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How do you get free gems glitch?

Let‘s be honest – who wouldn‘t love getting unlimited free gems in games like Clash of Clans, Dragon City, and Episode? As tempting as it is, sites and videos promising "free gem generators" or "glitches" that can give you endless gems simply don‘t work. These scams prey on people‘s desires to progress faster in their favorite freemium games.

While it‘s not possible to get unlimited free gems, there are legitimate ways to earn gems without spending money. In this guide, I‘ll explain why you should avoid "free gem" scams, share smart tips to earn gems through gameplay, and give advice on getting the most from your gems. Read on to learn the real secrets to getting free gems!

Why You Should Avoid Free Gem Generators and Glitches

Websites and apps offering free gem generators or glitches make big promises, but fail to deliver. As an expert gamer myself, I can tell you these so-called "hacks" to get unlimited gems simply don‘t work. Here‘s why:

Game Hacks Get Rejected

Modern freemium games validate all transactions and currency changes on their servers. Any attempt to modify your gem balance through third party tools gets rejected. Game developers aren‘t amateurs – they have top-notch hack detection.

Bans and Account Suspensions

Not only do these free gem hacks not work, using them can get your gaming account banned or suspended for violating terms of service. Do you really want to risk losing access to your village you‘ve spent months upgrading in Clash of Clans?

Viruses and Malware

Most free gem sites try to get you to download suspicious files or enter personal info. This exposes you to viruses designed to steal your data. Sharing your account credentials with any third party site is extremely risky.

Gems Only Exist Locally

In rare cases, a free gem app might be able to temporarily modify your gem count locally. But as soon as you reload the game, your balance syncs back to the real amount stored on game servers.

No Actual Proof They Work

There‘s no evidence any of these free gem generators deliver what they promise. Any videos that appear to show them working are edited clickbait, not real proof. I‘ve personally tested these hacks extensively – they simply don‘t work.

As an expert gamer and fan myself, I don‘t want to see anyone get their hopes up or waste time on these sketchy apps. Take it from me – focusing your energy on legit ways to earn free gems is a much better use of your time.

Legitimate Ways to Earn Gems

While endless free gems aren‘t possible, here are some legitimate ways to get gems in freemium games without spending real money:

Complete In-Game Achievements and Quests

Pretty much every major freemium game offers gems and other rewards for completing certain achievements and quests. In Clash of Clans, for example, you can earn over 50 gems for destroying the clan castle or removing obstacles. These objectives are often tied to natural progression, so complete as many as possible.

Watch Ad Videos for Rewards

You‘ll often see options to earn 1-2 gems for watching short 30 second ad videos in games like Dragon City and Episode. I know the ads are annoying, but watching them during loading screens or when you need a quick break can add up over time.

Enter Contests and Giveaways

Game developers regularly run contests, giveaways and special events that reward free gems and other loot. For instance, Episode may give away 50 free gems to anyone who logs in on Valentine‘s Day. So keep an eye out for these limited opportunities for free loot.

Take Surveys

Some games partner with advertisers to let you complete surveys or install sponsored apps in exchange for gems. The rewards are small, usually 10-20 gems, but doing this during spare time or when you‘re out of energy can result in a nice gem boost overall.

Refer Friends

Referral programs reward you when friends join the game with your referral link. In Dragon City, you can earn up to 100 gems for each friend that joins and completes certain actions like summoning their first dragon.

Get Active in Fan Communities

Dedicated players on forums, Discord servers and Facebook groups for games like Clash of Clans will sometimes organize gem raffles and giveaways. While gems are often raffled randomly, being an active, helpful member can increase your chances of scoring some free loot!

Take Advantage of Sales and Bundles

Game publishers run special gem sales and bonus bundles around major holidays and events. For instance, you may see a 60% gem bonus around Christmas. Buying on sale lets you maximize the value of any money you spend on gems.

