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How Can I Get Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla for Free?

Have you been itching to embark on an epic Viking saga in Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla but don‘t want to pay full price? Getting AC Valhalla for free or at a steep discount is possible with some strategic methods. As a fellow gaming enthusiast, let me show you the best ways to score Ubisoft‘s open-world Viking masterpiece without breaking the bank.

Try Free Trials of Gaming Services

One of the most straightforward ways to play AC Valhalla for zero dollars is to utilize the free trial periods offered by various gaming services. Here are some top options to consider:


As AC Valhalla‘s publisher, Ubisoft occasionally provides free access to test out their Ubisoft+ game subscription. These promotional periods typically last 3-7 days, giving you a decent chunk of time to get a feel for the vast world of Valhalla.

While you likely can’t complete the entire 50+ hour game in a week, you can experience the engrossing opening chapters and get a sense of whether you want to subscribe long-term. Keep an eye out for Ubisoft+ free events for your chance to raid England with Eivor risk-free.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft promotes its Xbox Game Pass service by granting free access to certain games for a few days. If you have an active Game Pass Ultimate membership, be sure to check the Perks page for Free Play Day offers.

AC Valhalla has been included numerous times in the past. A 3-day Valhalla trial lets you fight legendary beasts and invade enemy fortresses without paying a penny. Since Game Pass already offers great value, think of these Free Play Days as sweet bonus content.

PlayStation Now

Sony provides a 7-day free trial for the PlayStation Now game streaming service to new subscribers. With over 750 games in its library, PS Now lets you experience top PS4 titles like AC Valhalla through the cloud on your PS4 or PS5.

Sign up to try out their service and you can easily get a few days of pillaging villages and building alliances as a Viking warrior completely free. Just remember to cancel to avoid being charged if you don’t plan on continuing the subscription after the trial ends.

Amazon Prime Gaming

One overlooked perk of an Amazon Prime membership is free games and in-game content every month with Prime Gaming. Previously called Twitch Prime, this service has offered the ability to play numerous Assassin’s Creed games for $0.

Past giveaways like Unity and Black Flag make it possible Ubisoft will promote Valhalla here someday. If you have Prime already, keep watch for a potential free Valhalla code to take your looting and raiding to the next level.

Grind Rewards Programs

Gaming platforms love incentivizing player engagement through rewards programs. While scoring enough points to redeem AC Valhalla won’t be quick, it is a legitimate way to grab this AAA gem without spending cash. Let’s look at some top rewards programs to leverage:

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft’s Rewards program lets Xbox gamers earn points from playing games, taking quizzes/polls, browsing via Edge, and more. With diligent dedication, you can accumulate enough Rewards currency to redeem a copy of AC Valhalla.

Based on Valhalla pricing I’ve seen in the Rewards store, you’re looking at roughly 37,000 points required. Points can be earned faster with Game Pass subscriptions or Microsoft credit cards. But even for free members, routinely maxing out points from searches, quizzes and Xbox gameplay makes earning enough for Valhalla feasible over time.

PlayStation Rewards

Similar to Microsoft, Sony rewards loyal PlayStation players through their Rewards program. You earn points based on trophy unlocks, game and media purchases, and other PSN activity. Points can eventually be redeemed for PSN wallet funds or PlayStation Store gifts cards.

At the time of writing, AC Valhalla can be redeemed directly as a reward option for 22,500 points. That’s a hefty amount but grabbing platinum trophies and buying PS Store games during sales periods lets you rack up points quicker. Slowly but surely, you can add rewards funds to your PSN wallet until you have enough for Valhalla.

Nvidia GeForce NOW RTX 3080 Membership

For PC gamers, an Nvidia GeForce NOW RTX 3080 membership plan comes with monthly rewards of free games or in-game currency packs. AC Valhalla has been included before as part of these complimentary rewards bundles.

The catch is access to these rewards requires signing up for a 6-month RTX 3080 membership at $99.99 upfront. That‘s a considerable cost just for the chance to maybe get Valhalla as a reward. But if you were going to pay for GeForce NOW anyway, it‘s a nice potential bonus.

Epic Games Mega Grants

The Epic Mega Grants program provides special funding or gifts to projects that advance open ecosystems and 3D graphics technology. These grants sometimes come in the form of bundles of free games.

In the past, Valhalla was part of a Mega Grant bundle granted to the team behind the open-source game engine, Godot. Chances of receiving such a generous giveaway as an individual are slim. But if you‘re working on an impressive project dedicated to advancing 3D graphics capabilities, applying for an Epic Mega Grant could score you a free copy of Valhalla alongside a dev grant.

Watch for Free Game Promotions

Both platform holders and game publishers periodically run promotions that make popular games freely available for a limited time. Here are a few opportunities to watch out for AC Valhalla as a potential freebie:

Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is renowned for its weekly rotation of free games across genres and budget sizes. While mostly indie titles are given away for $0, Epic has offered AAA blockbusters in the past like GTA V.

