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Hey Friend, Wondering If Minecraft Bedrock is Free on PC if You Have it on Xbox? Here‘s the Scoop.

I get this question all the time from fellow gamers, so let me start right off by answering it clearly: No, unfortunately Minecraft Bedrock Edition is not free on PC if you already own it on Xbox.

I know, it stinks you can‘t get that awesome Bedrock goodness on your PC without shelling out more money. I feel your pain. But let me walk you through all the details on how Minecraft versions work across platforms. I promise there are still some good options for you!

See, there are a couple different versions of Minecraft out there:

  • Java Edition – The OG classic only on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.

  • Bedrock Edition – The newer cross-platform version on mobile, Xbox, PC, and more.

  • Legacy Editions – Old console versions no longer updated.

Bedrock is the same codebase running on all those platforms, like Xbox, mobile and Windows 10. But each one still counts as its own "edition" that you need to buy separately.

I know, Microsoft‘s licensing stuff confuses me too!

Do I Need to Rebuy for PC?

If you have the disc or bought the digital Xbox One Edition, that‘s only for your Xbox. No free PC copy!

To play Bedrock on a Windows 10 PC, you need to grab Minecraft for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store for $29.99.

I wish it transferred over! But a new purchase is required.

Once you buy though, you can use your free Xbox Live account on both Xbox and PC to move world saves and purchases between your devices through the cloud. Pretty sweet!

What About Bundles?

OK, there are couple ways you can score Bedrock on PC without paying twice:

  • Buy the Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Bundle on for $29.99. Even if you have Java already, this unlocks Bedrock too.

  • Xbox Game Pass for PC members get access to the Windows 10 version as part of the membership. But you need an active subscription to keep playing.

  • If you own the physical disc for the legacy Xbox One Edition, it may come with a code to download Bedrock on Windows 10. But not guaranteed.

Sobundles and subscriptions are handy if you want both editions!

Can I Play Across Platforms?

Major win with Bedrock is cross-platform multiplayer. This means you can play in the same world between your Xbox and your PC pal‘s Windows 10 version. Epic!

Your Xbox runs the legacy console edition, while your PC friend uses the Bedrock engine. But the networking part still hooks everyone up to play together online. Sweet!

If your goal is just to play with friends who own the PC edition, you don‘t need the Bedrock version yourself. The legacy Xbox release works to connect online. You just miss some features and world syncing without the real deal.

Moving Your Worlds

With your free Microsoft/Xbox account, you can transfer worlds between devices by uploading from one and downloading on the other. Even Xbox to PC works!

Here‘s how:

  1. On your Xbox, go to world settings and choose "Upload"

  2. On PC, go to world settings and select "Replace World"

  3. Download your uploaded Xbox world.

Some stuff might change between editions. But you can take your world creations on the go!

Edition Comparison

Even though they share some Bedrock code bits, there are still key differences between versions:

Minecraft for Xbox One

  • Xbox One only
  • Legacy features and old code
  • Smaller worlds (5,120 x 5,120 blocks max)
  • Made for couch play with controllers and splitscreen

Minecraft for Windows 10

  • Windows 10 PC compatible
  • True Bedrock engine shared with mobile and Switch
  • Way bigger world sizes (basically infinite!)
  • Optimized for mouse and keyboard
  • Access to Marketplace content
  • Cross-play with tons of platforms

So while you can transfer saves and connect online between them, the Windows 10 edition has way more world space, latest updates, and cross-platform perks. Pretty sweet!

Can I Score Bedrock Free?

I feel your pain, but there‘s no legit way to snag Minecraft Bedrock Edition fully free unless you get a bundle deal or free code. Mojang isn‘t just giving it away to existing owners, unfortunately.

But check it – here are some options to access it free or cheap:

  • Watch for Microsoft Store sales on the Windows 10 version
  • Join Xbox Cloud Gaming beta to stream from the cloud
  • See if you qualify for Microsoft‘s education discount – up to a sweet 80% off!
  • Look for used codes online secondhand if you feel lucky

For full free permanent access though, you‘ll need to pony up the cash. Don‘t get tricked by sketchy "free download" offers! Stick to trusted sellers.

Play Free Legally

If dropping $30 isn‘t in your budget, you‘ve got choices to play free:

  • Minecraft Demo – Test drive the latest Bedrock Edition free for 90 minute sessions!

  • Minecraft Classic – Chill in old school creative mode on your web browser for that nostalgia hit.

  • Servers – Explore unlimited free public servers made by fans.

  • Splitscreen – Buddy up with pals who own the full copy for limited couch co-op fun.

  • YouTube – Where‘s the popcorn? Endless hours of entertainment watching other fans play.

Demos, classic creative, videos and servers can give you a nice Minecraft taste test for zero dollars.

Is Buying Again Worth it?

For diehard fans who play all the time, I say go for the Windows 10 version. Here‘s why:

  • Massive player pool for easy matchmaking thanks to crossplay
  • Smoother performance and graphics on beefy gaming PCs
  • Endless mods, texture packs, and custom maps
  • Mouse and keyboard for supreme precision
  • Join public servers and Realms subscription worlds
  • Get all the latest updates and features
  • Full control over creative or survival
  • Display on a giant monitor beats splitscreen limits!

If you only play casually or with family on the couch, stick with Xbox. But for unlimited worlds and custom play, Windows 10 really shines.

I love cranking textures and mods on my PC. Feels like a whole new game!

The Bottom Line

Even though Bedrock powers Minecraft everywhere, licensing means each version needs its own purchase – sad but true.

Good news is bundles, deals and education pricing can cut the cost. And cross-platform play lets Xbox folks game online with PC friends.

For the full unlimited world, modding and precision play experience, I recommend PC gamers grab the Windows 10 edition. But couch play fans can stick with Xbox.

Either way, we can all craft and explore together with crossplay! Pretty sweet. Well, hope this info helps explain the deal with Minecraft versions. Let me know if you have any other questions!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.