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How do you auto shoot in Free Fire? A Complete Guide to Mastering Headshots

Have you ever wondered how some Free Fire players seem to land perfect headshots every time? Getting consistent headshots takes skill, but the right settings and techniques can help you shoot just like the pros. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to auto shoot headshots in Free Fire to gain a competitive edge.

Why Are Headshots So Powerful in Free Fire?

Let‘s start with why landing headshots is so important for success in Free Fire. Headshots deal significantly increased damage compared to body shots, often killing enemies with a single bullet. This allows you to quickly wipe squads before they can react. Headshots also conserve ammunition since you need fewer shots to knock or eliminate opponents.

According to statistics aggregated from top player profiles, landing 50% or more headshots can double your kill-death ratio. So mastering headshots translates directly into more MVP awards, tier points, and victory.

Compared to other mobile shooters like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile, headshots are especially lethal in Free Fire. The fast pace and short time-to-kill makes headshot accuracy a must-have skill. Winning clutch 1v3 situations often comes down to who lands the most headshots under pressure.

Configuring Your Settings

The first step is optimizing your sensitivity and controls specifically for headshots:


Keep these ranges in mind when configuring sensitivity for headshots:

  • General Sensitivity: 95-100
  • Red Dot: 90-100
  • 2x Scope: 75-85
  • 4x Scope: 95
  • Sniper Scope: 20-30

Higher general sensitivity allows faster acquisition of targets. Lower scoped sensitivities provide more control for precision.

Tip: Try slightly higher general sensitivity on phones compared to emulators to allow quicker movement.


  • Enable Gyroscope – Tilting your device to aim precisely helps land headshots.
  • Large Fire Button – Larger fire button makes drag shots easier. Position at bottom right.
  • Auto Pick-Up – This allows focusing on aim rather than collecting items.

With the right sensitivity and controls, you‘ve eliminated obstacles to consistent headshots. But raw settings alone won‘t land you a 100% headshot rate. Let‘s move onto gameplay techniques.

Gameplay Techniques for Headshot Mastery

Combining these advanced techniques will help you land rapid, accurate headshots just like the professionals:

Crosshair Placement

The most important fundamental is keeping your crosshair at head level before shooting. This ensures recoil lands the headshot without needing to re-aim. Avoid pointing your crosshair at the body then trying to flick upwards.

Tip: In close-quarters, keep the crosshair center of enemy‘s face. At long range, aim just above to account for recoil.


Prefiring when anticipating enemies is key. Start firing just before they appear to land instant headshots as soon as they‘re visible. This beats reaction time.

Tip: Common prefiring spots are around corners, when pushing doors, near airdrops, and at stairs.

Jump Shots

Jumping right as you take a shot makes you harder to headshot back. Use jump shots to safely expose yourself to lethal peeks.

Tip: Jump in the direction of your shot to offset recoil for accurate airborne headshots.

Drop Shots

The opposite of jump shots, drop shots involve quickly crouching and firing simultaneously. This shrinks your model making you harder to hit.

Tip: Master drop shot timing so you‘re crouched at the moment your gun fires.

Drag Shots

Dragging your fire button upward as you shoot shifts your aim upwards, useful for recoil control. This technique guarantees headshots.

Tip: Exaggerate the drag to beat recoil, drag your fire button more upwards than needed.

Avoid Body Shots

Even at long ranges, avoid the temptation to take safe body shots. The damage payoff from risky headshots is worth it.

Tip: If your crosshair isn‘t already on their head, don‘t take the shot. Reposition instead.

Now that we‘ve covered techniques, let‘s look at settings and playstyle optimizations for different guns…

Best Guns and Settings for Headshots

Certain guns are particularly suited for accurate headshots in Free Fire. Here are the top options with recommended settings:

Sniper Rifles

AWM and M14EBR are the kings of headshots thanks to their unrivaled range and damage.

For bolties like the AWM:

  • Sensitivity: 15-25 scope sensitivity
  • Playstyle: Passive, prioritize good positioning

For semi-autos like M14EBR:

  • Sensitivity: 20-30 scope sensitivity
  • Playstyle: Aggressive, can tap fire headshots while pushing

Assault Rifles

Versatile assault rifles like SCAR and M4A1 work great for medium to long range headshots.

  • Sensitivity: 50-60 general sensitivity
  • Playstyle: Mix of passive and aggressive

Tip: Tap or burst fire for accuracy instead of full auto spray at range.


Pistols like the Desert Eagle allow instant headshot knocks up close.

  • Sensitivity: 60-80 general sensitivity
  • Playstyle: Extremely aggressive, get in their face

In terms of weapons, sniper rifles will net you the most headshots. But you can land consistent headshots with any gun by applying the right techniques.

Common Headshot Mistakes to Avoid

While improving your headshot skills, watch out for these common mistakes:

  • Shooting before your crosshair is on their head
  • Moving while firing sniper rifles
  • Staying still and predictable, making yourself an easy target
  • Attempting flick headshots unnecessarily
  • Taking on long range fights up close when you could push shorter distance

The keys are being patient and waiting for the perfect headshot timing while limiting your exposure.

Now let‘s look at how the top players apply these principles…

Case Study: Pro Players Known for Headshot Mastery

To take your skills to the next level, study how professional Free Fire players master headshots:

SK Sabir Boss

With 65%+ headshot rate in tournaments, SK Sabir Boss almost exclusively takes headshots. His crosshair placement is pixel perfect and he waits patiently for enemies to walk into the perfect pre-aim trap. Sabir emphasizes game sense over mechanics to predict enemy movements and secure flawless headshots.


Ajjubhai seems to effortlessly land rapid flick headshots by dragging shots upwards using massive on-screen fire buttons. His incredible reflexes allow adjusting instantly to hit unpredictable headshots at any distance. But even Ajjubhai avoids 50/50 aim duels, instead flanking smartly to land guaranteed headshots on unsuspecting enemies.


Antronixx is known for insane reflex flicks resulting in head-snapping headshots before enemies can react. His uncanny ability to whip a bolt action AWM onto targets and quick scope for the headshot lets him take on entire squads. Antronixx demonstrates the raw mechanical skill ceiling possible in Free Fire.

As you can see, the best players apply fundamentals like crosshair placement and minimize risky shots. Along with mechanics, game sense and positioning enable them to land far more headshots than the average player.

Emulating these pros will drastically increase your headshot percentage and lethality.

Closing Tips for Mastering Headshots

Let‘s wrap up with a few final tips:

  • Practice headshots daily for at least 10-15 minutes in training grounds before playing matches. This builds muscle memory.

  • Watch pro player perspectives closely to analyze and learn their positioning, crosshair placement, and timing.

  • Pick one technique at a time to focus improving on until it becomes second nature.

  • Stick with a comfortable sensitivity rather than constantly changing or it will hurt your consistency.

  • Don‘t become frustrated, headshots in Free Fire require patience and practice. Stay determined!

Hopefully this guide has provided everything you need to master headshots in Free Fire. From settings and techniques to common mistakes, you now have the blueprint to shoot just like the pros. Applying these tips will transform you into a headshot machine no enemy is safe from. Now get out there, practice deliberately, and claim your headshot royalty!



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