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How long is the Battlefield 2042 free trial with EA Play?

Battlefield 2042 has been offering a free trial through EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, allowing players to test out the game for a limited time before deciding if they want to purchase it. The free trial period provides up to 10 hours of gameplay, giving you a good amount of time to experience Battlefield 2042‘s maps, modes, weapons, vehicles, and more.

How Does the EA Play Free Trial Work?

The Battlefield 2042 free trial through EA Play works like this:

  • You need an active EA Play subscription on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation to access the free trial. EA Play costs $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

  • The free trial allows you to play Battlefield 2042 for up to 10 hours. Your playtime is limited to 10 total hours, not 10 hours per day.

  • All progress you make during the 10 hour trial, including weapon unlocks, XP gained, and any purchased in-game content, will carry over if you decide to purchase the full game later.

  • Once your 10 hour trial is over, you won‘t be able to play any more of Battlefield 2042 unless you purchase the game.

  • If you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you get EA Play included with it so you can access the 10 hour Battlefield 2042 trial at no extra cost.

  • The free trial is only available for a limited time after Battlefield 2042‘s release. EA Play trials typically run for about a month but can vary.

So in summary, you play up to 10 hours total of Battlefield 2042 multiplayer via EA Play, and if you hit the 10 hour limit, you have to buy the game to continue playing. All progress during the trial carries over if you do buy the full game later on.

When Does the Free Trial End?

EA has not given an exact end date for the Battlefield 2042 free trial at this time.

Based on typical EA Play trial periods, we can expect the Battlefield 2042 free trial to run for around 1 month after release, which would be until mid-December 2021.

However, EA could choose to extend or reduce the free trial period, so the exact end date is not guaranteed yet. Your best bet is to try and take advantage of the 10 hours as soon as possible in case the trial ends suddenly.

It‘s highly likely EA will post an official end date for the free trial at least a few days before they plan to remove it. Keep an eye on Battlefield 2042‘s website, social media, or the EA Play page for announcements regarding when the trial will conclude.

What Content Can You Play During the Free Trial?

The Battlefield 2042 EA Play free trial gives you full access to the game‘s multiplayer modes, maps, weapons, vehicles, and more. Here‘s an overview of what you can experience during your 10 hour trial:

  • All 7 Multiplayer Maps: You can play on all of Battlefield 2042‘s launch maps – Orbital, Discarded, Renewal, Hourglass, Breakaway, Kaleidoscope, and Manifest.

  • All Specialists: You can use all 10 Specialists in the trial, each with their own unique traits and specialist gadget. Specialists like Wikus, Webster, Boris, and more are available.

  • All Modes: Battlefield 2042‘s modes like Conquest, Breakthrough, Rush, and Hazard Zone can be played.

  • All Weapons/Vehicles: Use any of the game‘s weapons, gadgets, and vehicles like tanks, helicopters, jets, hovercrafts, and more. Everything is unlocked.

  • Progress Carries Over: Gain XP, unlock new weapons/gadgets, and earn currency during the trial, all of which will carry over if you buy.

So in summary, the EA Play free trial gives you access to the full Battlefield 2042 multiplayer experience including all modes, maps, weapons, vehicles, and more. The only real limitation is being capped at 10 hours of playtime.

Is There Cross-Play During the Free Trial?

Yes, Battlefield 2042 does support cross-play between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. So if you‘re on PC and playing the 10 hour trial, you can play with your friends on Xbox or PlayStation who are also doing the trial.

Your multiplayer progress, unlocks, stats, etc. will carry over across platforms thanks to the cross-progression feature. Just use the same EA account when playing on different systems.

The cross-play functionality works exactly the same during the free trial as it does in the full version of the game. So you can squad up with friends on other platforms immediately during the trial period.

Does the Free Trial Include Single Player/Co-Op Modes?

While you can play all of Battlefield 2042‘s online multiplayer content during the free trial, the trial does not include access to the single player or co-op modes.

The major omissions from the free trial are:

  • Hazard Zone (Squad Co-Op): This 4-player co-op mode takes place on the multiplayer maps but is not playable in the trial.