Collect from Gem Mines and Buildings

In Clash of Clans, upgrading to Builder Hall 7 lets you construct a Gem Mine that produces 4-5 free gems per day. Make sure to collect those free gems whenever your builders finish upgrades! Some other games have similar buildings that generate gems over time.

Level Up Your Account

As you gain XP and level up in freemium games, you‘ll occasionally be rewarded with gem gifts and other goodies. For example, leveling up in Dragon City earns you gems every few levels. It takes patience, but getting those level up gems is reliable.

Table: Estimated Frequency of Free Gem Rewards

MethodEstimated Frequency
Achievements5-10 gems daily
Video Ads1-2 gems daily
Contests/Events50 gems weekly
Surveys10 gems daily
Referrals100 gems monthly
Fan Giveaways500 gems annually
Level Ups2-3 gems daily

As you can see, legit methods can yield a respectable gem income over time. But it requires patience and persistence. Next, let‘s talk about getting the most bang for your buck from the gems you earn.

Smart Tips to Maximize Your Gems

The key to making your gems go further is spending them strategically. As a seasoned player, I want to share some pro tips that can help make your gems count:

Watch Ads for Free Gems Daily

Completing video offers is one of the most efficient ways to regularly obtain free gems. Get into the habit of watching ads during downtime for extra gems. Those 20 second ads really add up!

Save Gems to Buy Builders First

Having more builders means you can take on multiple upgrades in parallel, accelerating progress. Make purchasing all available builders top priority with your first big batch of gems.

Spend Gems to Finish Key Upgrades

Use gems occasionally to instantly finish critical upgrades like unlocking spell factories or additional resource collectors. Doing this early on will pay off.

Time Finalizing Upgrades Before Logging Off

Try to time it so your upgrades finish right before you plan to log off. That way, you don‘t risk losing tons of loot to player raids. Spend gems to finish upgrades early if needed.

Remove Obstacles ASAP for Gem Rewards

Clearing objects like rocks and trees rewards gems. Remove obstacles as soon as they appear to maximize free gem income from your base. It really adds up over time.

Take Breaks to Refresh Free Gem Offers

If you run out of survey or video offers, take a break for few hours. Coming back later resets the available offers, so you can watch fresh ads or complete new surveys.

Making your gems go further does require some strategy and planning. But it‘s worth it – doubling your gem value means faster progress and more fun overall!

Should You Ever Spend Money on Gems?

This is a personal decision, but here are a few things to consider:

Can Accelerate Progress and Unlocks

For many players, paying money to progress faster and unlock late game content is totally worthwhile. Supporting developers of games you enjoy also feels good.

Freemium Games Encourage Spending – Set Limits!

Let‘s be honest – freemium games are designed intentionally to profit from "whales" who spend tons of cash on gems. Set budgets for yourself and resist pressure to overspend.

Take Advantage of Sales and Bonuses

Only buy gems when they are discounted or have bonus promos to maximize value. For example, wait until Christmas to buy since they often run 50-60% bonus gem sales then.

Focus Spending on Permanent Upgrades

Prioritize permanent upgrades like additional builders first. Think hard before speeding up shorter upgrades that you could finish in a few days anyway.

Never Spend in Frustration!

Avoid buying gems just because you are impatient or frustrated with slow progress. Take a break and come back later – don‘t give in to pressure tactics.

With the right mindset, moderate spending can actually improve your enjoyment. Just be smart in when and how you spend.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, "free gem generators" that offer unlimited gems simply don‘t work. But there are plenty of legitimate ways to earn gems through regular gameplay. Completing objectives, watching ads, taking surveys, referrals, giveaways, level-ups and occasional strategic spending during sales can all help you progress for free.

The most important thing is to have fun and not stress over building your gem count. Patience and perseverance go a long way. Manage your gems wisely, and your effort will be rewarded with steady progress over time.

Hopefully these insider tips from an expert player like myself help you get the most out of your gems! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy gaming!



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