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How Do You Get Free Money in GTA Online?

As an avid GTA fan, I know the struggle of trying to make big money fast in GTA Online. You want to buy the best cars, weapons, and properties but everything is so expensive!

The good news is there are legitimate ways to get your hands on tons of cash in GTA Online without cheating. In this detailed guide, I‘ll share insider tips to start earning millions so you can live the criminal high life.

Can You Actually Get Free Money in GTA Online?

Let‘s clear this up first – there are no cheat codes or glitches that can give you free money in GTA Online. Rockstar has made sure players have to earn their cash through effort and grinding.

So ignore any videos claiming to have a "secret unlimited money glitch" – they are fake and will get you banned! However, there are plenty of legitimate and rewards in GTA Online that can give you a bunch of free cash if you know where to look.

I‘ve been playing GTA Online since day one. With over 500 hours under my belt, I‘ve mastered the art of making big money fast. In this guide, I‘ll show you the exact methods I use to earn millions without cheating the system.

Claim Your GTA+ Membership Rewards

The new GTA+ subscription service is a great way to score some easy money each month. Here‘s what you get:

  • $500,000 free cash – This half million dollars gets deposited into your Maze Bank account automatically on your billing date. Cha-ching!
  • Property rewards – GTA+ members get a free property like a garage or apartment each month. These can be traded in for $50,000 cash if you already own one.
  • GTA$ bonuses – Special events, missions, and activities give GTA+ members 50% more cash rewards. This bonus stacks up fast.

In my first month, GTA+ membership earned me over $700k without much effort. If you play regularly, the $5.99 monthly fee practically pays for itself!

Take Advantage of Limited Time Rewards

Rockstar is always running special events and promotions that reward extra cash and bonuses. For example:

  • Completing your first heist finale nets you an extra $1 million bonus
  • Linking your Rockstar Social Club account gets you $1 million
  • Returning players on PS5/Xbox Series X get $4 million to help get started

Keep an eye out in the newswire for exclusive bonuses you can redeem. I also recommend signing up for the Rockstar mailing list so you never miss a special offer.

Limited time rewards like these let you fast track your money early on. Take advantage of them whenever you can!

$10 Million Payout for the Criminal Mastermind Challenge

This epic challenge is the holy grail for dedicated GTA Online crews. You‘ll need to complete all the original heists, in order, with the same team and without losing any lives.

Sound daunting? It definitely is! But the $10 million dollar reward makes it so worth it.

Here are some tips to beat the Criminal Mastermind challenge:

  • Coordinate carefully – Pick a solid crew and talk through your approach. Having a battle plan is key.
  • Take it slow – Inch forward in cover and don‘t rush into the action. Staying alive is priority #1.
  • Manage restarts – If someone dies, immediately restart. Don‘t let failure set in.
  • Use armored Kurumas – This car makes you almost invincible. It‘s a lifesaver for the weaker players on your team.

The Criminal Mastermind requires skill and patience. But pulling it off will give your bank balance a massive boost!

How Businesses Work – Earn Passive Money

Once you‘ve built up some starting capital, the next step is investing in businesses. These generate passive income by earning supplies that turn into profitable products:

  • Bunker – Produce weapons and research to unlock upgrades
  • MC businesses – Document forgery, weed farm, meth lab, and counterfeiting
    • Nightclub – Link other businesses to accumulate goods automatically
  • CEO offices – Special cargo warehouses, vehicle warehouses, and hangars

I recommend buying supplies rather than stealing them. The time saved allows you to do more profitable activities in the meantime.

Here are the approximate profits you can expect from fully upgraded businesses:

BusinessProductsEarnings Per Hour
Cocaine LockupCocaine$120,000
Meth LabMeth$102,000
Weed FarmWeed$80,000
Document ForgeryFake docs$60,000

Once set up, your criminal empire will rake in millions over time. Buy a nightclub to link them for easy centralized collection.

Robbery is Quick Cash

When you‘re utterly broke, robbery can provide a quick injection of a few thousand dollars:

  • Convenience stores – Point a gun at the clerk to bag $1,000 – $2,000 from the till.
  • Gas stations – Blow up the pumps and loot the cash register during the chaos.
  • Armored trucks – Ram the back doors with an SUV to bust open the locks and take the cash.

Store robberies only yield a couple grand but it‘s easy money. You‘ll also encounter NPCs on the street with wallets you can steal. Look out for anyone that‘s dressed nicely!

Just be warned – you will get a wanted level for robbery. Have an escape plan ready to shake the cops.

Take Advantage of Weekly Discounts and Bonuses

The weekly update in GTA Online usually discounts certain vehicles, properties, and upgrades by 25% to 40%.