If AC Valhalla ever joins the freebie lineup, it’ll likely be a short 24-48 hour promotion to drive traffic. But check in every Thursday when the Epic Store updates, and you might luck out with a free chance to experience Valhalla’s captivating Norse saga.

Free Play Days on Xbox

Microsoft‘s Free Play Days offer Xbox gamers the ability to play select games for free during a specified weekend. These events happen multiple times per month, with AAA titles frequently included.

Valhalla has been featured several times now as a Free Play Days title. When it pops up again, Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate members can enjoy up to 3 full days of free roaming, raiding and battles in England. It‘s a great way to check out the game before buying.

PS Plus Collection for PS5

The PS Plus Collection for PS5 provides subscribers with a curated library of acclaimed PS4 games to enjoy on the new console. Sony occasionally adds new games over time.

While the collection leans more towards Sony exclusives, continued growth of the catalog raises chances of multiplatform hits like Valhalla joining in someday. If you own a PS5, keeping this collection on your radar could surprise you with a free next-gen upgrade.

Future Giveaways

Outside of any current promotions, be on the lookout for AC Valhalla free game giveaways during major events like E3, The Game Awards, or as part of larger franchise celebrations.

Ubisoft loves promoting Assassin’s Creed, so special occasions may convince them to partner with companies like Epic or Microsoft to make the latest entry available for free, if only for a short time.

Use Gaming Credit and Gift Cards

Did you receive Xbox, PlayStation, Steam or other gaming gift cards as a gift? Or do you have credit sitting in your Microsoft account balance or PSN wallet? You can leverage these funds to lower the out-of-pocket cost of AC Valhalla and potentially even score it for free.

Microsoft Account Balance

If you’ve accumulated Microsoft account credit from Rewards, Bing searches, or converted Xbox gift cards, you can use that value towards buying an Xbox copy of Valhalla directly from the Microsoft Store app.

Depending on how much credit you have, you could essentially lower Valhalla’s $59.99 price to just a few bucks or even $0 if you have enough funds in your Microsoft account.

PlayStation Wallet Funds

Similarly, wallet funds in your PSN account from PlayStation gift cards, credit card rewards or other sources can pay for a PS Store purchase of AC Valhalla.

Again, with a high enough wallet balance, you could grab this expansive Viking adventure without spending any real money from your bank account.


On PC, wallet funds added to Steam from gift cards or selling trading cards can buy games during sales. When AC Valhalla inevitably goes on sale, Steam wallet money can help lower its discounted price or cover it completely if the discount is steep enough.

Streamer/YouTuber Giveaways

Popular streamers and YouTubers frequently buy game codes to give away during streams and video premieres. Keep an eye out for AC Valhalla giveaways from your favorite creators.

Tuning into the right stream at the right time could reward you with a free Ubisoft code for Valhalla courtesy of a generous content creator.

Trade-in Old Games

If you have an existing library of console games you no longer play regularly, trading them in can effectively subsidize the cost of AC Valhalla.

GameStop Trade-Ins

One of the best ways to maximize value is trading games at GameStop either online or in stores. They run routine promotions that can really add up if you have a stack of games to recycle.

For example, they regularly offer 30-50% extra trade credit + additional 10-20% bonus with a PowerUp Rewards membership. During these events, you could potentially get $25-30+ in trade credit for mildly popular last-gen games you don’t play anymore.

With $200+ in trade credit from cleaning out your dormant games collection, you could redeem that for an Xbox/PlayStation gift card and buy AC Valhalla for free.

Facebook Marketplace

Selling your used games locally via Facebook Marketplace is another solid option. You can fetch higher cash values for your games compared to retail trade values.

Listing your games competitively and being open to offers makes it feasible to earn $40-60 per game depending on popularity and condition. Outpace GameStop trade values with a dozen or so solid eBay listings, and you might fund the entirety of Valhalla with your proceeds.

Other Venues

Other reputable outlets like BestBuy, Amazon Trade-In and Decluttr also accept trade-ins that can provide funds applicable towards buying AC Valhalla.

And if you have retro classics, you can optimize value even more by selling high demand games individually on eBay. With some hustle, you can transform your unwanted discs and cartridges into major AC Valhalla savings.

Buy Heavily Discounted Codes

Many reputable key selling sites offer deals on digital codes for Xbox Live, PSN, and other gaming services. With the right sale or coupon, you just might grab an AC Valhalla code for up to 80% off.


CDKeys routinely offers AAA codes for 30-60% off retail pricing. For example, I’ve seen them list Xbox AC Valhalla codes for as low as $29.99.

Pair that with sitewide voucher codes they frequently promote, and you could potentially buy Valhalla for just $20 or less.


Eneba is another solid marketplace for deeply discounted digital gaming codes. Similar to CDKeys, Eneba often sells AC Valhalla codes across platforms in the $30-$40 range.

Occasional coupons and sitewide sales events can stack for additional savings that make buying such a recent AAA release more affordable.

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse resells used items in open-box condition at heavily reduced prices. If you can manage to find an Xbox or PlayStation digital code for AC Valhalla in their Warehouse inventory, it’s likely marked down 80% or more.

