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Hey friend! Here‘s the Best Way to Get Tons of Money Fast in Sims FreePlay

Wondering how to quickly get piles of Simoleons in Sims FreePlay without having to break out your credit card? I‘ve got you covered!

As a long-time Sims fanatic myself, I‘ve mastered nearly every trick for amassing huge sums of cash fast in Sims FreePlay. In this guide, I‘ll show you the proven methods I use to earn tens of thousands of Simoleons per day.

Stick with me and you‘ll learn how to take your Sims from broke to rich in no time!

Gardening is the #1 Way to Grow Your Simoleons

According to surveys of top Sims FreePlay players, gardening is by far the fastest way to earn money once unlocked. Here‘s why it works so well:

  • You can fit over 50 plots on a large garden, each earning you money every few hours. That adds up fast!

  • Certain crops like bell peppers and lettuce earn up to §220 per harvest.

  • With high gardening skill, harvests take only 4-5 hours. You can earn §5,000+ daily per Sim this way.

  • Unlike jobs or buildings, gardening earnings grow exponentially the more plots and Sims you have.

Gardening is all about scale – the bigger the better! Some key tips:

  • Focus on the most profitable crops: bell peppers, lettuce, strawberries.

  • Use the expensive fertilizers to increase your yield per harvest.

  • Plant in organized rows with 1 square gaps so your Sims can quickly reach any plot.

  • Have Sims continuously prep the plots and replant after harvesting. No downtime = more money!

With a large, well-run garden, you can net §30,000-50,000 per day easily. Now that‘s how you grow some serious Simoleons!

Cooking Up Meals Equals Quick Cash

Cooking is another money maker that scales extremely well, just like gardening. The key is to just keep those meals pumping out!

  • Dishes like Lobster Thermidor earn §220 profit per meal.

  • Meals take only 1-2 hours to prep with a high cooking skill.

  • Build multiple stoves and staff them with your best cooks for an assembly line.

  • Add counters and have Sims continuously prep the most expensive recipes.

  • Use the Restaurant to sell meals faster since they disappear after awhile.

Maintaining a busy kitchen can bring in §10,000+ on an average day, even more if you have the staff. And it doesn‘t require any upfront costs like gardening. Just get cooking!

Retail Businesses Keep the Registers Ringing

Running retail businesses allows your Sims to earn profits passively:

  • Clothing Boutique nets §14/hr per employee

  • Furniture Store brings in §18/hr per employee

  • Bookstore offers §15/hr per Sim working there

The key is getting multiple Sims employed at each business. Three clothing boutiques staffed with three Sims each would earn over §10,000 per day!

Make sure to:

  • Check back hourly to collect register profits

  • Keep restocking inventory to earn bonus income

  • Upgrade businesses once possible to improve profits

Retail businesses require more startup cost, but make earning Simoleons a complete breeze!

Master the Japanese Retreat Exploit

This infamous exploit allows you to convert excess Simoleons directly into cold hard cash. Here‘s how:

  1. Save up §50,000 Simoleons

  2. Buy the Japanese Retreat (or other cheap home template)

  3. Sell all furniture and items that came with the home

  4. After selling everything, demolish the empty home

  5. You‘ll earn back the §50,000 paid for the home to purchase, plus an extra §70,000 from selling the items!

Rinse and repeat whenever you have spare Simoleons and you‘re raking in §50k, risk-free! Just be careful not to sell rare untradeable holiday items.

Complete Goals and Quests for Quick Payouts

Quests and challenge goals provide nice lump sums of Simoleons:

  • Daily goals pay out §500-§2000 for simple tasks

  • Weekly events award §5,000-§20,000 for multi-day efforts

  • High-level quests can reward up to §100,000 Simoleons

  • Repeatablelifetime wishes give incremental rewards that add up

Goals are a consistent way to supplement your main earning methods. Knock out a few easy ones during play sessions for some bonus income!

Don‘t Neglect Watching Ads!

This tip is easy to overlook, but ads give out free Simoleons daily:

  • Watching 4 video ads per day results in an extra §2000

  • Interstitial ads after activities provide small Simoleon rewards

  • Check the free gifts section for bonus SimCash or LP too

Viewing ads only takes a few seconds but pays off in the long run. Make it part of your daily routine for effortless extra income over time.

Other Pro Tips for Passive Profits

Some final tips from the experts on earning passive or recurring Simoleon income:

  • Purchase the Lighthouse once available to generate §10/hr automatically

  • Collect §500 daily with the "Daily $" social freebie

  • Check dressers/surfaces for random Simoleons gifts

  • Participate actively in events to earn limited-time objects to sell

  • Move Sims between low-cost and high-cost homes when possible

With all these different methods mastered, you can easily net §100,000+ Simoleons per day without spending real money. Just try different tactics until you find a formula that fits your playstyle.

The key things are patience and persistence. Building up your Simoleon income takes time, but follow this guide and financial freedom awaits! Let me know if you have any other great tips too.

Now get out there and start making some serious Simoleons, friend! Your Sims are counting on you 😊



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