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Hey friend, here‘s how you can get free FIFA coins to build your ultimate team!

I know it can be frustrating starting out in FIFA Ultimate Team mode with no coins to get the players you want. But take it from me – a long-time FIFA player and trading expert – there are tons of easy ways to get free FIFA coins and start boosting your squad!

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through the best methods I‘ve used to earn over 500,000 coins without spending any real-world money. With these tips, you‘ll go from bronze packs to Ronaldo in no time!

First, What Are FIFA Coins and Why Do You Need Them?

FIFA coins are the in-game currency used in FIFA‘s popular Ultimate Team mode. Here, you build your dream squad by obtaining player cards through packs and the transfer market.

But top-rated cards for stars like Mbappe, Messi and Neymar can cost over 1 million coins!

Coins give you the purchasing power to acquire these expensive players and build a high-skill team with strong chemistry. That gives you a better chance of winning more matches and titles.

According to EA, over 30 million players participated in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. But it‘s tough starting from zero coins and a weak initial squad.

So let‘s look at proven ways for you to stock up on coins so you can buy those elite players sooner!

Method 1: Play Matches and Earn Rewards

The most straightforward way to earn coins is by playing matches in FUT modes. Each match completed earns you some match coins based on your result and performance.

But you can maximize your earnings by strategizing which modes you play:

  • Squad Battles: Play against offline AI opponents of varying difficulties. Try to win at the highest difficulty you‘re comfortable with. Reaching Silver 1 weekly rank earns you around 30,000 coins, while Gold 1 pays out over 50,000!

  • Division Rivals: Compete against online players in your skill division. Earning promotion into a new division rewards you with over 50,000 coins! Plus you get weekly rewards for your rank.

  • FUT Champions Weekend League: Here you can win up to 45,000 coins from placement matches each weekend, if you have the time for up to 30 demanding games.

  • Squad Building Challenges: Submit squads matching specific requirements to earn rewards! Many SBCs award thousands of coins.

  • Objectives: Seasonal programs offer objectives that reward coins. Make sure to complete them before they expire!

In short, regularly play matches and modes with the best coin earnings, and you can rake in over 100,000 coins per week, easy!

Method 2: Profit From the Transfer Market

The transfer market is where you can buy, list and bid on cards. Mastering the transfer market by trading and investing can rapidly multiply your coins.

According to FIFA analytics site FUTScope, over 10 million transfers happen daily involving 2 million unique cards!

Here are some smart techniques used by profitable traders:

  • Snipe deals – Constantly search for good cards listed way under value by sellers who don‘t check prices. You can double your coins reselling them!

  • Mass bidding – Bid on many popular cards for less than their normal value. Even with a 25% success rate, you‘ll eventually win some great deals.

  • Flipping cards – Buy valuable cards that are being undercut by panic sellers, then relist them at their actual higher value once supply decreases.

  • Monitor price trends – Study which cards have risen or crashed in value and invest or sell accordingly to profit.

  • Sell at peak times – Card prices peak when coveted Squad Building Challenges are released so more players want to buy them. Smart traders sell into this demand.

If you‘re patient and savvy, the transfer market offers almost unlimited money-making potential. Top traders make over 5 million coins weekly!

Method 3: Complete Profitable Squad Building Challenges

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) offer lucrative rewards if you pick the right ones to complete.

For each SBC, you submit a squad meeting specific requirements. In return, you earn packs, cards or other rewards.

Certain SBCs provide incredibly high-value rewards for low cost. Make sure to check SBC requirements and pack rewards before completing them.

Some tips:

  • Use FUTBIN‘s SBC section which lists profitable SBCs and the lowest cost solutions. This saves you coins.

  • Time SBC completions for when special events and promotions are running. Rewards increase during events.

  • Focus on SBCs that reward tradeable packs with valuable player cards you can sell.

  • Take untradeable reward packs from SBCs that help upgrade your main squad.

SBCs are a bit more complex than just playing matches, but offer huge coin payouts if you get good at spotting the best deals.

Method 4: Earn Daily Login Rewards and Gifts

Make sure to cash in on all the free FUT rewards just for logging in and playing:

  • Daily Login – Up to 1000 coins daily for consecutive login streaks

  • Season Objectives – Coins at certain season tiers

  • Gifts – Occasional free untradeable packs, loyalty gifts

  • FUT Web/Companion Apps – Grants daily login rewards even when not playing on console

  • Leveling Up – Grants coins at each new season level

These quick rewards really add up! You can easily earn 5000+ coins each week just from logging in, doing easy objectives and leveling up your season progress.

What Not To Do – Risky Ways That Could Get You Banned!

Now that you know legitimate ways to earn coins, be warned that some risky methods can get your account banned:

  • Buying coins – Purchasing coins from third-party sellers violates EA‘s rules and risks account bans.

  • Coin farming – Using bots or scripts to endlessly grind games and SBCs will flag your account for investigation.

  • Coin distribution – Transferring coins directly to friends appears like illegal coin selling according to EA‘s criteria. Don‘t do it!

  • Market manipulation – Deliberately trading cards at false prices to transfer coins between accounts will lead to sanctions.

While the temptation may be there to score quick coins through these shady tactics, it‘s just not worth putting your account at risk! Stick to the proven, legitimate methods I‘ve outlined instead.

Spend Your Coins Wisely to Upgrade Your Team

As your coin balance grows, make sure to spend it on improving your squad:

  • Acquire players who fit your team‘s playstyle and formation chemistry. Having players you can skillfully control is more important than just higher ratings.

  • Aim for top-tier meta players even if saving up for superstars. A 200K meta defender will strengthen your squad more than five 50K defenders.

  • Keep completing SBCs that reward tradeable packs so you can sell the cards within for profits.

  • Ensure your team has maximum chemistry by having players link within leagues, clubs and nationalities. This provides a stats boost.

Coins sitting idle don‘t help your team! Invest them in players who will win you more matches. Eventually you‘ll afford that Ronaldo or icon player you‘ve always wanted!

Let‘s Get Those Coins!

Phew, I know that was a lot of tips – but you‘re now equipped with expert knowledge on earning FIFA coins through legitimate gameplay and trading techniques.

Stick to these methods, avoid risky shortcuts, and you‘ll be surprised how quickly your coin total rises. Before you know it, you‘ll have enough to build your dream squad!

If any part was confusing or you have questions, let me know in the comments. I‘m always happy to help a friend understand FIFA Ultimate Team better.

Now get out there, play some matches, work the transfer market, and boost your squad with the world‘s greatest players!



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