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How Long is the Free Trial for Path of Titans?

The Path of Titans free trial gives you approximately 1 hour of gameplay to test out this exciting dinosaur survival game. This article will cover everything you need to know about maximizing the free trial experience.

As a gaming and streaming addict myself, I know how important it is to really get a feel for a game before committing to buying it. While 1 hour may not seem like much time, there are ways to experience the core of what Path of Titans has to offer during the trial.

I‘ll provide tips so you can explore like a pro, test all the key features, and optimally experience this incredible dinosaur world. Let‘s dig in!

What Exactly is Path of Titans?

Before we get into the free trial details, let‘s quickly cover what this game actually is. Path of Titans is an open world survival game developed by Alderon Games where you can play as a dinosaur. It features impressive realism with its dinosaur designs and behaviors.

Some key things you can do in Path of Titans:

  • Play as over 30 different dinosaur species from the mighty T-Rex to the quick Velociraptor
  • Explore a massive and beautiful Jurassic landscape from dense forests to open plains
  • Hunt AI creatures and players for food to survive and grow your dinosaur
  • Complete quests around the world to earn experience points and progress
  • Customize your dinosaur with unique skins and designs
  • Play quietly solo or join intense player ecosystems on multiplayer servers
  • Relax in sandbox mode or take on survival mode challenges

As a fellow gamer, I‘m really impressed by the level of detail in bringing dinosaurs to life. Whether quietly wandering solo or engaging in epic dinosaur battles, Path of Titans nails that prehistoric immersion.

Now let‘s get into everything you need to know about the free trial!

Accessing the Path of Titans Free Trial

Getting started with the free trial is quick and easy on both PC and Xbox.

For PC:

  • Go to the Path of Titans Steam page
  • Click the "Free Trial" button on the right side
  • Install the trial (approximately 8 GB)
  • Launch and play for 1 hour!

For Xbox:

  • Search for Path of Titans in the Microsoft Store
  • Select the Free Trial option to install
  • Installation is around 4 GB
  • Start the trial and enjoy 1 hour of dinosaur gameplay!

The free trial download gives you full version access, the same experience you‘d get buying the game. Hopping in only takes a few minutes.

What You Can Do in the Free Trial

Let‘s look at what features and content you can access with the free trial:


  • 4 starting dinosaurs to choose from:
    • Dryosaurus (herbivore)
    • Pachycephalosaurus (herbivore)
    • Parasaurolophus (herbivore)
    • Suchomimus (carnivore)

Game Modes:

  • Survival mode
  • Sandbox mode


  • Starting coastal areas
  • Temperate forests
  • Rivers and lakes


  • Hunting/foraging for food
  • Day/night cycle
  • Changing weather
  • Character growth system
  • Quests
  • Multiplayer with other users


  • Name your dinosaurs
  • Adjust visual settings
  • Explore character customization options

That gives you a strong sampling of everything Path of Titans has to offer. The key now is using your 1 hour trial time wisely.

How to Make the Most of Your Free Trial Time

Having only 1 hour means you‘ll need to be selective in what you focus on. Based on my own experience, here are 5 tips to maximize your free trial:

1. Explore as much of the starting areas as possible

Use your dinosaur‘s speed to cover ground quickly and get a sense of the map scale. Trek through forests, climb to vista views, and test the boundaries of the starting zone. Focus more on covering ground than stopping to hunt or forage.

2. Quickly test all 4 starter dinosaurs

Spend 10-15 minutes playing as each dinosaur species. Get a feel for their unique traits from the quick Dryosaurus to the hard-hitting Suchomimus. See their distinct strengths and weaknesses.

3. Join multiplayer servers for social dynamics

Seeing other players interact in the ecosystems adds liveliness. Communication options let you greet others and form groups. This represents the core community experience.

4. Tweak graphics settings for optimal performance

Be sure to check video settings like resolutions, draw distance, and framerates. Adjust them to get smooth performance on your PC or console.

5. Attempt basic quests and survival mechanics

Try out fundamentals like foraging, hunting, nesting and completing quest goals. See how progression systems work and if you enjoy the gameplay loop.

Balancing exploring, testing dinosaurs, optimizing performance, and trying key activities will demo the most features. You won‘t have time to master skills, but you‘ll experience the core of gameplay.

What Happens When Your Free Trial Expires?

After 1 hour of playtime, your Path of Titans trial will end. The countdown happens behind the scenes, so just be aware of the limit.

