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Hey, Can I Get Assassin‘s Creed Black Flag for Free?

I totally get it – who doesn‘t love an awesome free game? As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘ve often wondered if it‘s possible to get Assassin‘s Creed Black Flag without paying.

After all, Black Flag is one of my all-time favorite games in the Assassin‘s Creed series. As an expert gamer and streaming addict, let me provide some helpful insights on whether you can grab Black Flag for free right now.

The short answer: Unfortunately, Black Flag isn‘t available for free access on any major gaming platform at the moment.

However, it does go on sale frequently for between $10-$20, which is an absolute steal for the incredible quality and fun this open-world pirate game provides. Keep reading and I‘ll explain the details on sales, deals, and your options for playing Black Flag either free or cheap!

Can You Play Black Flag Free Legally?

First, let‘s establish this – there are no legal means to simply download and play the full version of Black Flag for free without paying anything. As a major title from Ubisoft, it‘s premium IP that you need to purchase.

That said, Ubisoft and gaming platforms do run occasional promotions that let you play for free. Here are some examples:

  • Limited-time demos: Ubisoft themselves have offered free 1-2 hour trials of newer Assassin‘s Creed games to get a taste.

  • Free weekends: Platforms like Steam have let you play the full game free for a weekend before buying.

  • Giveaways: Black Flag was once a "Games With Gold" monthly free game on Xbox One back in 2018.

  • Epic Games Store: Ubisoft gave away Assassin‘s Creed Origins for free on Epic.

So while you can occasionally play some AC games free legally for short durations, Black Flag hasn‘t been included in these promotions for years now. Let‘s look at what you can do:

Take Advantage of Black Flag Sales

The honest truth is, if you want to legally play one of the best Assassin‘s Creed games ever made, you should absolutely take advantage when Black Flag goes on sale.

As an older title that released back in 2013, it sees really deep discounts these days that make it a steal:


  • Steam/Uplay sales often drop it to $10-$15. Worth pouncing on!


  • PSN frequently marks it down to $10 or under. Keep an eye out!


  • Microsoft Store has sales taking it down to $10-15 regularly. Don‘t miss these!


  • Unfortunately Black Flag was never released on Switch.

But you see what I mean – Black Flag goes on sale often for up to 85% off. In fact, it just hit one of those magical $10 sales last month! At those prices, you owe it to yourself to grab this masterpiece.

Speaking of masterpiece, let‘s look at why Black Flag remains so highly recommended…

Why Black Flag is Still One of the Best AC Games

As someone who has played every major Assassin‘s Creed since the very first back in 2007, I can safely say Black Flag stands the test of time as one of the absolute best.

Here are some of the key reasons why:

The Insane Attention to Detail in the Open World

I‘ll never forget the first time I sailed to Havana in Black Flag and stepped off my ship. The level of historical accuracy and vibrant detail simply blew me away. Walking those dusty streets genuinely felt like stepping back in time to colonial Cuba.

The level of immersion across the entire massive map is incredible – easily one of the best open worlds in any game, even today. Whether you‘re hunting crocodiles in the bayou, exploring Mayan ruins, or drinking with pirates in Nassau, it feels surreal.

Satisfying and Strategic Naval Combat

No AC game has come close to matching the naval combat that Black Flag introduced. The excellent wind/physics systems and cannon mechanics gave such depth to the ship-to-ship battles.

Out on the open seas, you truly feel like a pirate captain. Tracking enemy ships, maneuvering for broadside barrages, and boarding crippled vessels with your crew captures the thrill of pirating perfectly.

Living the Ultimate Pirate Fantasy

Look, we all have that secret desire to set sail in a pirate ship, right? Black Flag fully taps into this fantasy in a way no other game can match.

You really do experience the pirate‘s life – exploring uncharted waters for plunder, seamlessly boarding ships to steal their cargo, getting into tavern brawls, amassing treasure and hideouts, even assembling your own scurvy crew. Castaway islands, rum-soaked parties, savage storms…it‘s an incredible adventure.

The Legendary Edward Kenway

Edward Kenway has become one of the most beloved characters in all of Assassin‘s Creed lore. His journey from roguish pirate to seasoned assassin is utterly engrossing, with fantastic character growth and depth.