  • Solo/Co-Op against AI Bots: You cannot play any multiplayer maps solo or with friends against AI bots. Multiplayer is the only option.

So unfortunately, you can only experience the core multiplayer versus modes during the 10 hour EA Play trial period. Solo modes, co-op, and Hazard Zone are reserved for those who purchase the full game.

What Platforms Is the Free Trial Available On?

Here are the platforms that can access the 10 hour Battlefield 2042 free trial via EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

  • PC: Available on EA app or Origin for EA Play members

  • Xbox: Available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles for EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members

  • PlayStation: Available on PS5 and PS4 for EA Play members

So all major platforms – PC, Xbox consoles, and PlayStation consoles – can participate in the free trial if you have an active EA Play subscription or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Just make sure to download the trial through the EA app on PC or claim it from the EA Play section on Xbox/PlayStation consoles once it‘s officially available.

How to Get the Free Trial on Each Platform

Here is a quick overview of how to access the Battlefield 2042 free trial on each platform if you have an active EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership:

On PC:

  • Open the EA App or Origin and go to the EA Play tab
  • Find Battlefield 2042 and download/install the free trial
  • Once installed, launch the game and your 10 hour trial will begin

On Xbox:

  • Go to the EA Play section on your console and look for Battlefield 2042
  • Click to download/install the free trial
  • After it has installed, launch the game from your library to start the 10 hour trial

On PlayStation:

  • Go to the EA Play section and find Battlefield 2042
  • Select the option to download the free trial
  • When finished installing, start up Battlefield 2042 and your 10 hours will begin

It only takes a couple of minutes to find and download the trial through your EA Play membership. If you have any issues locating it, you may need to wait until the trial officially goes live following Battlefield 2042‘s launch.

What Carries Over if You Buy the Full Game?

Any progress you make during the free trial, including weapons unlocked, XP earned, currency obtained, and purchases made will carry over if you decide to buy the full version of Battlefield 2042 later on.

Here‘s what will transfer over after your trial ends if you choose to purchase the game:

  • XP progression and player level
  • Any weapons, equipment, or attachments unlocked
  • In-game currency earned and purchases made with it
  • Your custom settings like keybinds, sensitivity, etc.
  • Your friends list and squad members
  • Player customization options like skins unlocked

Essentially, your entire multiplayer progress will be retained. This allows you to continue right where you left off if you do decide to buy Battlefield 2042 after the trial.

Just be sure to use the same EA/Origin account that you played the trial with when purchasing the full game. As long as you use the same account, everything will carry over seamlessly.

Can You Cancel EA Play After the Trial?

Once your Battlefield 2042 free trial through EA Play ends, you can immediately go in and cancel your EA Play subscription if you don‘t plan to continue using it.

To cancel EA Play:

  • On PC go to the EA app > Account Settings > Subscriptions
  • On Xbox go to Account > Subscriptions > EA Play
  • On PlayStation go to Settings > Account > Subscriptions

From there you can select to cancel your EA Play renewal. Just be sure to disable auto-renewal so you aren‘t charged again a month later.

With EA Play‘s monthly subscription, you can quickly subscribe to try the Battlefield 2042 trial, cancel right after, and only be out $4.99 for 1 month of access.

If you did take the annual subscription for a better rate, you can still cancel but won‘t be refunded for the remaining months left in your membership year.

Tips to Make the Most of Your 10 Hour Trial

Here are some tips to help you maximize your time during the Battlefield 2042 free trial through EA Play:

  • Check progress often – Periodically check how many hours you have left so you aren‘t surprised when the trial suddenly ends.

  • Focus on 1-2 modes – Pick 1 or 2 favorite modes to play so you have enough time to experience them properly. Don‘t try to play every mode.

  • Use EA friends – Squad up with EA friends to gain XP boosts during the trial. Having a good squad can help you unlock more.

  • Play tactically – Don‘t just run and gun everywhere. Play smart, work with your squad, and capture objectives efficiently.

  • Try all Specialists – Get a feel for how each Specialist class plays before the trial is over. Find one that fits your playstyle.