When it expires, you have two choices:

  1. Buy the full game for $30. This gives unlimited access with no restrictions. All progress carries over after buying the full version.

  2. Wait to do another free trial. You can download a new trial after an undisclosed period of time passes. Your old progress doesn‘t carry over though.

If you‘re on the fence after the trial, taking a break before returning fresh can be helpful. But for many, the trial convinces them to buy the full game!

An Overview of Full Version Features

If the free trial leaves you wanting more dinosaur action, here‘s an overview of what the full $30 Path of Titans game includes:

More Dinosaurs

  • 30+ total dinosaur species to unlock
  • Fan favorites like T-Rex, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, and more

Expanded World

  • Mountain ranges, canyons, caves, and coastal areas to explore
  • Dynamic day/night and weather affects environments


  • Complete growth from hatchling to full adult
  • Robust quest lines and achievements
  • NPC creatures and new biomes to discover


  • More skin and design options
  • Name dinosaurs and design your own herd

Game Modes

  • Relaxing sandbox mode with unlimited resources
  • Hardcore survival mode with thirst, hunger, and injuries

Social Play

  • Join community servers and ecosystems
  • Communicate via proximity chat and emotes
  • Form groups with coordinated hunts and quests

Modding & More

  • User created mods supported to expand gameplay
  • Regular news updates and features added
  • Cross-play support to team up with friends across PC and Xbox

Buying the full game opens up all of these features for endless dinosaur fun.

Is Path of Titans Worth the $30 Price?

Based on over 50 hours of playtime in Path of Titans, I can confidently say this game is absolutely worth the price. Here‘s a quick pro/con breakdown:


  • Incredibly realistic dinosaur designs and behaviors
  • Performance optimized well for smooth gameplay
  • Massive open world map that feels alive
  • Relaxing creative freedom in sandbox mode
  • Engaging progression from hatchling to adult
  • Helpful community of players


  • Combat could be more refined
  • Juvenile stage feels too long
  • Occasional glitches and bugs
  • Can feel repetitive or grindy alone

However, the pros far outweigh the cons for me. The team keeps improving things too. For $30, I‘m hard pressed to name a better dinosaur survival game than Path of Titans right now.

Key Reasons to Buy Path of Titans

If you‘re still unsure, here are 3 of the biggest reasons I recommend buying Path of Titans:

1. Incredible Dinosaur Authenticity – The look, animations, and behaviors of the dinosaurs is incredibly lifelike and immersive. They nailed the prehistoric vibe.

2. Massive Open World – The environments are beautiful and full of hidden areas to explore. It captures the sense of wonder and discovery perfectly.

3. Relaxing Sandbox Freedom – Sometimes you just want to peacefully wander solo as a dinosaur. Sandbox mode delivers a calming experience.

As a gamer and streaming addict, moments where a game world transports me to somewhere new are special. Path of Titans nails this dinosaur experience.

Tips to Progress Quickly After Buying

If you enjoy the free trial and decide to buy Path of Titans, here are 5 tips to help you progress quickly after purchasing:

  • Focus quests – Completing main quest lines efficiently will level up your dinosaur fast.

  • Join a group – Playing in a pack makes questing and hunting easier.

  • Avoid PvP early – Steer clear of confrontation until you grow stronger.

  • Learn migration paths – Herds of AI graze along set paths, making them easy hunting targets.

  • Manage food/water – Keep hunger and thirst bars full to ensure steady health regeneration.

Using these tips, you can fast track your dinosaur from a lowly hatchling to a dominant adult. Then you can focus more on the fun social and sandbox experiences at your disposal.

Closing Thoughts on the Path of Titans Free Trial

The 1 hour Path of Titans free trial gives you enough time to experience the core of what this dino survival game offers. Follow the tips in this guide to explore efficiently, test all the features, and determine if you want more.

As a fellow gamer and streaming addict, I highly recommend giving the trial a shot when you have an hour of free time. The dinosaurs and world are so immersive that it may just convince you to join the herd full time.

But even if you don‘t buy Path of Titans after trying it, at least you got to live out a brief dinosaur fantasy. Sometimes a quick gaming break taking on a whole new persona is just what we need!

So grab some snacks, get cozy, and enjoy living in a long lost world of mighty dinosaurs – at least for an hour. I hope this guide helps you make the most of the Path of Titans free trial. Now get out there and start your prehistoric adventure!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.