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Hey friend! Here‘s the scoop on which Sims 4 kits you can score for free

I‘m sure you‘ve heard the awesome news that The Sims 4 base game is now completely free! This opens up the wacky and wonderful world of Sims to all of us.

But you may be wondering: what about those kits? Can you get any of those without paying, or are they still $4.99 a pop?

Great question. Let me walk you through the lowdown on which kits you can grab for free in The Sims 4, plus some pro tips for scoring deals on these nifty add-ons.

Free Kit #1: Desert Luxe

The one permanent freebie kit is called Desert Luxe. According to EA, this kit will stay free forever!

Desert Luxe includes around 40 boho-chic, Southwestern inspired items. We‘re talking furniture, decor, and clothing content with a stylish desert vibe.

As a streaming and gaming expert, I think Desert Luxe is a solid starter kit if you‘re new to the game. It gives you enough items to create a cool oasis-themed build or dress your Sims in desert chic.

To download Desert Luxe for absolutely nothing:

  • Open the platform you own The Sims 4 on (Origin, Steam, etc).
  • Go to the Store or Add-Ons section.
  • Find the Desert Luxe kit and click to download.
  • Enjoy those sweet free items in your game!

Easy peasy. This kit will continue to be free indefinitely, so no rush to grab it.

The Scoop on Timed Free Kits

Now, Desert Luxe is not the only free kit that‘s ever been offered. EA and Maxis have dropped several limited-time free kits over the years.

These are special promo kits they release for free…but only for a short period!

As a deal-hunting gaming guru, I‘ve gotten my hands on all of the following free kits at one time or another:

Throwback Fit Kit80s and 90s inspired clothing
Fashion Street KitUrban streetwear clothing and furniture
Country Kitchen KitRustic country furniture and decor

As you can see, these past freebies covered a fun range of vintage, urban, and rural aesthetics.

I recommend following official Sims accounts on social media and signing up for newsletters to be the first to know when another awesome free kit promo drops. These don‘t come around super often, so you have to be ready to pounce!

Savvy Ways to Score Discounted Kits

Okay, outside of limited-time free kit deals, what can you do to get kits without paying full price? Luckily, this gaming guru has got you covered with some sweet money-saving hacks:

Keep an Eye Out for Sales

Kits go on sale for 50% off or more several times a year. In fact, 50% off kits is one of the regular deals during Steam‘s seasonal sales.

So absolutely wait for a sale if your heart is set on a particular kit! Even at half off, $2.50 is easier to swallow than five bucks.

Use Discount Codes and Cashback

Some web stores like Green Man Gaming regularly offer discount promo codes that take 10-20% off Sims 4 kits.

And sites like SimsVIP give out kit codes when they run special giveaways. So check deal sites to save a buck or two on kits when you can.

Cashback sites like Rakuten also offer cashback on Sims purchases, letting you earn a small percentage back. Every bit counts!

Consider Splitting the Cost with Friends

Since kits are cheap little add-ons, you and a fellow Sims-loving pal could go halfsies on some kits.

You each pay $2.50 instead of $4.99. Then take turns deciding what items to use from the kits you split. It‘s a way to double your kit content without breaking the bank!

Which Kits Are Must-Haves for Your Play Style?

With 16 different kits now available, how do you know which ones to splurge on?

As a gaming addict, I always consider my personal play style and priorities when deciding which kits look like must-haves.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I more into building or CAS? Certain kits like Courtyard Oasis are focused on build/buy items, while others like Fashion Street center on clothing.

  • What themes and aesthetics do I use most? Don‘t get a Country Kitchen Kit if you only make modern or industrial houses. Stay true to your style!

  • Do I care about new gameplay features? Some kits like Bust the Dust add depth through new interactive systems. Others just offer objects.

  • How many items am I getting? Kits have 25-40 new additions. Make sure it‘s enough stuff to feel worthwhile.

Here are the kits I recommend most highly based on different play styles:

For buildersCourtyard Oasis Kit, Country Kitchen Kit
For CAS loversThrowback Fit Kit, Modern Menswear Kit
For gameplay depthBust the Dust Kit, Cottage Living Kit
For family gameplayBlooming Rooms Kit, Little Campers Kit

You really can‘t go wrong with kits if they cater to your interests and play style!

Will We Get Sims 5 Kits?

As a loyal Maxis fan, I‘m sure the question of Sims 5 kits has crossed your mind!

Well, here‘s the deal: Maxis hasn‘t even announced an official Sims 5 yet. Most gaming experts predict we are still years away from a new sequel.

The Sims 4 going free-to-play shows that Maxis plans to keep supporting and expanding it for the foreseeable future.

So in short – don‘t hold your breath for Sims 5 kits anytime soon! We likely won‘t see them until a hypothetical Sims 5 is properly revealed and launched.

For now, it‘s all about enjoying the amazing kits we already have for Sims 4!

Let‘s Recap the Best Ways to Get Free or Cheap Kits

If you made it this far, you‘re now a Sims 4 kit expert! To summarize:

  • Desert Luxe is the one permanent free kit – grab it ASAP!

  • Keep tabs on limited-time free kit promos by following Sims social channels.

  • Wait for sales around the holidays to snag 50% off kits.

  • Use discount codes from sites like SimsVIP to save a buck or two.

  • Consider splitting kits with friends to divide up the cost.

  • Choose kits that fit your gameplay style and priorities.

That covers the inside scoop on scoring sweet deals on Sims 4 kits! Hopefully you feel like a kit shopping pro now. Happy Simming!



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