  • Experiment with loadouts – Don‘t just use the same weapon every round. Try out different guns, attachments, and gadgets while you can.

Following these tips will help prevent any wasted time during your limited 10 hours. Be smart about what you want to accomplish during your short trial window.

Can You Replay the Free Trial with Another Account?

Unfortunately, you cannot simply create a new account to replay the Battlefield 2042 free trial once your first 10 hours are up. The free trial is limited to one per EA/Origin account to prevent abuse.

EA‘s terms of service strictly prohibit creating multiple accounts just to access trials for longer than the time limit. Trying to circumvent the system this way could potentially get all of your accounts banned.

The only way to legitimately gain another free trial is if you have access to a completely different platform like PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Each separate platform account may be eligible for its own trial.

But on a single platform, you only get 1 allotment of 10 hours total during the free trial event. You cannot replay the same trial on another account through loopholes. Be sure to make the most of the time you have!

Can You Still Pre-Order After Trying the Free Trial?

Yes, you can still pre-order and pre-load Battlefield 2042 even after you have started or finished your 10 hour free trial through EA Play.

Accessing the free trial does not prevent you from pre-purchasing the full game later on. And any bonuses included with your pre-order like unique skins, early access periods, or DLC packs will still be redeemable.

The only items you wouldn‘t receive again are common pre-order bonuses like instant unlocks for weapons or currency since you likely already unlocked them naturally through playtime during your trial.

But all other special pre-order offers remain claimable even if you played the 10 hour trial beforehand. So don‘t hesitate to pre-order Battlefield 2042 after trying it out first.

Does the Free Trial Guarantee Access at Launch?

Participating in the EA Play free trial does not guarantee you will have access to Battlefield 2042 when it fully launches. The trial is essentially a demo version separate from the core game.

Once the trial period expires, the only way to continue playing is to purchase a full copy of Battlefield 2042. You won‘t automatically gain permanent access just because you tried the free trial.

There is also no pre-loading benefit to playing the trial. You will need to fully pre-order Battlefield 2042 in order to pre-load the game prior to official launch and play the second early access opens up.

So while the free trial does allow you to test the game early, it does not grant you guaranteed day-one access or pre-load privileges. You still need to buy the full game on your platform of choice.

Is Battlefield 2042 Worth Buying After the Free Trial?

Whether Battlefield 2042 is ultimately worth buying after trying the 10 hour free trial comes down to your personal enjoyment and preferences:

Consider buying it if:

  • You really enjoyed the core gameplay and mechanics
  • You‘re a big fan of Battlefield games in general
  • You liked the maps, weapons, vehicles, graphics, etc.
  • You want to keep all the progress and unlocks from the trial
  • You want to play Hazard Zone and solo/co-op modes

Maybe wait and see if:

  • You thought the gameplay was just okay but a bit lacking
  • You encountered a lot of bugs, glitches, or performance issues
  • You prefer other shooters like Call of Duty or Apex Legends
  • You want more content before paying full price
  • You primarily play solo rather than online multiplayer

Trying before you buy is the best way to gauge if Battlefield 2042‘s multiplayer offering provides enough value to warrant the $60+ investment. Use your entire 10 hour trial to carefully determine if this year‘s entry aligns with your shooter tastes and expectations before purchasing.

In Conclusion

The Battlefield 2042 EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate free trial gives you up to 10 hours of hands-on time with Battlefield 2042‘s multiplayer maps, weapons, vehicles, and more leading up to launch.

Take advantage of the full 10 hours to get a feel for the gameplay to determine if you want to buy the full game when early access starts. Focus your time on your favorite modes and experimenting with classes rather than trying to rush through everything.

While the trial has some limitations like excluding Hazard Zone and solo modes, it does allow you to experience the core online multiplayer versus modes. And all progress during the trial carries over if you do decide to purchase Battlefield 2042 later on.

Give the game a fair shot during your 10 hours and assess if you want to keep playing beyond the trial. Pre-ordering is still an option even after taking the free trial if you want to gain early access perks. Use this opportunity to ensure Battlefield 2042 is the right shooter choice for you this holiday season.



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