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How can I play Call of Duty Zombies for free?

If you‘re a Call of Duty fan hungry for some free Zombies action, you‘ve come to the right place! With Zombies being one of the most popular Call of Duty game modes ever created, it‘s no surprise you want to slaughter endless waves of the undead without emptying your wallet.

While recent Zombies chapters have been locked behind premium paywalls in new Call of Duty releases, this doesn‘t mean you‘re completely out of options. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll outline all the best methods, tips, and resources you can utilize to get your Zombies fix without spending a dime.

By taking advantage of free trial periods, emulator programs, instructional content and more, you‘ll be blasting zombies back to the grave in no time – without breaking the bank. So grab your virtual knife and get ready to start shanking some zombies, because help for free undead destruction is here!

Jump Into Limited Free Access Periods for New Maps

The most straightforward way to play the latest Zombies chapters for free is to take full advantage whenever Activision provides timed free access periods around new Call of Duty releases.

Typically for major CoD releases like Vanguard and Cold War, the publisher has provided limited windows allowing gamers to download and try out the full Zombies mode for free. This gives you direct hands-on gameplay with fresh maps to experience the new changes and innovations up close, if only briefly.

For example, when Call of Duty: Vanguard launched in late 2021, Activision ran a free access period from November 18-22. During this week, players could download Vanguard and check out the full multiplayer experience plus the new Der Anfang Zombies map at no cost.

Even months after release, Vanguard offered free Zombies weekends to keep attracting players. So keep an eye out for these recurring promotional periods that let you directly dive into new Zombies maps upon each game‘s release and beyond.

Free trial periods also allow progress transfer if you eventually purchase the full game. So any weapons, battle pass progress or skins earned during free Zombies access will carry over if you decide to upgrade to the full version later on.

Grab Limited-Time Demo Versions

In addition to the standard trials around launch, some Call of Duty games have even offered special standalone demo versions focused solely on giving free Zombies access for an extended period.

For example, after several free access periods for Black Ops Cold War in 2021, Activision made the Black Ops Cold War Zombies Free Access demo available in February 2022. This demo was not time-limited, allowing players to download just the full Zombies mode of Cold War permanently for free!

The download was over 30GB, giving free access to high-round Outbreak Zombies and the Die Maschine, Firebase Z, Mauer der Toten, Forsaken and Der Anfang round-based maps. New players could get a full tour of Cold War Zombies offerings without a purchase.

So even outside of new releases, be sure to look out for these surprise standalone demos that provide free Zombies ownership long-term. Extensive demos like Black Ops Cold War‘s provide the next best thing to buying games outright.

Master Zombies on Mobile

Beyond PC and console, Call of Duty: Mobile offers another free-to-play option to get your Zombies shooting fix in. While the full premium console and PC releases remain the best Zombies experiences, COD Mobile lets you play a simplified mobile version anytime, anywhere.

COD Mobile includes a pared down Zombies map called Shi No Numa Reborn. This lets you and up to 3 other players battle the undead cooperatively on your smartphones. Gameplay has been optimized and simplified to fit touch controls, making it accessible for newcomers.

While not as complex as console Zombies, it‘s a great bite-sized way to bash zombies on lunch breaks or passing time. And best of all, COD Mobile is completely free to play with optional microtransactions.

Load up COD Mobile today and try clearing all 20 Zombies waves in Shi No Numa Reborn! It will satisfy quick undead cravings when away from your console or gaming PC.

Fire Up Zombies on Backwards Compatible Titles

Want to play those iconic Zombies maps from earlier console generations like Black Ops 1, World at War or Black Ops 2 again? If you still have those classic Call of Duty discs, you can experience past Zombies glory through backwards compatibility.

The Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles fully support backwards compatibility for select previous generation Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles. So dust off your old CoD discs and you can directly insert and play them on modern Xboxes!

This means classics like Kino Der Toten, Five, and Moon from Black Ops 1 will play just as you remember on new Xbox hardware. It brings old maps back to life without remakes or remasters needed.

For PlayStation owners, backwards compatibility is more limited. PS4 offers some digital game transfers but lacks disc support, while PS5 has no native BC at all yet. But using PS1/PS2/PS3 discs on original hardware is an option too.

Either way, don‘t let old Zombies favorites fade away – give them new life on supported modern consoles!

