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What to Expect from Blink-182‘s Highly Anticipated Reunion Tour in 2023

As a long-time blink-182 fan, I can‘t wait to finally see the pop punk legends back together for their massive 2023/2024 tour. I know I‘m not alone in wondering—how long will Blink‘s concerts be next year? For fans making plans, here‘s a detailed look at the tour schedule, average show length, dream setlist predictions, and more.

Touring Again After 8 Years Apart: This Reunion Matters

Ever since Tom DeLonge split from the band in 2015, fans like me have waited anxiously for Mark, Travis and Tom to tour again. Their chemistry defined an era for pop punk. After years of hoping, it‘s finally happening on the "Rock Hard Tour" kicking off Spring 2023!

Some key reunion tour dates:

  • May 4, 2023 – St. Paul, MN – Xcel Energy Center
  • May 6, 2023 – Chicago, IL – United Center
  • May 20, 2023 – Columbus, OH – Nationwide Arena

That‘s just a taste—view all 100+ dates here. They‘re hitting major cities across North America and Europe through Summer 2024.

I already got presale tickets for their Nashville show. But fans in certain cities are struggling to get seats, with brokers reselling for 2-3X price. I‘ll share some tips below for finding face value tickets.

Average Blink-182 Concert Length: Around 25 Songs/1 Hour 40 Minutes

I expect their high-energy show to be:

  • Total concert length: About 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Setlist duration: Approximately 1 hour, 40 minutes
  • Songs played: 25-26 on average

Here‘s how their recent setlists have looked on the 2023 tour so far:

YearAvg Setlist LengthAvg # Songs
20231 hr 35 min26
20111 hr 30 min24
20091 hr 25 min22

Their current setlist is right in line with past reunion tours. With so many hits spanning three decades, the challenge is jamming it all into just 90 minutes!

I hope they play as many fan favorites as possible like:

  • "All the Small Things"
  • "What‘s My Age Again"
  • "First Date"
  • "The Rock Show"

And some deeper cuts for the diehards:

  • "Wishing Well"
  • "Stay Together for the Kids"
  • "Reckless Abandon"

Mark and Travis have an innate skill for riling up a crowd. Add Tom‘s raw vocals back in the mix, and every show is bound to be a sweaty, voice-shredding singalong bonanza.

Must-Hit International Tour Stops

While the tour is focused on North America, they‘re also playing some special global dates:

  • March 11, 2023 – Tijuana, Mexico
  • March 14, 2023 – Lima, Peru
  • September 2023 – UK & Ireland (TBD)

I‘m jealous of fans who get to see them south of the border! Their Mexico City show back in 2010 is the stuff of legend. Lima is an intriguing exotic choice too.

Unfortunately the UK/Ireland dates were postponed. As a mom myself, I totally understand needing to be home with family. Here‘s hoping new 2023 dates will be announced soon! Those Irish and Scottish crowds would bring next-level energy.

Hearing From Fans: "The Best Reunion Show Ever!"

Don‘t just take my word for it. Check out what fans are saying after the initial 2023 concerts:

"The energy was palpable from the opening riff. Blink-182 was on fire tonight! Tom‘s voice sounded better than ever."

"That was the best show I‘ve ever been to! Nostalgic but still felt fresh and fun. Worth every penny."

"They played all the old faves I wanted to hear plus great new stuff too. Epic reunion!"

Glowing reviews so far. I love hearing how different generations of fans are connecting at the shows. Lifelong listeners reliving their youth, younger fans discovering the magic for the first time.

How to Get Tickets: Shop Smart to Avoid Scams

If you don‘t have tickets yet, here are some tips:

  • Buy early! Demand is high and many cities are selling out.

  • Check presales. Follow Blink‘s social accounts for presale codes. Sign up on their website for fan club access.

  • Beware brokers/resales. Fake tickets ran rampant on past tours. Only buy from official sources.

  • Compare prices. Prices range from around $50 nosebleeds to $500+ floor seats. Wait for general sale if presales are crazy marked up.

  • See what‘s included. Many venues have "VIP packages" with perks like early entry, merch, laminates. Could be worth splurging!

  • Have backups. Save listings for alternate dates/cities in case your first choice sells out.

Don‘t end up stuck outside the sold out arena. Get your tickets early from safe vendors so you can spend show day rocking out carefree!

Worth Every Penny and Then Some

Obviously I‘m beyond pumped as a lifelong fan. But even people unfamiliar with Blink‘s catalog are in for an amazing experience. Singing thousands-strong with 50,000 of your new best friends? Chef‘s kiss.

At an average of $125 per ticket, is it worth the price? 100 times yes.

You simply can‘t put a price on the nostalgia rush of hearing "All the Small Things" live alongside the diehards. Feeling the heat of the pyrotechnics burns during "The Rock Show." Screaming every lyric at the top of your tired lungs for an hour straight.

Blink in their prime was lightning in a bottle. Catch it while you can on this tour. When the UK dates get rescheduled, I might even try to catch them twice!

Don‘t Miss This Unforgettable Pop Punk Celebration

If Blink-182‘s 2023 tour is rolling through your town, clear your calendar. Tell your boss you‘re sick. Do whatever it takes to experience this legendary lineup live.

You‘ll get 25-26 of your favorite Blink jams packed into a high-octane, hit-filled set. Sing, dance and mosh alongside fellow fans basking in pop punk perfection.

Seeing Mark, Tom and Travis on stage together again is a dream come true. Trust me, it‘ll be a special night you‘ll never forget.

Let me know which show you‘re headed to! I can‘t wait to compare setlists and relive this awesome tour.



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