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How Long Does It Take For A Baby In Sims Freeplay To Grow Up?

Hey there fellow Sims fan! If you‘re eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new virtual bundle of joy in Sims Freeplay, you may be wondering – just how long is the baby stage anyway before they grow into a toddler? As an experienced Sims player and gaming expert, I‘m going to walk you through everything you need to know about babies in Sims Freeplay, including exactly how long it takes them to age up.

Let‘s start with the key facts:

  • It takes about 1-3 in-game days for Sims Freeplay babies to age up into toddlers, depending on player actions.

  • To progress through the baby stage, you need to fill up 3 stars by taking care of the baby‘s needs and completing baby events.

  • Once all 3 stars are full, the baby will age up into a toddler within 24 in-game hours.

  • Having multiple caregivers and keeping the baby‘s needs met will make the stars fill faster so they age up quicker.

Now let‘s get into the details!

Overview of Babies in Sims Freeplay

As you probably know, pregnancy and babies are a huge part of Sims Freeplay gameplay for growing your sim families. Here’s a quick recap on how the baby process works:

  • Your sims must be married or joined first before they can “Try for Baby”.

  • It takes about 3 in-game days of pregnancy before the baby arrives. You’ll get an alert when your sim goes into labor!

  • After the birth, a bassinet will appear holding your adorable newborn baby. Like in real life, Sims babies mostly just sleep, eat, and well…make dirty diapers.

  • As the player, you don’t directly control the baby. Instead you’ll get prompts to feed, change, snuggle and take care of the baby to fill their needs.

  • Your adult sims will also autonomously tend to the baby’s needs, especially the parents. The more caregivers you have, the better!

  • Completing these baby interactions earns stars – the key to progressing to the next stage!

How Do Sims Freeplay Baby Stars Work?

The baby stage in Sims Freeplay revolves around filling up the 3 stars displayed on the baby’s portrait icon. Here’s how it works:

  • Each baby interaction like feeding or rocking will fill up a portion of a star.

  • When a star is filled, it will turn gold. You need to fill all 3 to progress.

  • Besides interactions, there are also random baby mini-events like “Bundle of Joy” that give you big star chunks when completed.

  • Having more sims care for the baby splits up the interactions, making the stars fill faster.

  • Neglecting the baby can cause the stars to empty – so keep those needs met!

  • Using LP (life points) can instantly refill empty stars.

Once you’ve completely filled all 3 gold stars, your Sims Freeplay baby is ready to age up to the next stage!

How Long Does It Take for Sims Freeplay Babies to Age Up?

Now onto the key question – exactly how many Sims days will you be waiting until your virtual bundle of joy grows into a toddler? Here are the main factors:

  • With constant care, babies age up in about 24 hours after filling their stars.

  • If stars are neglected, it can take 2-3 days.

  • More caregivers speeds things up. Solo parents may wait closer to 3 days.

  • Until you complete the “Life Dreams” quest, it costs LP to age up, which slows the process.

  • Disabling baby events in settings can make stars fill faster.

So in summary, you’re generally looking at a 1-3 in-game day wait for Sims Freeplay babies to age up if you provide good care. Below are some more tips to speed things along!

Tips for Aging Up Babies Faster in Sims Freeplay

I know the baby stage can start to drag on, especially if you have multiples! Here are my pro tips for aging up your Sims Freeplay babies quickly:

  • Always complete baby interactions ASAP – it splits up the star filling between your sims.

  • Have 2-3 dedicated caregivers for efficient star-filling care.

  • Complete the “Life Dreams & Legacies” quest to stop LP aging costs.

  • Buy the “Baby Sleep Bliss” to auto-fill the sleepy star overnight.

  • Use LP to instantly fill empty stars.

  • Turn off Baby Events in settings if you find them disruptive.

  • Enlist older kids to read or sing to babies – every bit helps!

  • Make sure to fulfill all needs – neglect prolongs the process.

Follow those tips, and you’ll have toddlers running around in no time!

What to Expect When Sims Freeplay Babies Finally Age Up

The long wait for your Sims Freeplay baby to age up into a toddler is nearly over! Here’s a walkthrough of what happens when it’s finally time:

  • You’ll get an alert that the baby will age up within 24 hours – exciting!

  • Pick any toddler traits you want during this 24 hour stretch.

  • When the age up timer finishes, you’ll get a pop-up that your baby is aging up.

  • A glowing bassinet animation plays, magic baby sparkles fly, then poof!

  • Gone is the bassinet and in its place a toddler stands up and waves hello!

  • The toddler interface replaces the baby, and they are now playable characters!

  • You also get some LP for completing the baby life stage – helpful for future ages.

  • Now the fun toddler adventures start! Teach them skills, shape their personalities and take them exploring!

The amazing baby-to-toddler transformation means your little (but growing!) sim has so many more opportunities for fun and fulfillment! Make sure to document this momentous occasion with some in-game pics for the baby book!

Well there you have my complete guide to babies and aging up in Sims Freeplay! I hope these tips help make your virtual parenting journey easier and more enjoyable. Let me know if you have any other Sims Freeplay questions – I‘m always happy to chat games!



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