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How do I use Sky Bet Club free bet?

Hey there! If you‘ve joined Sky Bet Club and are wondering how to get the most out of the free bet rewards, you‘ve come to the right place. I‘m going to walk you through everything you need to know about using Sky Bet Club free bets.

What is Sky Bet Club and how does it work?

Sky Bet Club is a free loyalty program from Sky Bet that gives you £5 in free bets each week when you place £25 in qualifying bets. It‘s super simple:

  • Opt into Sky Bet Club
  • Place £25 in qualifying bets each week by Sunday midnight
  • Get a £5 free bet by 7pm Monday
  • Use your free bet within 7 days on the Sky Bet sportsbook

To join, just tap the Sky Bet Club opt-in button at the top of the Sky Bet app or website. Then it‘s just a matter of placing your usual bets as normal. As long as you bet £25 each week on odds of 1/1 or higher, you‘ll automatically get your £5 freebie.

Over the course of a year, that works out to over £250 in free bets! Pretty sweet for just placing your regular weekly wagers.

Now let‘s look at how to take full advantage of those free bets once you‘ve got them…

Using your Sky Bet Club free bets

The key to maximizing value from Sky Bet Club free bets is to understand how they work:

  • The £5 free bet will appear in your account by 7pm Monday

  • You have 7 days to use it before it expires

  • When you win a free bet, you get the winnings not the stake

So make sure you use it within a week, and remember that only the profit gets returned, not your £5 stake.

To use it, just add selections to your bet slip like normal. Then in the "Choose Stake From" dropdown, select your free bet. Place your bet and if it wins, the profit will be yours.

Betting strategies to maximize free bets

To get the most value from your £5 free bet, here are some smart strategies to consider:

1. Play the odds

Since you don‘t get the stake back, the best way to capitalize is to bet on higher odds. That way you maximize the potential profit relative to your free bet value.

For example, a £5 free bet on odds of 4.0 returns £20 profit if it wins. But on odds of 1.5, you only get £7.50 back. So target higher odds around 3.0+ if possible.

2. Go for doubles or trebles

Combining multiple selections in an accumulator is a great way to boost the odds using a free bet.

For example, you could combine three 3.0 odds selections in a treble. That‘s odds of around 27.0 which returns over £130 profit on a £5 free bet!

3. Bet on each way markets

Each way betting reduces risk and gives you two chances to win. With a free bet, you only need the place part to land to return a profit.

For example, a £5 each way free bet on 4.0 odds returns £10 profit if the selection places. So it‘s a safer way to use the freebie.

4. Use on in-play betting

The odds are often higher on in-play markets. This allows you to hunt for value and capitalize on live events.

For instance, you could use your free bet on live football betting by targeting a higher priced halftime result or next goalscorer.

Make the most of Sky Bet promos

In addition to the free bets, take advantage of Sky Bet‘s latest promos and offers to maximize value:

  • Odds boosts – bigger odds on select markets
  • Profit boosts – winnings increased on certain bets
  • Price rush – boosted in-play odds on racing
  • Refer a friend – get free bets for referrals

Combining these promos with your Sky Bet Club free bets gives you plenty of chances to win big.

Use the free spins too

Don‘t forget that as a Sky Bet Club member, you also get free spins to use on Sky Vegas slots and games.

For every £25 played, you get 5 free spins on top slots like Rainbow Riches and Cleopatra. Just opt into the casino rewards section and the free spins will be automatically added when you meet the requirements.

Free spins are a great little extra perk to take advantage of. Make sure to use them within 7 days before they expire.

Know the Sky Bet Club criteria

To avoid any surprises, it‘s good to know exactly what the Sky Bet Club requirements are:

  • Minimum £25 weekly betting at odds of 1/1+

  • Bets must be placed by Sunday midnight

  • Qualifying bets are singles, multi‘s, and each way bets

  • No cashed out, voided, or virtual bets

  • Free bets expire after 7 days

Stick to the criteria each week and you‘ll have no issues unlocking your free bets.

Can I withdraw the free bet stakes?

A common question is whether you can withdraw the free bet amount after using it. Unfortunately, free bet stakes are non-withdrawable – you can only withdraw any winnings.

The stake amount is virtual credit that cannot be cashed out, so just focus on making the most of any profits.

What‘s the catch?

With free stuff, people always wonder – what‘s the catch? Well, the truth is there really isn‘t one with Sky Bet Club. It‘s a totally legitimate promo aimed at rewarding loyal customers.

Sky Bet benefits because it encourages punters to place all their bets with them. And you benefit by getting free bets in return.

As long as you gamble responsibly, there‘s no hidden downside. Just make sure to set deposit limits so you don‘t overspend chasing the rewards.

Is Sky Bet Club worth it?

Let‘s weigh up the pros and cons of Sky Bet Club:


  • Get £260+ in free bets per year

  • Reward for placing your normal weekly bets

  • Higher tier bonuses available

  • Also get free spins

  • No extra cost or commitments


  • Have to bet consistently each week

  • Free bets expire after 7 days

  • Can‘t withdraw the bonus funds

Overall, I think Sky Bet Club is easily worth it for regular bettors who already wager £25+ per week. You might as well get hundreds in freebies for bets you‘d be placing anyway.

Just don‘t fall into the trap of betting more than you normally would just to chase the freebies. Set a budget and use Sky Bet Club to get added value from your usual spending.

Can I cancel my membership?

No problem – you can cancel your Sky Bet Club membership any time by following these quick steps:

  1. Go to the "My Account" section
  2. Click on "My Bonuses"
  3. Select "Sky Bet Club"
  4. Click to opt-out

Cancellation takes effect from the next week, so you can still qualify for pending rewards.

Whether you want to take a break or stop completely, opting out is hassle-free.

Key takeaways

To wrap up, here are the key tips to master Sky Bet Club:

  • Place £25 weekly bets to earn rewards

  • Use free bets within 7 days before expiry

  • Target higher odds to maximize profit

  • Combine with promos and free spins

  • Set deposit limits and bet responsibly

  • Withdraw winnings, not the free bet stakes

  • Cancel anytime by opting out

Follow this guide and you‘ll be on your way to stacking up the freebies and rewards!

Sky Bet Club FAQs

Let‘s finish off by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Sky Bet Club:

Do I have to place one single £25 bet?

Nope! You can combine smaller bets to reach the £25 minimum. No need to lump it all in one go.

Can I qualify if I‘m outside the UK?

Unfortunately Sky Bet Club is only available for customers in the UK and Ireland. You must be located in those countries.

What types of bets qualify for Sky Bet Club?

Singles, multiples and each way bets on any sport or market. In-play, same market combinations, and virtual bets do not qualify.

How long do I have to use the free bets?

Free bets expire 7 days after being credited to your account, so make sure to use them within a week.

Can I withdraw the free bet amount after I‘ve used it?

No, the free bet stake amount is not withdrawable. You can only withdraw any winnings from successful free bets.

Do winnings from free bets include the stake amount?

No, with free bets only the profit is returned. The stake amount is not included in winnings.

Can I opt-out and still qualify for pending free bets?

Yes, when you opt-out it takes effect from the next week onwards. You can still qualify for free bets from your activity that week.

How long does it take to receive the free bets?

Free bets are credited to your account by 7pm on Monday as long as you qualified the previous week.

And there you have it – everything you need to know to smash it with Sky Bet Club! Follow this guide and you‘ll be an expert in maximizing the free bet rewards in no time. Enjoy!



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