Emulate Past Games on PC

If you want to revive those classic Call of Duty Zombies experiences on PC specifically, your best bet is through retro game emulation. Emulators allow you to mimic vintage game console hardware on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine.

This then opens the door to playing original Call of Duty discs or ISO files on your desktop as if natively running on those older consoles.

Here are some of the most recommended emulators and games to check out for legendary Zombies maps:

  • Dolphin Emulator – Emulates GameCube and Wii Call of Duty titles like World at War.

  • PCSX2 – Emulates PlayStation 2 to play custom World at War Zombies maps.

  • CXBX/XQEMU – Early original Xbox emulators for CoD console exclusives.

  • Xenia – Emulates Xbox 360 to play Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2 and more.

Make sure to legally own copies of any games you emulate. But configuring emulators does take some savvy technical skills. Once running though, PC emulation grants easy access to the Zombies experiences that made the mode legendary in the first place.

Spectate New Maps on Twitch and YouTube

Can‘t play the latest and greatest Zombies maps yourself? Don‘t worry, you can watch others take on the undead hordes for free on streaming sites and video platforms.

Watching skilled Zombies streamers and content creators tackle new maps offers entertainment and lets you experience upcoming DLC map gameplay before playing them yourself.

Here are some recommended top Zombies Twitch streamers and YouTubers to follow:


  • iiTzTimmy – Skilled high round player doing casual playthroughs and challenges. Entertaining reactions.

  • MasonAnimates – Creative streamer diving into quests and Easter eggs on new maps.

  • SteveTerreberry – Speedrunner constantly going for map records. Great technical player.

  • RizzoYT – Informative streamer analyzing map details and weapon stats.


  • MrDalekJD – Prolific YouTuber covering all Zombies news, Easter eggs, and secrets.

  • MrRoflWaffles – Expert on all things Zombies lore and glitches related.

  • NoahJ456 – Personality-driven Zombies content plus funny challenge videos.

  • Lex – Efficient guide creator focused on helping newer players improve.

Watching others conquer the undead tests your own map knowledge and may inspire you to try new tactics when you eventually play.

Study Up with Zombies Guides & Tutorials

Hardcore Zombies fans know it takes skill and knowledge to survive higher rounds. If you‘re looking to sharpen your zombie slaying abilities for free, studying Zombies guide videos and tutorials will prepare you.

Here are some key beginner skills to learn from guides:

  • Effective Training Techniques – Running circles around maps to group up zombies.

  • Wonder Weapon Usage – Mastering specialty gear like the Thundergun or Ray Gun.

  • Easter Egg Quest Steps – Completing hidden challenges to unlock secrets.

  • Gobblegum Strategies – When to use special consumable perk bonuses.

  • Maximizing Points – Building points efficiently through reloads and knife kills.

  • Aiming for Headshots – Go for one-hit headshot kills when possible.

  • Activating Pack-a-Punch – Prioritizing upgrading weapon damage via PaP.

And for going beyond the basics, advanced guides cover topics like:

  • Speedrunning Tactics – Completing maps quickly with purposeful routing.

  • High Round Viability – Weapons, perks and playstyle needed to reach Round 100+.

  • Solo vs Cooperative Play – Differing approaches when playing alone or with a squad.

With the knowledge imparted from quality Zombies guides, you‘ll demolish the undead with precision once you finally dive into new maps!

Appreciate the Zombies Storyline Spanning the Series

Die-hard Zombies fans are just as invested in the gradually unfolding complex storyline across different maps as they are gameplay. The narrative seeds planted back in simple World at War maps have bloomed into an epic, intricate multiverse fiction over 10+ years.

For newcomers, the fragmented story spanning dimensions, alternate timelines and enigmatic organizations can be bewildering. But appreciating the long-term ambition of the Zombies mythos is easy thanks to the mountain of explanatory lore content from fans.

Here are just some of the top Zombies story explainers from YouTube to get caught up:

  • TheGamingRevolution – Entire 4+ hour movie edit chronicling the full Aether storyline.

  • Ink Slasher – Easy to follow visual timeline detailing every map and event.

  • Zombies: Story So Far – 10 minute recap video condensing the complex plot simply.

  • Zombroz – Encyclopedic website cataloging every Easter egg and narrative beat.

