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How Long After Leaving a Free Company Can You Join a New One in Final Fantasy XIV?

If you‘ve decided to leave your current free company (FC) in Final Fantasy XIV, you may be wondering – how soon can I join a new one? Well, the short answer is you must wait 24 hours before joining another FC after leaving one.

This cooldown period can feel restrictive if you‘re eager to get back out there and find a new home. But it serves an important purpose for FC stability. During your 24 hour wait, spend time evaluating what you really want in an FC so your next choice is the right one!

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover:

  • Properly leaving your current FC
  • Details on the 24 hour rejoin cooldown
  • Making the most of the waiting period
  • Finding and joining a new FC
  • Transferring FC ownership if needed
  • Rejoining a past FC later on

Let‘s get into the ins and outs of switching free companies so you can make this transition smooth and end up where you belong.

Following Official Leave Procedures

Before seeking a new home, you must officially leave your current FC first. Don‘t worry, it‘s a quick and straightforward process:

  1. Open the Free Company menu from the main menu or social list.
  2. Select "Leave Company" from the menu.
  3. Confirm you want to leave when prompted.

And that‘s it – you‘re now officially FC-less! However, my friend, keep these key points in mind:

  • You cannot leave if your chocobo is stabled in the FC house.
  • You must forfeit an FC room if you own a private chamber.
  • Leaving cuts off access to the company chest.
  • You‘ll lose buffs provided by FC actions.

So be sure to take care of any housing, stabled pets, inventory items, and other business before leaving. I know you‘re excited to move on, but tying up these loose ends now makes the transition much smoother.

Waiting Out the 24-Hour Rejoin Cooldown

After officially leaving your FC, you enter a 24 hour waiting period before being allowed to join a new one. This is an important rule all players must follow – no exceptions!

The purpose is to:

  • Prevent players from frequently hopping between FCs on a whim.
  • Encourage commitment and stability within free companies.

Think of it like a "cooldown" in your rotation – you‘re temporarily prevented from taking an action to promote balance.

Here‘s what you CANNOT do during the 24 hour cooldown:

  • Accept FC invites from other players.
  • Join another FC, even directly through the recruiter NPC.
  • Create your own FC.

Attempting any of these too soon will result in a message instructing you to wait out the cooldown period.

I know waiting can be tiresome and dull. But think of this as a gift – a chance to reflect and properly evaluate your next move. Use this time wisely and the payoff will be an FC that‘s a perfect fit!

Using the Cooldown to Find the Right FC

24 hours may feel like an eternity, especially when you‘re standing around idly. But time flies when you put this waiting period to good use! Here are some productive ways to spend it:

Reflect on Past FC Experiences

Think critically about your past FC – what did you love? What did you dislike or wish was different? Make a list of pros and cons so you can seek a new FC with all the positives and none of the negatives.

For example, aspects you may consider are:

  • Organization culture
  • Leadership structure
  • Member personalities
  • Ranking system
  • Playstyle focus like PvE, PvP or RP.

Pinpointing specifics of your ideal FC will help assess new prospects accurately during your search.

Research Promising Prospects

Browse free company recruitment advertisements during your wait to discover ones that pique your interest. Great places to look include:

  • FC shout ads in main cities
  • Official forums and community finder
  • Party finder recruitment posts
  • Friends‘ FCs or ones they recommend

Make a shortlist of companies that seem to offer what you‘re after. Having leads lined up means you can dive right in once your cooldown finishes.

Consider Your Playstyle Needs

Think about what you want to accomplish in FFXIV – raiding, crafting, roleplaying, casual socializing, etc. Seek FCs that are clear about providing support for your playstyle priorities. A few examples:

  • For raiders: Endgame progression FCs with scheduled raid nights.
  • For crafters: Economically-focused FCs with housing workshops and airship/sub access.
  • For roleplayers: RP-heavy FCs detailed backstories and event planning.

You want an FC that actively enables your interests, not one that ignores them. So use this time to get clear on your needs!

Consider Company Scale

Bigger isn‘t necessarily better (or vice versa)! Think about what FC size you would thrive in:

  • Smaller FCs (around 20-50 members) offer tighter knit communities and closer bonds between members.
  • Medium FCs (50-100 members) balance closeness with having enough members to run content.
  • Larger FCs (100+ members) provide constant activity and access to resources/content, but can feel more impersonal.

There‘s no universally "right" scale – go with what makes you comfortable! A lucky few may even find that perfect "Goldilocks" number.

Joining Your New Home After the Cooldown

At long last, 24 hours have passed and you‘re free to join a new FC! Huzzah! Now put that research to use and discover new comrades. You have two options:

Accept an FC Invite

If you identified promising prospects while researching, you may already have some FC invites waiting for you! Accept one that seems like a great fit.

You can also put the word out through friends that you‘re seeking an invite to bypass shout advertising.

Speak to the OIC NPC

Head to the OIC Recruitment NPC located in Limsa, Gridania or Ul‘dah. Browse the listed Free Companies under the "Recruiting FCs" section and join one directly.

This allows you to peruse FCs in detail and join immediately without waiting for invites.

Before joining anywhere, consider first visiting the FC house (if they have one) or chatting with members to ensure the vibe meshed well with your needs!

But once you‘ve found the one, welcome to your new FC family! Now you can take advantage of all the benefits you‘ve missed like buffs, housing, company chest – the possibilities are endless with the right group at your side!

Transferring FC Leadership Responsibly

For FC leaders, one extra consideration is who will take over operations when you move on. Here are tips on transferring leadership seamlessly:

Recipient Requirements

The recipient must:

  • Hold rank #2 or #3 in the FC.
  • Have been a member for at least 30 days.

This ensures FC stability by preventing brand new or non-officer members from suddenly owning the whole organization.

Transfer Process

While both online:

  1. Right click their name in the company roster.
  2. Select "Transfer Company Leadership"
  3. They confirm the prompt to complete the transfer.

Handling leadership transition properly means your FC continues thriving even in your absence. So be sure to take care of this before riding off into the sunset!

Rejoining Your Past FC Later On

Let‘s say you leave your FC to experience something new, but down the road find yourself missing your old comrades. Can you rejoin your past group?

The answer is yes! As long as you left on good terms, most FCs would love to welcome back a returning member.

However, expect to still wait out that 24 hour cooldown first if you want to rejoin an FC you already left previously.

Some groups may also impose additional requirements, like needing new invites after a set absence period. But if your old FC felt like home, don‘t hesitate to return to the nest whenever you feel called back! Remember, you‘ll always have family there.

Key Takeaways on Switching FFXIV Free Companies

Here are the key points to remember when moving between Final Fantasy XIV free companies:

  • You must wait 24 real-life hours after leaving an FC before joining a new one.
  • Use the cooldown period to reflect and research your ideal FC.
  • Join new FCs through invites or directly via the NPC.
  • Transfer FC ownership first if you‘re currently leading one.
  • Consider returning to past FCs later if you desire.

While the 24 hour hold may feel restrictive, look at it as a gift – a chance to find the FC that‘s truly right for you. Stay focused on building bonds, enabling your playstyle, and enjoying all the perks of an FC family. Follow this guide, and you‘re sure to end up right where you belong.

To recap, the short answer is you must wait 24 hours after leaving a free company before joining a new one in Final Fantasy XIV. But use that time wisely and the payoff will be an FC that feels like home. Best of luck on your fresh start – adventure awaits!



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