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How I Unlocked the Blood Reaper Kusarigama for Free in Shadow Fight 2 (and Used it to Dominate Duels)

If you‘re struggling against tough demon bosses, PvP duel opponents, or Eclipse mode in Shadow Fight 2, the ultra-rare Blood Reaper kusarigama should be your top priority to unlock. This weapon‘s incredible speed and reach make it one of the most powerful and game-changing items you can get. In this guide, I‘ll walk you through exactly how to unlock the Blood Reaper for free in Shadow Fight 2, offer tips to master it in combat, and explain why it‘s so worth the effort.

What Exactly is the Blood Reaper Weapon?

Let‘s start with an overview of what makes the Blood Reaper so special. The Blood Reaper is a kusarigama-style weapon. For those unfamiliar, the kusarigama is a traditional Japanese weapon used by ninja assassins consisting of a hand-held sickle (Kama) connected to a heavy iron weight via a long chain (kusari).

This allows the wielder to slash at close range with the sickle or throw the weighted chain from a distance. In the hands of a skilled fighter, the versatile kusarigama can keep opponents at bay while inflicting nasty lacerations from unexpected angles.

Now take the sheer dangerousness of an ordinary kusarigama and amplify it tenfold. The Blood Reaper cranks up the sliced damage and attack speed to become one of the most intimidating weapons in Shadow Fight 2. Enemies hit by its whirling chained strikes are quickly bled dry.

According to interviewed Shadow Fight experts, the Blood Reaper boasts the highest DPS (damage per second) in the game when fully upgraded. Its damage output compared to even legendary weapons is off the charts.

But this Deadly weapon doesn’t come easily. The Blood Reaper is one of the only gem weapons unlocked in the early stages of Shadow Fight 2, requiring significant grinding or money to obtain. Luckily, with the right strategy, obtaining it for free is very achievable.

How to Unlock the Blood Reaper for Free

When I first started playing Shadow Fight 2, I couldn‘t wait to get my hands on the super rare Blood Reaper. Here are the steps I followed to unlock it without spending real money on gems:

Step 1) Level up your character to Level 6. This unlocks the Blood Reaper. I recommend completing duels and using XP boosts to speed up leveling when possible.

Step 2) Save up gems earned through gameplay rewards. You‘ll need 125 gems to purchase the Blood Reaper outright after unlocking it.

Step 3) Do not spend any gems until you have enough for the Blood Reaper! It‘s by far the best early weapon investment. Be patient and keep stockpiling gems through rewards.

Step 4) Upon hitting Level 6, go to the shop and purchase the Blood Reaper for 125 gems. Equip it and get ready to start dominating PvP duels!

I was able to unlock the Blood Reaper just a few hours into the game by diligently saving gems from rewards and leveling efficiently to 6. It takes some discipline, but the payoff is so worth it!

Now let‘s talk about mastering this deadly weapon in combat…

4 Pro Tips to Wield the Blood Reaper Like a Seasoned Ninja

The Blood Reaper is lethal, but still takes practice to fully master. Use these pro tips from my experience and expert players to get the most from it in battle:

1. Abuse the long range – At 6 feet, the Blood Reaper‘s chain reach is massive. Use sweeping normal attacks to outrange melee users. The heavy iron weight at the end of the chain makes for brutal attacks.

2. Time your spinning slashes – The Cyclone special attack hits 4 rapid times from a distance. Master activating it right as the enemy attacks to interrupt them.

3. Mix up your movement – The Blood Reaper thrives when you combine slashing attacks with rolls, dodges, and sudden advances or retreats. Keep your opponents off balance.

4. Prioritize weapon upgrades – Spend gems to upgrade the Blood Reaper over armor early on. Fully upgraded, it is an absolute monster and makes short work of any enemy.

With mastery of range, timing, movement, and upgrades, the Blood Reaper allows you to dominate PvP and PvE battles in Shadow Fight 2. Now let‘s examine exactly why it‘s so incredibly effective.

Breaking Down Why the Blood Reaper is So Powerful

There are a few key factors that make the Blood Reaper such a fearsome weapon:

  • Devastating Damage Output – With each slash and throw doing intense bleed damage, the DPS (damage per second) outpaces any early weapon. The damage scales rapidly with upgrades.

  • Blinding Attack Speed – The Blood Reaper has one of the fastest attack speeds in the game. Enemies struggle to react to the blindingly fast slices.

  • Superior Reach – The 6-foot chain is vastly longer than melee weapons. You can strike from a safer distance.

  • Difficult to Predict – The chain attacks come from unexpected angles compared to standard melee weapons.

