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How Long is Black Desert‘s Free Trial? Everything You Need to Know

Hey friend! If you‘ve heard about Black Desert Online and want to try it out, you‘ll be happy to know the game offers a generous 14-day free trial. This gives you two full weeks to explore the vast open world before deciding if you want to purchase the full game.

In this guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about Black Desert‘s free trial including how long it lasts, what‘s included, any limitations, and how to get started. Let‘s dive in!

The Free Trial Gives You 14 Days of Full Access

The Black Desert free trial lasts for 14 days starting from the moment you first log into the game. You get complete unrestricted access to the majority of content during this period.

This gives you enough time to fully evaluate if Black Desert‘s unique blend of deep character progression, satisfying action combat, expansive world, and sandbox gameplay is for you.

14 days is more than enough time to level a character to end-game, decorate a home, sail the seas, sample end-game dungeons, and make an informed decision if you want to continue playing.

Here‘s Everything You Can Experience During the Trial

Black Desert doesn‘t hold much back during the free trial period. You get to try almost all of the core gameplay systems and content.

Here‘s an overview of what you can access:

  • The entire open world map and all regions
  • Character creation and customization
  • 17 unique classes like Warrior, Witch, and Berserker
  • Hundreds of quests including main story and side quests
  • Extensive crafting with fishing, trading, farming, cooking, and more
  • Player housing with decorating and furniture crafting
  • Taming and breeding horses
  • Boat building and sailing
  • Challenging PvE dungeons
  • Massive guild wars and sieges
  • Mini-games like horse racing
  • Dynamic weather and day/night cycle
  • Seasonal events and holiday content
  • No level cap so you can reach end-game

The free trial really lets you experience the full breadth of what Black Desert offers. You can play exactly as you would with a full account and determine if the sandbox gameplay loop is enjoyable for you.

Plus, any progress you make is retained if you purchase the full game later!

Limits are Minimal – Mostly Involving Other Players

While the free trial provides open access to most PvE content, there are a few social and economic limitations in place to prevent abuse. The limits include:

  • Limited chat – Can only use general and party chat
  • No player trading
  • Restricted marketplace use – Can only buy certain items
  • Cannot loot defeated players
  • Some pet features disabled
  • No bonuses from Value Packs

So mainly limits that involve direct interaction with other players. This curbs potential issues like gold farming bots, chat spam, and market manipulation.

Outside of those restrictions, you have free reign to explore the world, level up, decorate a home, sail the seas, and determine if Black Desert‘s style of RPG gameplay suits you.

The limits are very reasonable for a free trial and let you fully experience the core game.

Any Progress Transfers Over if You Buy the Full Game

One of the best aspects of Black Desert‘s free trial is that any progress you make remains intact if you decide to purchase the full game later on.

Your character, levels, gear, houses, ships, mounts, quest progress – everything seamlessly carries over once you upgrade by buying from the in-game store.

You don‘t have to start over from Level 1 again. Any invested time during the 14-day trial gives you a head start in the full live game.

This removes any hesitation about "wasting time" in the free version if you end up paying to play more. It‘s a win-win!

Purchase Options After the Free Trial Ends

Once your 14-day free trial period ends, you have a choice. You can either:

  • Purchase the full game to continue playing uninterrupted
  • Allow your access to lapse until you decide to buy later

Here are the purchase options if you do decide to upgrade:

  • Black Desert Online Standard Edition – $9.99 one-time purchase fee unlocks the full game permanently

  • Black Desert Online Traveler‘s Package – $9.99 one-time fee includes extras like pets, character slots, inventory expansions, and 30-day Value Pack

  • Black Desert Online Explorer‘s Package – $29.99 one-time fee bundles the Standard Edition, pets, horse, campsite, 90-day Value Pack, and more bonuses

The Standard Edition is the minimum required to lift the chat, trading, and looting restrictions from the free trial. The Traveler‘s and Explorer‘s packages add nice bonuses on top.

There is no recurring subscription fee – you pay once and own Black Desert forever. Optional cosmetics and account perks can be purchased later if desired.

Growth Statistics Show Black Desert‘s Popularity

In case you were wondering how popular Black Desert is these days, here are some quick statistics:

  • Over 40 million players have registered accounts globally
  • Usually 30,000 – 40,000 concurrent players online
  • Over 550,000 copies sold on Steam
  • 9.2 million hours watched on Twitch in last 30 days
  • Currently the 5th most watched MMORPG on Twitch

So the game has a very large and active playerbase! The world feels lively with other players adventuring alongside you.

Plus free content updates and expansions release every few months keeping the world feeling fresh and dynamic.

How to Get Started with the Free Trial

If you‘re ready to dive into the world of Black Desert Online, signing up for the free trial only takes a few minutes:

  1. Go to the Black Desert Online website
  2. Click the large yellow "14-Day Free Trial" button
  3. Create your free Black Desert account
  4. Download and install the game client
  5. Run the game and log into your account to begin!

Once you log in for the first time, your 14-day countdown starts. You can immediately begin your adventure.

Level up, decorate a home, sail the seas, fight monsters, and determine if Black Desert is the right MMORPG for you.

When the trial ends, you can keep playing by buying the game or take a break and come back later – your choice!

Conclusion – Try This Deep MMORPG Free for 14 Days

Black Desert‘s generous free trial gives you 14 full days of unrestricted access to most of the game‘s content. This allows you to:

  • Freely explore the huge, beautiful open world
  • Level up and customize your character
  • Experience challenging PvE dungeons
  • Craft, fish, cook, and more
  • Design and decorate unique homes
  • Join events, seasonal content, and missions
  • Reach end-game and max level cap
  • Keep all progress if you purchase the full game after

A few reasonable social limitations exist, but you otherwise get the complete core BDO experience.

With a thriving playerbase, frequent content updates, and satisfying gameplay loops, now is a great time to try Black Desert Online free for 14 days.

Sign up, create your character, and begin an epic adventure in one of the deepest fantasy virtual worlds available today. See you ingame soon, my friend!



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