The passion behind decoding each cryptic step of the Zombies tale highlights just how engaged and invested the community is. Once you‘re caught up, you‘ll eagerly anticipate exploring each new map looking for clues yourself!

Play Classic Zombies Experiences Remade Through Custom Maps

Can‘t get enough of that nostalgic early Call of Duty Zombies vibe? Beyond replaying original maps outright, there are hundreds of free custom Zombies maps built by passionate community creators for PC that capture the classic essence.

Custom Zombies mods first gained traction back in World at War thanks to in-depth mod tools. Since then, custom map makers have been crafting countless creative maps – many inspired by gameplay from WaW, Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2‘s golden era.

Some noteworthy examples include:

  • Leviathan – Massive ocean liner map sporting BO1 weapons and vibes.

  • Atonement – eerie asylum map focused on close-quarters survival.

  • Bunker 10 – Cold War aesthetic in an atmospheric underground bunker.

  • Cheese Cube Unlimited – Silly custom map with ridiculous weapons and Easter eggs.

With free programs like Plutonium T6, you can load up and experience unlimited classic-style custom Zombies maps on PC. Support creative modders keeping that old-school Zombies spirit alive!

Immerse Yourself in the Thriving Zombies Community

Zombies has always fostered a tight-knit community of passionate fans who live and breathe the undead. Between deep lore analysis, high-round strategies, Easter egg hunting and custom maps, there‘s a bustling fanbase creating tons of free content.

Diving into the Zombies community will vastly expand your knowledge and appreciation for Zombies, not to mention score some new cooperative teammates!

Some prime spots Zombies lovers congregate include:

  • /r/CODZombies on Reddit – 250,000 strong Zombies subreddit covering everything from strategies, Easter eggs, memes and custom Zombies.

  • Zombies World Records – Tracks speedruns and highest rounds achieved by top players globally.

  • CoDZ Discord – 18,000 member chat rooms for LFGs, map discussion and community play.

  • Zombroz – Encyclopedia documentation of every map, quest, cipher and story detail imaginable.

The wealth of crowd-sourced information, challenges, teamwork and passion across the Zombies scene exemplifies everything that makes the community special.

Compare Platform Stats and Achievements

Part of the fun with any game mode is analyzing stats and seeing where you rank against other players. Call of Duty stat trackers allow you to dive into leaderboards and compare your Zombies progress across platforms for free.

Here are some of the top stat tracking sites for Zombies:

  • COD Stats – Breaks down stats across multiplayer, Warzone and Zombies.

  • COD Tracker – Check map-specific Zombies records along with global standing.

  • WZ Ranked – Ranks your performance based on score per minute, kills and other key metrics compared to other players.

  • – See global camo unlock statistics across all modes.

Studying where you fall on All-Time or Weekly Zombies leaderboards lets you know how you truly stack up against the competition. And inspecting your kill rates, accuracy and other stats pinpoints areas to improve for your playstyle.

Set Personal Zombies Challenges

Stats are nice, but actively challenging yourself is even more rewarding. Beyond just chasing high rounds, set personal Zombies goals and milestones to test your skill and keep motivation high until the next free trial rolls around.

Here are some fun skill-testing challenges to attempt:

  • Flawless Easter Egg Speedrun – Complete all main quest steps without going down.

  • Pistols Only – Rack up rounds relying only on starter or secondary pistols.

  • No Power – See how far you can get without turning on power.

  • No Armor – Survive without the added protection of armor.

  • No Hits – Exfiltrate without taking a single hit.

  • No Perks – Avoid perk machines the entire game.

Pushing your limits with hardcore challenges will expand your Zombies mastery for when playing new maps fully. See just how far you can push the boundaries!

While Zombies remains reserved only for premium Call of Duty releases, crafty undead slayers need not despair. As outlined above, countless free options exist to get your Zombies fix within the community. Participating in free access periods, watching guide content, studying Easter egg lore, custom mapping and joining fan groups will satisfy zombies urges in between releases.

Not only that, but engaging with Zombies freely ultimately enhances your skills, knowledge and appreciation once premium maps do arrive. The passion and creativity of the Zombies community cultivates a highly immersive experience at no cost.

So while yearning for the next new Zombies map packed with innovation, take comfort knowing the legacy lives on freely. Keep your zombie killing skills sharp until the next free trial arrives or debug lays out cash for the latest edition. The Zombies journey continues onward!



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