Only buy items when they are discounted to maximize savings. As a GTA+ member you get even steeper discount prices along with bonus rebates.

You can also avoid fees by skipping the cool down timer for activities like the Cayo Perico heist. This lets you grind them nonstop.

Pay attention to discounts and bonuses to keep more money in your pocket. They add up to huge savings over time.

Play the Stock Market

The stock trading mini game lets you buy and sell shares in companies and commodities. Stock prices fluctuate in response to story events.

For example, after the "Hotel Assassination" mission the share price of BettaPharmaceuticals will double over the next few days.

Timing your trades allows you to ride the waves and turn huge profits. Once you understand the trends, playing the stocks is an easy way to make your money work for you. Just don‘t get too greedy!

Grind Contact Missions

You might think of contact missions as small fry stuff. But in the early game they are the best way to start building your bankroll.

Here‘s why grinding contact missions makes sense:

  • Easy to complete solo – You don‘t need a crew like with heists.
  • Straightforward objectives – Go to a place, steal a thing, kill some dudes. That‘s it!
  • Decent payouts – You‘ll earn $10k – $30k for just 5-10 minutes of work.
  • Unlocks better missions – Higher payoffs open up as you increase in rank.

With some music on in the background, grinding Lamar‘s contact missions is weirdly therapeutic. And you can easily tally $100k+ per game session.

As a beginner, this should be your go-to money maker.

Participate in Street Races

Street races are spontaneous events that pop up on the map in free roam sessions. Up to 16 players compete in a point to point sprint.

  • You earn decent cash just for participating
  • Winners take home $5k – $10k
  • Improves your driving skills
  • Breaks up repetitive grinding

I like competing in street races when I need a change of pace. They are fast, fun, and net you easy money. Upgrade a fast car so you can smoke the competition!

Spin the Lucky Wheel at the Casino

Swing by the Diamond Casino every day and have a free spin of the Lucky Wheel. Prizes include:

  • Cash rewards of $10k to $50k
  • Mystery prizes like snacks, clothing, or RP
  • Discount coupons for casino shops
  • The podium vehicle – a supercar displayed in the casino

With daily spins, you‘re bound to hit some juicy cash prizes. I recently got $50k which paid for that day‘s Penthouse party fees!

The Lucky Wheel offers good odds to win big. Make it part of your daily GTA routine.

Finding Hidden Money Rewards

Some hidden treasures are buried around the map if you know where to search:

  • Altruist Camp Shootout – After the shootout, find 4 briefcases with $25k each. That‘s a quick $100k!
  • Shipwrecks – Deep sea dive to find sunken cargo ships with up to $20k in gold bars.
  • Plane crashes – Search the wreckage in remote areas for rucksacks stuffed with cash.

There are guides online that reveal all the secret money locations around San Andreas. Take time to hunt them down and explore.

Farming Activities for Maximum Profits

You can grind certain activities efficiently once you learn the tricks:

  • Golf farming – Bet the max $5,000 each round but don‘t play. Take the loss over and over for $2,500 every 2 minutes or so.
  • Tennis farming – Start a round but stand still and let the timer run out to earn $5,000+ every 10 minutes AFK!
  • Survival farming – Set enemies and rounds to minimum to quickly bank $20k.

Farming is tedious but nets solid profits for almost no effort. Do it while watching TV or reading guides to become a master criminal!

Is Modded or Glitched Money Safe?

I don‘t recommend picking up money bags dropped by modders or using glitches. Rockstar bans players that use hacked money or cheats. It‘s just not worth the risk.

Some shady YouTube videos claim you can safely keep the modded cash. Don‘t believe them! Spending it will get you reported and banned faster than you can blink.

Avoid these Temptations! Grinding money legitimately is the only way to stay safe in GTA Online.

Alright friend, now you‘ve got all the tools to start making big bucks in GTA Online quickly and safely. Just takes some dedication!

Here‘s a quick recap of the essential tips:

  • Sign up for GTA+ membership and collect your monthly rewards
  • Keep an eye out for limited time bonuses and cash gifts
  • Attempt the Criminal Mastermind challenge for a $10 million payout
  • Invest in businesses to generate passive income
  • Take advantage of weekly sales and member discounts
  • Play the stock market once you understand the trends
  • Grind contact missions early on to build a foundation
  • Have fun competing in street races
  • Spin the Lucky Wheel daily for free casino cash

Soon you‘ll be buying supercars, beachfront penthouses, and whale shark cards before you know it! But most importantly, remember to enjoy the grind along the way.

Let me know if you have any other great tips for earning big bucks in GTA Online. Happy hustling!



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