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How do I claim my CoD Vanguard for free?

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the latest installment in Activision‘s hugely popular first-person shooter franchise. The game transports players back to World War II with an action-packed campaign, frenetic multiplayer, and horde-fighting zombies mode. But with a $60 price tag, you may be wondering: how can I get Vanguard for free?

Don‘t worry, there are several legitimate ways to claim and download Vanguard at no cost. As a gaming and tech expert, I‘ve outlined the best methods below, so you can experience Sledgehammer Games‘ blockbuster FPS without paying a dime.

Take Advantage of Free Trial Periods

The easiest route to playing Vanguard for free is to download timed trial periods offered by Activision.

These limited-time demos give you access to a sizable chunk of Vanguard‘s content – including multiplayer maps and the fan-favorite Shi No Numa zombies map – so you can test the waters before committing.

According to Vanguard‘s official website, free trials typically run for 5-7 days. Here‘s how to find and download them:

  • On PlayStation: Search "Vanguard Free Access" on the PlayStation Store and select the free trial.
  • On Xbox: Enter "Vanguard Free Access" into the Xbox Store search bar and choose the free trial.
  • On PC: Open the launcher and install "Call of Duty: Vanguard – Free Access."

Once installed, fire up Vanguard and enjoy Mastercraft weaponry, epic killstreaks, undead chaos and more, completely free of charge.

Activision usually launches 1-2 free access periods per new season of Vanguard content, so be sure to nab each one as they go live.

Link Accounts for Amazon Prime Rewards

Amazon Prime members have an easy inroad to getting Vanguard at no monetary cost.

By linking your Call of Duty and Amazon accounts, you can periodically claim special Prime Gaming rewards – including whole game downloads, cosmetic packs and double XP tokens.

Here‘s the step-by-step process:

  1. Head to the Prime Gaming website and click "Get Started."

  2. Sign in using your Amazon account credentials.

  3. Select "Call of Duty" under Prime Gaming drops.

  4. Click "Claim Now" on the full Vanguard game reward when available.

  5. Choose your platform and complete the account linking process.

Once your accounts are successfully connected, launch Vanguard on your preferred platform and enjoy the full experience for zero dollars.

According to Prime Gaming, the Vanguard free game code is only available for a limited time, so act fast once it drops to secure your free copy.

Buy Discounted Physical Copies

If you prefer physical media or scoring the best deals, purchasing reduced-price Vanguard game discs is a smart money-saving strategy.

Major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart periodically discount Vanguard by $10-$20. But your best bet is watching for holiday sales around Black Friday, where Vanguard deals can slash 50% or more off the full $60 MSRP.

Here are tips for finding and buying discounted Vanguard discs:

  • Check major retail sites weekly for instant Vanguard sale alerts.
  • Follow gaming deals Twitter accounts for the fastest price drop notifications.
  • Visit brick-and-mortar stores in-person on Black Friday for doorbuster bargains.
  • Buy gently used Vanguard discs from reseller sites like eBay.

As of February 2023, used Vanguard discs can be purchased on eBay for as low as $25 – allowing you to save big on the overall cost.

Game Share on Xbox and PlayStation

If you have a friend who already owns Vanguard on console, you can "gameshare" to access the full experience free.

Here‘s how game sharing works on both platforms:


  • Set your friend‘s Xbox account as your "Home Xbox."
  • Download Vanguard from their library.
  • You can now play the full game on your account when online.


  • Activate console sharing between your accounts.
  • Set your friend‘s PS4/PS5 as your primary system.
  • Download Vanguard on your console from their library.
  • You‘ll have free access on your profile when connected online.

According to MP1st, this game share method essentially tricks Vanguard into thinking you own the game. It‘s a convenient workaround that lets you bypass paying for your own copy.

Redeem Rewards with Doritos, Mountain Dew

Believe it not, snacking on chips and sipping soda can unlock Vanguard loot.

Activision occasionally partners with brands like Doritos and Mountain Dew for Call of Duty promotions. Just look for specially marked packages at major retailers:

  • Doritos promos provideDouble XP tokens for leveling up faster.
  • Mountain Dew promos give in-game Call of Duty points and cosmetic items.

Once you‘ve purchased a marked bag or bottle, follow the instructions to redeem your Vanguard rewards and bonuses. They may even include exclusive operator skins and blueprints you can‘t get anywhere else!

Upgrade for Discounted Price from Warzone

Already have Call of Duty: Warzone installed for free? Check the in-game store for exclusive Vanguard upgrade offers.

These digital bundles provide a discounted way to upgrade from Warzone to the full Vanguard experience.

According to CharlieIntel, upgrade bundles include:

  • Vanguard base game download
  • Multiple operator skins
  • 1000 Call of Duty points
  • 50 tier skips

Purchasing Vanguard through Warzone provides the most seamless transition, letting you carry over your progress and purchases.

Wait for Free Play Weekends

A few times per year, Activision offers free Vanguard multiplayer weekends to get lapsed players back into the action.

Keep tabs on Activision‘s social media channels and you may just catch one of these limited-time events.

During free play weekends, the entire Vanguard multiplayer experience is unlocked, allowing you to level up weapons and grind camo challenges without paying a penny.

Let‘s Recap…

As you can see, paying full price is far from the only way to enjoy Call of Duty: Vanguard. Taking advantage of these tips can get you into the WWII action for free:

  • Download and play during free trial periods
  • Claim the full game with Amazon Prime rewards
  • Buy discounted physical copies on sale
  • Gameshare with a friend who already owns it
  • Redeem in-game goodies using brand partnerships
  • Upgrade from free-to-play Warzone
  • Jump in on free multiplayer weekends

Gaming, especially at the triple-A level, can be an expensive hobby. But with some patience and creativity, you can avoid shelling out $60+ to experience Vanguard‘s thrilling campaign, multiplayer mayhem, and undead horde mode.

Now get out there, soldier, and claim your free copy of Call of Duty: Vanguard!



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