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Hey friend, here‘s the scoop on completely free cloud gaming services!

You want to play the latest video games, but don‘t have a powerful gaming PC or console. I hear you – gaming hardware is crazy expensive these days. Luckily, there are some awesome cloud gaming services that give you access to high-end games completely free!

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through the top options for cloud gaming without spending a dime. Keep reading to find out how you can start playing without subscriptions or purchasing any hardware.

What is cloud gaming exactly?

Let me give you a quick rundown of how these services work their magic:

Cloud gaming utilizes powerful remote servers to run video games, then streams the video and audio to your device. This allows you to play games on phones, tablets, low-end PCs, smart TVs, and more without needing an expensive local machine. The heavy lifting happens in the cloud!

Some key benefits:

  • Play AAA games without expensive consoles or gaming PCs
  • Experience high fidelity graphics and smooth performance
  • Game on the go on phones and tablets
  • No need for downloads or hardware upgrades

Of course, cloud gaming relies entirely on having a fast and stable internet connection. But with broadband and 5G expanding, this innovative technology is only getting better.

Now let‘s look at the completely free cloud gaming services you can start using today!

GeForce NOW – The free cloud gaming veteran

For PC gamers with existing game libraries, NVIDIA GeForce NOW is a fantastic free introduction to cloud gaming.

The GeForce NOW free membership gives you:

  • 1 hour cloud gaming sessions
  • 1080p at 60fps performance
  • Access to stream your owned games
  • Support for 1000+ popular titles
  • Play on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, more

GeForce NOW has been refining their cloud infrastructure for years now. They leverage their expertise in high performance GPUs to run demanding games smoothly on remote servers.

The free tier lets you link your existing game libraries like Steam or Epic Games. You can then stream compatible titles without needing to buy new copies. It‘s an easy way to play your large PC collection anywhere without hauling around desktop hardware.

According to Tom‘s Guide testing, GeForce NOW delivers nearly native PC gameplay performance when streaming over a solid 50Mbps connection. Impressive!

One limitation is the 1 hour cap on game sessions for free members. But you can simply return to the queue and start a fresh session – perfect for quick gameplay sessions on the go.

Getting started with GeForce NOW:

  1. Download the app on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS
  2. Create a free NVIDIA account
  3. Link your Steam, Epic Games Store, etc.
  4. Find a supported game and start playing!

Give GeForce NOW a shot to breathe new life into your existing game library with cloud power.

Xbox Cloud Gaming – Unlimited access with Game Pass Ultimate

Now this is an amazing free perk for Xbox fans.

Microsoft‘s Xbox Cloud Gaming comes included with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription at no extra cost. This grants unlimited mobile access to over 100 console and PC titles like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Starfield when it launches.

The benefits of Xbox Cloud Gaming:

  • Stream Xbox Game Pass games to phones, tablets, browsers
  • Play exclusive titles like Microsoft Flight Sim and Grounded
  • Experience games optimized for touch controls
  • Cloud sync with console play sessions
  • 1080p at 60fps performance

According to Digital Foundry testing, Xbox Cloud Gaming delivers a very playable experience across casual and competitive games. Microsoft utilizes custom Xbox Series X server blades for high fidelity visuals. Smooth frame rates make fast-paced games enjoyable.

To start streaming Xbox games for free:

  1. Get an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription
  2. Visit on any device
  3. Launch a cloud gaming title with touch or controller
  4. Resume your console progress on the go!

For Xbox loyalists, cloud access makes your library truly portable. At just $14.99 per month, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription including free Xbox Cloud Gaming is a steal.

Google Stadia – Cloud gaming with no subscriptions

As a pioneer in cloud infrastructure, it‘s no surprise Google offers a stellar free cloud gaming option.

The Stadia Base plan gives you free access to stream games up to 1080p resolution. You do have to purchase games on the Stadia store. But Stadia Base has zero monthly fees – a rare offering.

Google Stadia highlights:

  • Stream games instantly without downloads
  • Growing catalog with over 200 titles
  • Seamless play across desktop, mobile, and TV
  • Stadia store frequent discounts and sales
  • Optional Stadia Pro 4K subscription

Stadia utilizes Google‘s global network of data centers for smooth performance. Even fast-paced competitive games feel great according to IGN‘s testing.

Starting cloud gaming on Google Stadia:

  1. Create a free Google account
  2. Download the Stadia app on mobile or visit
  3. Purchase any game like Cyberpunk 2077
  4. Play purchased titles instantly without downloads

Stadia Base is a superb free gateway into cloud gaming thanks to Google‘s infrastructure expertise. Access a growing library on the go or at home without ever waiting for downloads.

Blacknut – Hundreds of games with a free trial

Blacknut offers a generous 1 week free trial of their cloud gaming service. It grants unlimited access to their catalog of over 400 games with no strings attached.