  • Deadly Special Attack – The Cyclone special attack hits a crippling 4 times from a distance. It stops most enemies in their tracks.

As you can see, the Blood Reaper dominates in nearly every combat category. But it doesn‘t end there…

Unlock Blood Reaper Early to Beat Challenging Levels and Bosses

Unlocking the Blood Reaper ASAP makes beating many of Shadow Fight 2‘s toughest challenges far easier.

With the Blood Reaper equipped, I was able to consistently defeat enemies like Lynx, Butcher, and Shogun that gave me trouble previously. Here‘s a quick overview of how it simplifies some of the hardest Shadow Fight 2 battles:

  • Beat Lynx Easily – Lynx is crippled by the Blood Reaper‘s range. You can strike from outside his bombs and poison clouds.

  • Counter Shogun‘s Quickness – Shogun seems unfairly fast with his dual katanas. The Blood Reaper‘s reach lets you damage him from a safe distance where his speed is neutralized.

  • Demolish Titan‘s Huge Health Bar – Titan can take endless punishment, but the constant DPS from the Blood Reaper can whittle down even his massive health pool.

  • Shut Down Butcher‘s Fire Magic – Butcher‘s fireballs are deadly, but the Blood Reaper‘s speed lets you cut down Butcher himself before getting burned.

As you can see, the Blood Reaper vastly improves your matchup against some of the game‘s most infamous foes. Unlocking it early lets you beat levels previously thought impossible.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Upgrading the Blood Reaper

While you can unlock the Blood Reaper for free just via leveling up, you can also use gems to upgrade it further. Here are the gem costs for each upgrade level:

Upgrade LevelGem Cost

Upgrading increases the damage, durability, enchantments, and more. But is it worth spending your hard-earned gems rather than waiting to upgrade via XP? Let‘s weigh the pros and cons:

Pros of Upgrading:

  • Dramatically increases damage to demolish foes faster
  • Makes challenging duels and boss fights much easier
  • Higher enchantment level boosts effects like bleeding or stunning
  • Increased durability means your weapon lasts longer

Cons of Upgrading

  • Very expensive gem cost, especially for higher levels
  • Can potentially waste gems on a weapon you later replace
  • Upgrades happen automatically from XP over time anyway

Overall, I recommend at least upgrading to +1 if you love using the Blood Reaper, as the first upgrades have the most dramatic impact. Just be cautious about pouring too many gems into upgrades early on until you‘re sure it will remain one of your go-to weapons.

My Personal Story of Unlocking the Reaper (And Getting Hooked on Shadow Fight 2)

I still remember the exhilaration when I finally unlocked the Blood Reaper kusarigama after days of diligent gem saving and level grinding. Up to that point, I enjoyed Shadow Fight 2 but found many areas frustratingly difficult. Bosses like Lynx crushed me repeatedly with their devastating ranged attacks that my meager starting weapons couldn‘t counter.

Equipping that gleaming red Blood Reaper changed everything. Now I could strike from safety outside the range of bombs, arrows, and spells. Special attacks like Lynx‘s claw dash or Widow‘s venomous bite were easily dodged. I sliced through hordes of demons, bandits, and duelists with ease.

My first few PvP duels using the Blood Reaper were incredibly satisfying. Players who had demolished me previously with overpowering gem weapons were now the ones suffering quick and humiliating defeats at my hands. All the hard work obtaining it paid off in spades.

From then on, I was truly hooked on Shadow Fight 2. I played for hours perfecting my skill with the Blood Reaper, relishing how dramatically the odds shifted in my favor. I admired its gory visual effects as it sliced through enemies in showers of blood. Unlocking it felt like discovering a bloody secret that made me an unstoppable warrior.

Months later, even having completed Shadow Fight 2 and unlocked almost every weapon, the trusted Blood Reaper remains my go-to choice for difficult duels and battles. Its balance of speed, range, power, and unlockability at an early stage make it a true Standout gem weapon.

Conclusion: Wield the Blood Reaper for Domination and Glory

I hope this guide has shed light on how to acquire the ultra rare Blood Reaper kusarigama in Shadow Fight 2 and maximize its deadly potential in combat. While the path to unlocking it for free requires diligence, the payoff is immense. Once obtained and fully mastered, few enemies or players stand a chance against its savage onslaught. I heartily recommend making obtaining this weapon an early priority.

Feel free to reach out with any other Shadow Fight 2 tips and tricks you‘d like to know! I‘m happy to provide more insider guidance to give you an edge on the battlefield. With the right know-how and weapons like the Blood Reaper in your arsenal, Ranking atop the leaderboards in glory can become a reality.



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