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How Long is NBA Free Trial?

The NBA offers free trials lasting 7 days for NBA League Pass and NBA TV. Keep reading this guide to learn how to maximize your free NBA streaming experience.

Watching NBA games online is a slam dunk thanks to convenient streaming options like NBA League Pass and NBA TV. But these services come with a subscription fee, which can add up throughout the season.

The good news? You can access NBA action for free during previews and limited trials – no credit card required!

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll learn:

  • Exactly how long each NBA free trial period lasts
  • Tips to optimize your free streaming experience
  • Legitimate ways to watch the NBA 100% free
  • Strategies to pay less for NBA League Pass
  • Answers to frequently asked NBA free trial questions

Let‘s dive right in and start streaming NBA basketball for free!

Free Trial Options for NBA Streaming

The NBA offers a few different free trial options throughout the year. Here are the main ones available:

NBA League Pass Free Trial

NBA League Pass provides live access to every out-of-market NBA game (besides local blackouts).

According to the official NBA website, new users get a standard 7-day free trial of NBA League Pass.

After the trial ends, you‘ll be charged the regular monthly ($14.99/mo) or yearly ($99.99/year) subscription fee.

But guess what? Many NBA seasons kick off with an extended 14-day free preview of League Pass!

For example, the 2022-23 season offered a 2-week free trial, according to Decider. This gives you double the time to evaluate the League Pass experience.

Throughout the season, special promotions may unlock 1-3 month free trials too.

For instance, FanDuel Sportsbook offers a 3-month free League Pass trial when you place a $5+ NBA bet. Amazing!

So in total, you can access up to 5 months of free NBA League Pass in a season if you play it right.

NBA League Pass app streaming screen

NBA League Pass app – Image via PCMag

NBA TV Free Trial

For 24/7 NBA coverage, NBA TV provides live games, original programming, analysis, and more.

According to, new users get a standard 7-day free trial of NBA TV through their site and app.

After the trial, an NBA TV subscription costs a reasonable $6.99/month or $59.99/year.

Streaming services like fuboTV and Sling TV also include NBA TV in certain packages and offer 7-day trials.

You can even get a 7-day NBA TV free preview through Amazon Prime Video.

No cable login or contract required!

Special Promotions

Keep an eye out for limited-time promotions offering free access to NBA streaming:

For example, pre-ordering NBA 2K23 included a 1-year free trial of NBA Digital, the league‘s premium streaming bundle.

According to, NBA Digital includes:

  • NBA League Pass
  • NBA TV
  • NBA App and access
  • Original shows and analysis

What an amazing free perk for hoops fans!

Occasional sponsored giveaways may provide League Pass or NBA TV free trials too.

Free Trial Comparison Table

Here‘s a quick overview of the NBA‘s primary free trial options:

Free TrialDurationIncludesRegular Price
NBA League Pass7 daysOut-of-market live games$14.99/month
NBA League Pass (Promo)1-3 monthsOut-of-market live games$14.99/month
NBA TV7 daysNBA TV live channel$6.99/month
NBA Digital1 yearLeague Pass + NBA TV$14.99/month

As you can see, the standard NBA free trials last about 7 days. But special promotions can extend access for much longer!

Tips to Maximize Your NBA Free Trial

Got an NBA free trial? Here are 5 tips to optimize the experience from streaming expert William Decker:

1. Pick the Perfect Time

The NBA schedule has peak periods you won‘t want to miss.

Decker recommends using your NBA free trial during exciting moments like the league‘s opening week, Christmas Day games, MLK Day, NBA All-Star Weekend, or the playoffs.

Avoid preseason and less popular portions of the regular season.

"The start of the NBA season is the ideal time to take advantage of an extended free preview," says Decker.

2. Test All Your Devices

Today‘s streaming services work across multiple platforms like smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, and gaming consoles.

"Be sure to test out your NBA free trial across all compatible devices you own," Decker suggests. "Check video quality, reliability, and ease of use on each one."

NBA League Pass allows simultaneous streaming on up to 3 devices, letting you compare experiences.

3. Try Advanced Features

Modern streaming technology offers advanced interactivity like customizable camera angles, stats overlays, condensed replays, and more.

"See if specialty features like mobile alerts or alternate home/away feeds add value for you during the NBA free trial," says Decker.

4. Cancel Early If Needed

Free trials automatically convert to paid subscriptions once the period ends.

Decker strongly recommends canceling early if you decide the service isn‘t worth the monthly fee.

"Don‘t wait for the trial to expire. Cancel as soon as you know it‘s not right for you to avoid surprise charges."

5. Review Account Settings

Before starting your free trial, double check account settings for options like auto-renew and stream limits.

As Decker advises, "Disable auto-renew so you don‘t forget to cancel. Also consider adjusting streaming limits to fit your needs."

Following these tips will help you get the most out of every precious minute of NBA free streaming!

Legit Ways to Stream NBA Games 100% Free

What if you don‘t want to hand over your credit card for a free trial?

There are still legitimate ways to watch live NBA games throughout the season without any trial or paid subscription required:

1. Watch Local Broadcasts with an OTA Antenna

One of the simplest ways to stream NBA games for free is using an over-the-air (OTA) antenna.

OTA antennas easily plug into your TV and pull in free local broadcast channels like ABC, ESPN, TNT, and regional sports networks in crystal clear HD quality.

Decker loves this option for basketball fans. "An antenna gives you access to nationally televised NBA games on ABC and ESPN, plus local broadcasts, all for free after the 1-time equipment purchase."

A quality indoor OTA antenna starts around $20-30. No monthly fees needed!

According to AntennaWeb, major markets like LA, NYC, and Chicago receive over 50 free channels.

