Best Free Hashtag Tool

If you‘re looking for a free hashtag research solution, Trending Hashtags is surprisingly robust.

Useful free features include:

  • Instagram dashboard showing current trending hashtags
  • Historical tracking of top daily, weekly, and all-time hashtags
  • Location-specific top hashtags by city
  • Category drill-downs like food, fashion, or beauty
  • Hashtag suggestion generator

The tool provides tremendous free value before needing to upgrade to a $7/month Pro account.

For individual influencers and non-profits with limited budgets, Trending Hashtags is a fantastic free Hashtagify alternative.

7. Whistle IQ – Most Generous Free Trial

Whistle IQ offers an extended 14-day free trial of their complete hashtag suite.

The trial provides access to:

  • Hashtag tracking with 7 days of historical data
  • Customizable hashtag lists
  • Hashtag performance analytics
  • Curated hashtag recommendations
  • Ability to plan and schedule hashtags in advance

After the trial, Whistle IQ‘s Pro plan starts at just $12/month.

The generous trial makes Whistle IQ low-risk to test out. Their concise feature set focuses specifically on hashtag tracking and planning for Instagram.

To test-drive a capable hashtag tool for free, Whistle IQ is a solid choice.

8. Hashtagger – Best Hashtag Generator

True to its name, Hashtagger specializes in hashtag generation driven by AI recommendations.

Its key features include:

  • Intelligent hashtag suggestions based on your post content, captions, and keywords
  • Grade score for each hashtag based on projected engagement
  • Filters to target location, demographics, interests
  • Image recognition to detect objects for contextual hashtag ideas
  • Chrome extension for easy access

Hashtagger starts at $9.99/month for individuals. With its hyperfocus on hashtag suggestions, it can quickly provide relevant, high-quality ideas to integrate into your own strategy.

Let‘s Recap

Whew, that was a lot! To summarize, Hashtagify is a leading hashtag analytics and tracking platform with powerful functionality. But it‘s not the only option.

Alternatives like MetaHashtags, Growthoid, and TrendsHut provide more all-in-one solutions or lower price points that may better suit your needs.

I aimed to equip you with a complete review of Hashtagify along with well-rounded details on top competitors. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to nerd out over hashtag tools and help fellow Instagram marketers.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.