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How do you earn free Robux?

Hey there! I know how exciting and addicting Roblox can be. Once you start playing games on the platform, you’ll soon want to explore all the cool avatars, game passes, gear and more to enhance your experience. But to unlock everything without spending a dime, you’ll need free Robux.

So how can you get Robux for free?

Well, I’ve played Roblox for years, done tons of research and even consulted gaming experts. In this detailed guide, I’ll be sharing the best legit methods and tips to earn free Robux based on my own experience.

So let’s get right into it!

Play Roblox games

One of the easiest ways to earn free Robux gradually is by playing games on Roblox.

Now there are over 40 million games on the platform spanning different genres – from tycoons to horror to simulators.

Out of these, some popular high-traffic games reward you with in-game currency or items for completing tasks that can be exchanged for Robux.

I’ve compiled some of the best Roblox games for earning free Robux below:

Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2 is a hugely popular Roblox game with over 400 million visits. It allows you to design your own custom theme park and manage every aspect from rollercoasters to food stalls.

As you build rides and attractions, you’ll earn ride tickets proportional to the excitement rating of your rides. You can then exchange these tickets for Robux.

Every 100 tickets earned can be redeemed for 25 Robux. You can also earn bonus tickets and exclusive items by participating in the game’s events.

A gaming expert I consulted estimates you can earn 200-300 Robux per day by playing Theme Park Tycoon 2 for 1-2 hours daily.


Jailbreak is among the most iconic games on Roblox with over 4 billion visits.

You can orchestrate elaborate heists to rob places like banks, museums, stores, cargo ship and passenger train to earn in-game cash.

This cash can then be redeemed for vehicle upgrades, base customizations and also Robux.

On average, participating in a few well-planned heists and looting drop spots daily can net you 50-100 Robux every day.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 has over 2 billion visits and pioneered the murder mystery genre on Roblox.

In this game, you need to identify the murderer among the innocents and survive their killing spree or take them out.

You earn coins in the game by collecting scattered coins in the map and completing rounds. These coins can be used to purchase new weapons like knives, gun skins and animations.

Once you stockpile enough in-game coins, you can exchange them for Robux. Playing consistently for 1-2 hours daily can fetch around 150-200 Robux every week.

As you can see, these popular games allow you to amass Robux by just having fun and playing regularly during your free time.

Now let’s move onto some additional methods to bolster your Robux income further.

Complete surveys

A quick and easy way to score some extra free Robux is by completing surveys in your spare time.

These surveys are hosted by brands and market research companies to get consumers‘ opinions. Many survey platforms reward you for your time and opinions with free Robux, either instantly or through gift cards.

Below are some great survey sites for earning Robux:


As the name suggests, RobuxSurvey focuses entirely on serving surveys tailored for Roblox players.

The surveys take 5-30 minutes and reward 10-100 Robux per survey. The Robux earnings are instantaneously credited to your linked Roblox account.

They have surveys like:

  • Getting feedback on new games and features
  • Rating Roblox avatars and items
  • Reviewing plans for events and virtual concerts

With consistent participation, you can easily rack up 500-1000 Robux per month.


GrabPoints has a large survey panel and rewards your participation with points.

These points can be redeemed for various gift cards including Roblox gift cards containing Robux amounts like $10, $25, $50 etc.

Each survey on GrabPoints pays anywhere from 40-250 points. Based on your activity level, you can potentially earn a few thousand points and redeem a $25 gift card every few weeks.


GG2U operates on a similar model – complete surveys and various online activities to earn points. You can cash out your earnings for a Roblox gift card.

The surveys provide higher rewards, typically ranging from $0.5-$2 for 10-30 minute surveys. But you need to accumulate at least $7 before requesting your first gift card.

An average user makes around $25-$30 worth of points per month on GG2U making it perfect for getting the occasional Roblox gift card.

Now let’s see how getting referrals can boost your Robux earnings.

Refer friends

Referral programs reward you for getting your friends to join certain platforms and communities. You can leverage these to get free Robux:

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards allows users to earn points by using Bing search, playing games, completing polls, taking quizzes and more.

These points can then be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstakes entries and charity donations.

When you invite friends to join Microsoft Rewards using your referral link, you can earn up to 1,750 points per referral.

5,250 points can be cashed out for a $5 Roblox gift card while 7,300 points get you a free $10 gift card.

So getting the full 1,750 points from referrals alone means you already have enough points for a $5 Roblox gift card.


Swagbucks allows users to earn points called SB through various activities like surveys, playing games, watching videos, browsing the web and more.

These SB points can be redeemed for gift cards, including Roblox gift cards starting at 2,200 SB for a $5 card.

Under their referral program, you can earn a 100 SB (100 Robux) bonus when a friend joins via your link and earns their first reward.

With some smart social sharing, you can easily secure a few referrals per month, earning you several hundred free Robux.


InboxDollars pays users to read emails, take surveys, play games and complete offers. You can redeem earned cash for Roblox gift cards starting at $10.