Seeing him transform from a selfish fortune hunter to someone committed to the Creed shows how well-written Black Flag is. Edward might just be the most interesting character in AC.

Jaw-Dropping Visuals

Keep in mind Black Flag originally released a decade ago in 2013. Yet it remains one of the best-looking AC games thanks to its beautiful tropical settings and excellent art direction.

The vivid colors, dynamic weather, sprawling jungles and Colonial cities are an absolute joy to experience. If you play the remastered 4K version on new consoles or PC, it still looks amazing in 2022.

As you can see, Black Flag just has so many strengths that make it worth grabbing on sale. It‘s an easy recommendation as one of the top 3 AC games ever made.

How Much Gameplay Does Black Flag Offer?

Let‘s take a quick look at how many hours of gameplay you can expect from Black Flag:

  • Main story: Around 23.5 hours
  • Completionist: Roughly 60 hours
  • Replays: High replay value

So you‘re looking at up to 60 hours for a full playthrough. Considering I‘ve bought full-price $60 games that have 10 hours of content, that‘s an insane amount of quality gameplay for the $10-$20 Black Flag often costs.

The huge open world also adds replayability, giving you reason to return to the Caribbean to keep exploring for secrets you missed.

Black Flag Reviews – What Critics and Gamers Think

Assassin‘s Creed Black Flag earned incredible reviews when it launched back in 2013. Professional critics praised the diverse open world, naval battles, and pirate theme. Just take a look:

  • Metacritic: 84% critics, 8.3 user score
  • IGN: 9/10 – Amazing
  • GameSpot: 9/10 – Superb

Gamers seem to share this sentiment, with Black Flag remaining one of the highest user-rated AC games. It also scooped up awards like Action-Adventure Game of the Year in 2013.

The only real negatives were mild complaints about the modern-day meta story interrupting the pirate gameplay. Beyond that, Black Flag received glowing reviews that still hold up today.

Any Downsides to Black Flag in 2022?

Given Black Flag originally released nearly 10 years ago, some aspects haven‘t aged flawlessly. However, these are minor nitpicks for an otherwise stellar experience:

  • Dated combat: The swordplay and gunplay lack some modern polish. But this is common in older games.

  • Repetitive missions: Certain objectives like eavesdropping can feel formulaic. Though the amazing world offsets this.

  • Performance: Frame rate isn‘t locked at 60 FPS. Some areas dip when loading.

Yet these tiny flaws get drowned out by everything Black Flag gets right. Overall it has aged remarkably well and remains one of the best AC games you can play in 2022.

Frequently Asked Black Flag Questions

Let me quickly answer some common questions about Black Flag:

Is Black Flag inappropriate for kids? The pirate themes, violence, and maturity earn it a Mature ESRB rating. I‘d recommend players 17+ only.

Can you play as a female? No, Edward Kenway is the sole protagonist. But you encounter many memorable female characters.

Does it have multiplayer? Yes! The standard AC multiplayer mode exists where you can stalk and kill other players.

Can it be played offline? Yep, the entire single-player story is playable offline after installing it.

Is Black Flag still worth it today? Absolutely! Despite its age, it remains one of the best AC games you can play thanks to amazing gameplay and worldbuilding.

The Verdict: Buy Black Flag on Sale ASAP!

Well there you have it! While Assassin‘s Creed Black Flag isn‘t available free at the moment, I highly recommend grabbing it during its frequent steep sales.

Considering you can often find this masterpiece for only $10-$15, it‘s arguably the best value in all of gaming. You‘ll enjoy an easy 60 hours of swashbuckling adventure across a jaw-dropping Caribbean open world.

The ability to live out every pirate fantasy, complete with legendary naval battles, makes Black Flag one of the most immersive and enjoyable games I‘ve ever played. Its strengths and legacy absolutely still hold up today.

So keep an eye out for the next sale, and set sail for a tiny price to experience one of the greatest pirate video games ever made! Let me know when you get it – we‘ll compare plundering tips over grog in the tavern. Happy gaming!



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