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Hey friend! Let‘s talk about whether PvP is available in FFXIV‘s free trial

I know you‘re eager to jump into some player vs player action in Final Fantasy XIV. And you want to know – can you access PvP modes during the free trial before purchasing the full game?

The short answer is: Unfortunately, PvP is not available during FFXIV‘s free trial.

I‘ll explain the reasons why in this guide, and give you suggestions on how you can still start preparing for PvP before upgrading to the full game.

See, I‘m a long time FFXIV player and PvP enthusiast myself. I totally get the excitement of facing off against other players in epic fantasy battles! So let‘s talk about how to unleash your inner PvP champion in FFXIV.

What is FFXIV‘s Free Trial?

For anyone new to the game, here‘s a quick overview of FFXIV‘s generous free trial:

  • Play unlimited time up to level 60
  • Includes the entire A Realm Reborn AND Heavensward expansions
  • Play as all classes and jobs up to 60 – battle as conjurers, dragoons, astrologians and more!
  • Hundreds of hours of main story and side quests to complete
  • Explore all of Eorzea and beyond
  • Join a Free Company to make friends and access some social features
  • Experience almost everything…except PvP

So as you can see, the free trial gives you tons of leeway to experience FFXIV‘s vast PvE content. But access to PvP requires a full subscription.

What is Needed to Unlock PvP

To gain access to all of FFXIV‘s various PvP modes, you must:

  • Reach at least level 30 in a combat class
  • Complete the level 20 main scenario quest "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn"
  • Join one of the game‘s Grand Companies

And here‘s the catch – you can‘t join a Grand Company during the free trial!

The quest to join them is called "Sylph-management" at level 20. But it‘s not part of the free trial.

So unless you upgrade to the full game, PvP will remain locked away unfortunately.

The Exciting PvP Modes You Can Look Forward To

Once you do unlock PvP, there are some really fun modes you‘ll get to experience with friends and rivals alike:

The Wolves‘ Den

  • 4v4 deathmatches in an arena
  • Engage in fierce team fights to the death!
  • Available starting at level 30


  • Massive 24v24v24 battles between 3 Grand Companies
  • Coordinate with allies to capture objectives
  • Unlocks at level 30

Rival Wings

  • Alliance-based PvP with giant mech mounts!
  • Teams of 24, with parties of 6 piloting badass mechanized suits
  • Available starting at level 30

The Feast

  • Hardcore 4v4 competitive PvP
  • Test your skills and climb the seasonal rankings
  • Unlocks at level 30
  • Earn unique rewards and bragging rights!

As you can see, FFXIV has a diverse PvP scene with modes catering to different tastes – from intense arena brawls to huge battlefield warfare.

Personally I‘m really looking forward to piloting giant mechs in Rival Wings once I upgrade!

Getting a Taste of PvP Before Unlocking It

Now I know you‘re probably SUPER eager to jump into PvP right away during the free trial.

While you can‘t directly participate without a subscription, there are still a few things you can do to get your feet wet:

  • Go spectate some matches to see PvP in action
  • Visit PvP areas like the Wolves‘ Den arena
  • Duel other players for fun – it‘s not true PvP but will test your skills
  • Read up on PvP guides and strategies ahead of time
  • Learn about optimal PvP gear, actions, and combos for your favorite class

This will allow you to study up and be well prepared once you do gain access. Consider it training from the sidelines before you eventually unlock PvP for real!

Should You Upgrade to FFXIV Just for PvP?

If you‘re on the fence about upgrading to the full game, here are some pros and cons to weigh when it comes to PvP:

Reasons to upgrade for PvP:

  • Lets you battle it out against other players
  • Offers a break from all the PvE content
  • Can provide more casual gaming compared to high-end raiding
  • Opportunity to earn unique PvP-exclusive rewards
  • Having another gameplay mode keeps the game fresh

Potential downsides to weigh:

  • FFXIV‘s PvP community is much smaller than PvE
  • Queue times can be longer for some modes
  • PvP class balance is harder than PvE balance
  • Need to re-learn skills, gearing and strategy just for PvP
  • Toxic behavior seems more common in PvP chat

So while PvP isn‘t FFXIV‘s main draw, having it as an option adds some nice variety alongside the PvE content. Just be ready to adjust your gameplay and mindset compared to PvE.

Tips to Conquer at PvP as a Beginner

If you do decide to take the plunge for PvP, here are some tips to set you on the path to success:

  • Complete your Grand Company unlock quest ASAP
  • Study your chosen class‘ PvP skills, combos and tactics
  • Get PvP-specific gear with morale stats as soon as possible
  • Start in Frontlines to learn large scale coordination
  • Learn the maps and objectives for each PvP mode
  • Watch streams of high-level PvP players to observe strategies
  • Join a PvP-focused Free Company for teammates and advice
  • Be patient – PvP takes time to learn! But you‘ll get better.

And don‘t get discouraged if you struggle at first. PvP is very different from PvE, so expect a learning curve. But embrace the challenge and growth!

PvP Resources to Improve Your Skills

To accelerate your mastery of FFXIV PvP, make use of these amazing community resources:

The FFXIV community creates amazing resources. Take advantage of them to unlock your PvP potential!

In Summary, My Friend

While the free trial doesn‘t allow access to PvP, upgrading to the full FFXIV experience opens up intense competitive game modes beyond just PvE.

If you enjoy multiplayer battles in MMORPGs, FFXIV‘s PvP scene provides an exciting alternative way to enjoy Eorzea! It just takes time and practice to adjust your skills from PvE.

Use the free trial to study up beforehand. Then once you upgrade, apply what you‘ve learned as you embark on your PvP journey. Take advantage of the community‘s knowledge, and you‘ll be dominating the Wolves‘ Den and Frontlines battlefields in no time!

I hope this overview helps explain the PvP situation, and gets you prepped to eventually try it yourself. Let me know if you have any other FFXIV questions! I‘m always happy to help a fellow adventurer.



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