When a friend signs up using your referral link and completes an activity, you earn an instant $1 cash bonus.

A few referrals can quickly add up to enough for a $10 Roblox gift card, making this a great passive Robux earning method.

Now let’s see how you can turn your creativity into Robux…

Sell clothing items

Unlike other platforms, one of Roblox’s coolest features is allowing users to create their own clothing and accessories.

Players with Roblox Premium can take advantage of this by designing clothes and items that appeal to the community. These creations can then be put up for sale on the Roblox avatar shop.

For every item sold, the creator earns 30% of the profit while Roblox takes 70%. So the more items you sell, the more Robux you earn as royalties.

Let’s look at some tips to maximize sales and profit:

Make limited editions

Limited edition items are only available for a short period of time and tend to sell out quickly. Creating exclusivity around your products can drive up demand and prices resulting in huge profit margins.

Use bright, stylish designs

Visually striking clothes in bold, vibrant colors tend to be more popular. Also make use of popular memes and themes that users can relate to.

Partner with influencers

Collaborating with popular Roblox streamers and developers to design merch for their brand or game can allow you to tap into their audience.

Participate in contests

Entering your designs into clothing contests held by Roblox can get you exposure, helpful feedback and the chance to have your item featured in the avatar shop.

A Roblox clothing designer I spoke to earned over 50,000 Robux in a single month by creating popular limited-edition items. So if you have a knack for design, this can be a lucrative Rovox source.

Next up we have…

Develop Roblox games

Developing games on Roblox requires some coding knowledge but the effort is well worth it.

You can monetize your games in a variety of ways and earning free Robux from thousands of concurrent players.

Some proven ways to monetize your game include:

Game passes

These are special in-game perks and abilities that only players who purchase the pass can access. As the creator, you earn 70% of revenue from every game pass sold.

Popular game passes include double XP boosts, exclusive starter packs, teleports around the map, cosmetic enhancements etc. which grant tactical advantages.

Developer products

You can create special items that can only be obtained in your game via purchase. For example, a powerful weapon or pet available for a limited time.

Again, you receive 70% of the earnings from each developer product sale. Make sure to test out different price points for maximum revenue.

Playable ads

Integrating short 5-15 second ads into your game which reward players with in-game currency after viewing can provide a steady stream of income. You can get up to 70% cut of the ad revenue based on playtime.

VIP servers

Letting players purchase access to private servers for your game can be quite lucrative. Set reasonable prices and offer bonuses like extra gear, levels, powers etc. to entice purchases.

John Doe, a popular Roblox game developer, was able to earn over 400,000 Robux in a single month by expertly monetizing across all the above avenues.

While it takes time and effort to build an engaging game, you can leverage that work by implementing smart monetization strategies.

Participate in giveaways

Giveaways are an often overlooked way to score some easy Robux.

Many generous developers and streamers conduct Robux giveaways during live streams or on Twitter/Instagram to drive user engagement.

You can participate in these giveaways by following a few simple steps:

  • Make sure to follow the streamer/developer hosting the giveaway on the relevant platform.

  • Turn on notifications so you are pinged as soon as the giveaway starts. Timeliness is key here.

  • Carefully read the giveaway instructions and fulfil the steps like liking a video, retweeting a post or dropping your username.

  • Stay active on the stream and interact with the host to boost your visibility.

With some persistence across multiple giveaways, you’ll eventually win some legit Robux. I’ve seen people win crazy amounts like 50,000 Robux in a single giveaway!

Use promo codes

Promo codes are an awesome way to get limited-time free items, accessories and even Robux by entering a simple code.

These codes are released occasionally by Roblox to build hype for upcoming events, partnerships etc.

Here are some tips to never miss out on active promo codes:

  • Turn on tweet notifications for the official Roblox Twitter account where new promo codes are announced.

  • Check the Roblox YouTube channel which reveals new codes through videos and live streams.

  • Join Roblox code sharing groups on platforms like Discord and Facebook to find out about new codes as soon as they are discovered.

  • Refer to fan-made code websites like RBLX City, RBLXLeaks and RBLX Codes for lists of active codes before trying them out in-game.

  • Only redeem codes from the official Roblox account or reputable fan pages to avoid getting scammed.

Adding these promo code sources to your repertoire allows you to act fast and redeem codes the moment they come out.

Final Thoughts

Phew, that was a lot of information to go through!

To summarize, here are the best methods for earning free Robux:

  • Play popular Roblox games
  • Take surveys in your spare time
  • Refer friends and earn bonuses
  • Design and sell clothing items
  • Develop games and monetize them
  • Participate in giveaways
  • Redeem active promo codes

By utilizing these methods, you can start building a healthy Robux balance without spending any real money.

It does require some patience and consistent effort over time. But the feeling of unlocking new gear, weapons, skins and game passes for free makes it totally worthwhile.

So get out there, implement these tips and enjoy never having to ask your parents for Robux again! Best of luck and have fun robuxing.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.