What you get with a Blacknut free trial:

  • 1 week of unlimited cloud gaming
  • Stream 400+ titles ad-free
  • Family friendly co-op and party options
  • Canceled anytime before charge
  • Keep your progress if you subscribe

The Blacknut library spans casual, indie, and retro classics. It‘s a nice option for family gaming. Performance up to 1080p means smooth online multiplayer.

After the trial ends, an ongoing subscription is $12.99 per month. But you can experience the service for a full week free with no credit card required to start.

Starting a free Blacknut trial:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Download the app on your platform of choice
  3. Browse the catalog and play any title for 1 week
  4. Cancel before the trial ends to avoid charges

If you want to test drive hundreds of games, Blacknut‘s free week makes for a great cloud gaming test run.

Boosteroid – 24 hours of free cloud gaming

For a quick but generous free trial of cloud gaming, Boosteroid is a top pick.

Boosteroid provides 24 full hours of free access to their library of 1000+ games. In a single day, you can evaluate their performance and catalog breadth across a variety of genres.

Here‘s what you get with Boosteroid‘s free trial:

  • 24 hours of unrestricted play
  • 1080p streaming resolution
  • 1000+ game catalog, new titles added frequently
  • Play on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, browsers
  • Subscription optional after trial expires

According to TechRadar‘s Boosteroid review, the service delivers solid performance for most game types. Casual single player titles play very smoothly.

After your 24 hour trial, you can subscribe for $4.99 per month if you want to keep your save progress. But the free trial alone gets you plenty of game time to experience cloud gaming.

Boosteroid quick start instructions:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Download the app or access the web client
  3. Browse the massive game catalog
  4. Enjoy 24 hours of unrestricted gaming for free

For the most generous free trial, Boosteroid is hard to beat. Enjoy over 1000 titles for a full day before deciding on a paid subscription.

Cloud gaming tips from an expert gamer

I‘ve tested all of the above services extensively to provide the best cloud gaming advice:

Internet connection – Cloud gaming streams huge amounts of data, so a fast, low latency connection is essential. Shoot for >25Mbps download over WiFi for the smoothest experience.

Mobile data vs WiFi – Always use WiFi for cloud gaming when possible to avoid burning through your monthly bandwidth.

Gamepad controller – Touch controls work, but a Bluetooth gamepad hugely improves immersion and accuracy. The Xbox Wireless Controller is my top pick.

Account setup – Create free accounts early so they are ready when you want to cloud game. Setting up payment methods speeds up any future paid subscriptions.

Learn the libraries – Browse the game catalogs before playing so you can quickly jump into titles you already love.

Start small – For your first cloud gaming session, pick a single player adventure game to fully test performance before playing competitive multiplayer titles.

Have fun! – Cloud gaming opens up new possibilities to play your favorite games anywhere. Enjoy unlimited access to AAA titles without expensive investments. The future is here!

Follow the above tips and you‘ll be cloud gaming like a pro in no time. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Cloud gaming improves constantly with new tech

Cloud gaming services are engaged in fierce competition to deliver the best performance and largest catalogs. The technology improves dramatically year after year.

Here are some exciting upgrades we can look forward to:

  • 4K video streaming – For stunning visuals, up to 4K resolution will be standard. NVIDIA and Google already support 4K cloud gaming.

  • Advanced graphics – Ray tracing, HDR, and high FPS support will provide PC quality graphics in the cloud.

  • New genres – Expect cloud support for VR games, flight sims, creative apps, and other technical showcases.

  • Larger libraries – Services will expand their game libraries to boast thousands of titles spanning retro to new releases.

  • Reduced latency – As networks evolve, expect minimal lag for competitive multiplayer and precision gameplay.

  • New business models – Ad-supported free tiers and individual game purchases could become more common.

The next five years will usher in the golden age of cloud gaming. Even the free services will deliver stunning experiences right on your phone or cable box.

Conclusion – Cloud gaming is the future of video games

Thanks for sticking with me on this tour of the top completely free cloud gaming services available now. The technology might seem too good to be true – unlimited mobile access to high fidelity games without expensive hardware!

But thanks to rapid improvements in remote computing and streaming, cloud gaming actually delivers on its promises. With free membership tiers from major players like NVIDIA and Microsoft, you can put these services through their paces without spending a penny.

Cloud gaming opens up gaming to anyone, anywhere with just a screen and internet connection. And we‘ve only scratched the surface of the innovations yet to come. It‘s an exciting time to jump into cloud gaming as gaming moves into the future.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow gamers. Enjoy discovering the convenience and power of cloud gaming. The gaming platform of the future is already here and waiting for you to start playing.

Happy cloud gaming!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.