These discounted gaming codes understandably sell out fast. But with persistence checking the site, scoring Valhalla for as low as $10 is possible if you get very lucky hunting for warehouse gaming deals.

Wait for Major Sales

If you aren’t able to score AC Valhalla for free upfront, exercising some patience and waiting for a major sale is wise. I recommend watching these prime opportunities:

Xbox Store Sales

Microsoft frequently bundles Valhalla and its DLC expansions during promotions on the Xbox Store.

During seasonal sales, expect to see base Valhalla discounted 40-60%. And with all additional content bundled, $80 can net you the complete AC Valhalla saga.

PlayStation Store Sales

Similarly, Sony runs major PSN sales for events like Golden Week, Summer Game Fest, and the Holiday Sale where AC Valhalla sees solid price cuts.

PlayStation often knocks 30-50% off the base game. Bundling the DLC expands savings up to 60% off compared to purchasing everything at full price.

Steam Sales

On PC, AC Valhalla routinely goes on sale during Steam‘s major seasonal events like the Lunar New Year sale, Summer Sale, and Winter Sale.

Discounts typically range from 40-60% off during these promotions. Look for the best deal on the base game and expansions bundle to maximize savings on Steam.

Ubisoft Store Sales

As the publisher, Ubisoft puts their own games on sale frequently on platforms like Uplay and the Epic Games Store.

Watch for sitewide promotions during events like their Anniversary and Lunar sales where AC Valhalla sees hefty price cuts.

Timing your purchase around these peak sale periods ensures you’ll pay the absolute minimum for your own Viking saga.

Game Share or Borrow

If your gaming friends already own AC Valhalla, you may be able to access the game at no cost by sharing or borrowing.

PlayStation Share Play

Share Play on PlayStation allows another local or online PlayStation user to stream their gameplay to your console. The streamer can essentially let you try out AC Valhalla for a few hours using this remote streaming.

While not as seamless as playing natively, it’s a quick way to experience Valhalla risk-free if your friend owns it.

Xbox Game Sharing

Microsoft allows Xbox users to designate another console as their “Home” device which shares all their owned digital games.

By having a friend set your Xbox as their Home console, you can freely play their copy of AC Valhalla and other games while signed in to your own profile.

Steam Family Sharing

Steam Family Sharing permits lending eligible games to other accounts to play for a limited time. Set up Family Sharing with a friend who owns Valhalla on Steam and you may be able to play their copy when they aren‘t using it.

Borrowing Physical Discs

On PlayStation and Xbox, you can always ask nicely to borrow the physical disc if a friend has it.

You likely can’t play indefinitely this way due to their own usage. But it allows sampling Valhalla for a short test run if you plan on buying it later.

Is AC Valhalla Worth Playing in 2023?

If you‘re able to score AC Valhalla for cheap or free using any of the methods above, I can assure you the effort will be well worth it. Despite releasing in 2020, Valhalla remains one of the absolute best Assassin’s Creed games available right now and still wholly captivating in 2023. Let‘s examine why:

Jaw-Dropping Open World Visuals

From breathtaking Norwegian fjords to the lush meadows of England, AC Valhalla‘s stunning open world is a true marvel to behold. Ubisoft‘s proprietary AnvilNext engine conveys natural beauty and weather effects impeccably to craft one of the most striking game worlds of the generation.

Brutally Visceral Combat

Combat gameplay in Valhalla feels significantly weightier and visceral compared to past series entries. Landing axe and hammer blows provides incredibly satisfying feedback as enemies react realistically to your strikes. Unlocking brutal execution moves and abilities amplifies the gory, crunchy combat tenfold.

Engaging Characters & Storytelling

Eivor stands tall as one of the most memorable protagonists in franchise history. The complex relationship between Eivor and King Alfred coupled with the interwoven Viking folklore makes Valhalla‘s narrative extremely engaging.

Addictive Progression & Rewards

Collecting all the best gear with unique perks and gradually acquiring new skills provides a tremendously addictive gameplay loop. Valhalla doles out upgrades and loot at a consistent pace that fuels the motivation to keep raiding and growing your settlement.

Memorable Norse Setting

Exploring England during the Dark Ages as a Viking invader provides some delightfully unique open world activities. Raiding settlements, fighting legendary beasts, and conquering enemy strongholds make you feel like the leader of a Viking legend come to life.

Massive Value With All DLC

The Dawn of Ragnarok and Siege of Paris expansions add 30+ hours of additional content and gear to chase. Given the sheer breadth of content available, AC Valhalla is arguably one of the best values in gaming currently when finding sales on the full package.

Get Your Viking Adventure Today

Hopefully this overview gives you plenty of actionable tips for getting AC Valhalla without making your bank account cry. While waiting for a good sale is always smart, taking advantage of the many free trial periods or cashing in gaming rewards points are great cost-free methods worth prioritizing.

With so many avenues to save on or score AC Valhalla at zero cost, what reason do you have to not embark on your own Viking saga? Skål, my friend! I‘ll see you in the England countryside – race you to the best loot!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.