This is perfect for watching in-market NBA games without any ongoing subscription.

2. Tune into Broadcast Games on Locast offers free live local broadcasts in 35+ US markets.

The nonprofit streaming service carries ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and more – including local NBA telecasts.

As Decker explains, "Simply enter your zip code on Locast to see which local channels are available in your area. You can then stream them 100% free in the Locast app or web player."

The major downside is that Locast inserts periodic 15-30 second donation requests unless you pay $5/month. Still, it beats paying for expensive cable!

3. Follow the NBA on Social Media

The NBA has an awesome social media presence, often streaming live game highlights and curated highlights for free.

"Throughout the season, the NBA posts select full game replays and exciting moments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the NBA app," says Decker. "It‘s a nice free option for occasional basketball, but not a complete replacement for League Pass."

Follow #NBATwitter and @NBA to stay on top of free live streams as they happen.

YouTube is another go-to destination for NBA video. The league posts mini-documentaries, vintage games, podcasts, and more for hoopsheads.

4. Scope Out Yahoo Sports App

The Yahoo Sports app provides a limited lineup of daily live NBA games for free, no subscription or trial needed.

As Decker explains, "Yahoo Sports has partnerships to live stream local broadcasts, nationally televised games, and NBA TV – all 100% free on mobile devices and the web."

Of course, the free selection is hit-or-miss compared to paying for League Pass. But hey, it‘s a nice bonus outlet for NBA action.

5. Don‘t Miss ABC/ESPN Simulcasts

Disney-owned ESPN and ABC televise tons of marquee NBA showdowns throughout the season.

Luckily, ABC broadcasts a select few NBA games that you can also stream 100% free on and in the ESPN app, according to CNET.

"Saturday and Sunday primetime matchups on ABC are your best bet for free simulcasts," says Decker. "Plus the occasional holiday game."

Simply open the app or website and enjoy the live sports without any pesky cable login required.

While these free streaming options are limited, they provide legitimate NBA access at zero cost for cord cutters.

Paying Less for NBA League Pass

The free trials give you a taste of premium NBA streaming. But League Pass ultimately requires a hefty investment throughout the long six-month season.

If you become a basketball streaming junkie, here are 5 proven ways to pay less for NBA League Pass from subscription pro William Decker:

1. Choose Monthly Billing

League Pass offers both annual ($99.99/year) and monthly ($14.99/month) plans.

Annual seems cheaper, but Decker suggests going monthly if possible.

"Paying monthly gives you more flexibility to cancel during less exciting parts of the NBA season. Monthly access can save you money in the long run."

Just remember to cancel when ready, as monthly plans auto-renew every 30 days.

2. Select a Single Team Pass

Want to follow a specific team like your beloved LA Lakers rather than the entire NBA?

"Single team League Pass packages start at just $17.99 per year," says Decker. "It‘s the cheapest way to get access for one favorite squad."

Maybe pair it with an OTA antenna or Locast for nationally broadcast games.

3. Watch for NBA League Pass Promotions

Around major NBA events like Christmas, All-Star Weekend, and the trade deadline, League Pass typically offers promotions.

"Keep an eye out for 25-50% limited-time discounts," Decker recommends. "Act quick, as these deals sell out fast!"

Following NBA social media is a good way to find upcoming discount codes.

4. Check Streaming/Cable Provider Offers

Certain streaming services and cable providers offer NBA League Pass bundled with select packages.

For example, YouTube TV includes NBA TV with its base $65/month plan. You can then add League Pass for $40/month total.

Having NBA streaming built into your existing TV subscription can unlock savings compared to direct sign up.

5. Split the Bill with Family/Friends

Since League Pass permits 3 simultaneous streams per account, Decker suggests going in with others to unlock access for less.

"Splitting the annual League Pass fee with a sports buddy or family member saves everyone money. Stream from different devices and enjoy!"

Just note that add-on streams cost extra (around $20/season), so account sharing works best. But it still beats paying for multiple separate subscriptions.

Getting creative with these tips will help you trim the cost of NBA League Pass and maximize every dollar.

Frequently Asked NBA Free Trial Questions

Let‘s wrap up this detailed guide with answers to common questions about NBA free trials:

How long does the standard NBA League Pass free trial last?7 days for new users. May extend to 10-14 days at start of season.
What devices allow NBA streaming?Phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, game consoles, and more.
Do I need cable to use the NBA‘s free trials?No cable login or contract required! NBA streaming is direct-to-consumer.
Which NBA games are blacked out?Local broadcasts + national ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBA TV games don‘t appear.
Can I cancel an NBA free trial before it ends?Yes! You can cancel anytime to avoid being charged at the end of the free period.
Can I get multiple NBA League Pass free trials?Unfortunately, the 7-day trial is only for new subscribers. But returning users can take advantage of occasional extended previews.
Are any NBA games 100% free?Yes! Check OTA antennas, Locast, social media, and Yahoo Sports for select free NBA games.

Have more questions about NBA free trials? Ask our team of streaming experts in the comments!

Slam Dunk Streaming Savings

We hope this guide gave you a better understanding of the NBA‘s free trial options and how to maximize their value.

The key takeaways:

  • New users can access a 7-day free trial of NBA League Pass and NBA TV. Special promotions may extend for over a month!

  • Time your free trial during peak NBA moments for must-see matchups. Cancel early if it‘s not for you.

  • Legit free streaming is available via antennas, Locast, social media, and other outlets. But access is limited.

  • League Pass has monthly pricing, team packages, bundled deals, and sharing options to cut costs if you get hooked after the free trial.

Enjoy the thrill of NBA action during the free previews and use these streaming hacks to watch affordably all season long. Let‘s tip things off with a slam dunk!



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