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How Long is the Free Trial Period for Xbox Game Pass?

For those new to console gaming or considering an Xbox, the free trial period for Xbox Game Pass is currently 14 days to experience the subscription service risk-free. Keep reading this comprehensive guide to make the most of your Game Pass trial and see if the "Netflix of gaming" is right for you.

Xbox Game Pass grants unlimited access to a library of over 100 digital games for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. subscribers pay a monthly fee for unlimited downloads rather than buying individual titles. Game Pass saves members an average of $180 annually compared to purchasing two new release games at $70 each based on 2022 retail pricing.

With blockbuster day-one launches like Starfield confirmed for Game Pass in 2023, the service offers tremendous value. But is two weeks enough to evaluate it? Let‘s fully explore Xbox Game Pass and its free trial offer.

A Game Changer – The Rise of Xbox Game Pass

Since launching in 2017, Xbox Game Pass has shaken up the video game industry, changing how players access and engage with new content. For a monthly fee, subscribers gain an "all-you-can-play" library across Xbox and PC. No longer restricted to only 1-2 title purchases a month, members enjoy unlimited access to varied gaming experiences.

From humble beginnings with around 100 games, the Game Pass catalog has ballooned to over 400 games as of October 2022 according to Microsoft. Over 25 million users are subscribed, up 130% year-over-year according to Microsoft‘s latest earnings report.

Game Pass‘s growth has been fueled by a winning formula – attracting users with a Netflix-style buffet of titles from top franchises like Halo, Fallout, and DOOM while also featuring acclaimed indies like Hollow Knight.

"Game Pass has absolutely been a game changer," says Matt, a 36-year old gamer and early Game Pass adopter. He told us Game Pass allows him to play 3-4 times as many titles for the same money. "I‘ve discovered so many great indies I never would have played otherwise," Matt said.

Industry analysts have taken note of Game Pass‘s meteoric rise. "Game Pass is upending the traditional model of buying games individually and may disrupt the entire industry," said Piers Harding-Rolls, research director of Ampere Analysis. Game sales could be cannibalized by all-you-can play subscriptions.

Saving Gamers Big Money

For savvy gamers like Matt, the savings from Xbox Game Pass membership quickly add up. At retail, new Xbox releases typically cost $59.99 – $69.99. Buying just two titles per month at $70 each totals $840 annually.

Compare that to a Game Pass Ultimate subscription at $14.99 monthly or $180 yearly. Including bonus Xbox Live Gold access, this reflects nearly $660 in potential annual savings.

Let‘s crunch the numbers for a hypothetical player who might otherwise buy the following new releases this year:

GameRetail Price
Forza Motorsport$69.99
Overwatch 2$59.99
Total Retail Cost$269.96

Whereas with a Game Pass Ultimate membership, they gain access to all these upcoming day-one launches for just $14.99 per month, or $180 per year – about $90 in savings just on the titles above.

Game Pass also encourages trying under the radar indies which typically retail for $19.99-$29.99. Sampling 5 of these per year can total around another $100 in savings for adventurous players.

"Between big new releases like Starfield and indie gems, Game Pass saves me a ton of money," said Sam, a Game Pass subscriber. "It lets me play way more games than I could afford otherwise."

Evaluating Game Pass – How Long is the Free Trial?

With big savings potential, how can you determine if Game Pass is a fit for your gaming habits? Microsoft offers new subscribers a 14-day free trial to experience Game Pass first-hand.

14 days grants adequate time to download and sample a selection of the 100+ included console and PC titles. It‘s enough time to test online multiplayer through Xbox Live Gold and cloud gaming capabilities. Players who tend to focus on one game at a time may want to break that habit to sample more titles during the 14 day window.

"I tried Game Pass for the 2 week trial and was able to finish one game and start another," said Lauren, a new Xbox Series X owner. "14 days lets you get a really good feel for the variety on Game Pass."

Comparatively, PlayStation Plus offers a 7 day trial for its service while Google Stadia Pro grants 1 month. Given Game Pass‘s enormous catalog, Microsoft‘s 14 day trial strikes a fair balance between depth and duration. However, gamers interested in expansive 100+ hour RPGs may find the window limiting. Downloading titles early maximizes actual playtime available.

Expert Tips to Maximize Your 14 Day Trial

How can savvy gamers make the most of their standard 14 day Xbox Game Pass trial period? Here are tips from‘s gaming experts:

  • Pre-load your must-play Game Pass titles to start playing the minute your trial begins.

  • Prioritize "bite-sized" indie games you can finish in <15 hours first.

  • For longer games, focus on those with sequences you can complete in 2 weeks.

  • If playing co-op/multiplayer games, get friends to join the trial too.

  • If you own Xbox games not on Game Pass, play those only after your trial ends.

  • Mark a calendar reminder to cancel a few days before the 14 day period ends.

  • Take screenshots of your game progress in case you subscribe later.

Following this strategy allows maximizing the breadth of Game Pass offerings sampled during the standard trial.

Gamer dad Steve told us: "I used the tips above and was able to try out 6 smaller indie games and made good progress in Forza Horizon 5 during the 14 days." A focused approach helps evaluate if Game Pass suits your gaming preferences.

Cancelling Before You‘re Charged

Game Pass trials auto-renew into a paid monthly subscription after 14 days unless cancelled ahead of time. Thankfully, you can cancel an active trial without losing access to downloaded games for the remainder of the period.

To cancel during your free trial and avoid being charged:

  • On an Xbox console go to Settings > Account > Subscriptions
  • Via the Xbox mobile app, tap your profile picture and select Subscriptions
  • On the Game Pass website click your profile icon and choose Subscriptions

Then select your Game Pass trial subscription and choose to Cancel. Even after cancelling, you can keep playing your trial games until the 14 day period expires. So you don‘t have to worry about missing out on the full trial when cancelling early.

Extending Your Game Pass Trial Period

While 14 days is the standard trial period for new Game Pass members, Microsoft does frequently offer promotions that can lengthen – or even renew – your free access.

For example, purchasing select Xbox console bundles includes codes for 1-3 months of Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft also sometimes emails free month coupon codes to lapsed former subscribers to encourage returning.

It never hurts to check Game Pass social media channels and the Xbox website for available deals before your 14 day trial ends. Stacking promotions after the initial free trial can significantly extend your Game Pass evaluation window.

Occasional examples of extended Game Pass trial offers include:

  • 1 month Game Pass Ultimate for $1
  • 3 months Game Pass Ultimate free with new Xbox purchase
  • 1 month free trial code from Xbox social media giveaways

Game Pass vs. PlayStation Plus – Which Is Better?

How does Xbox Game Pass compare to Sony‘s competing PlayStation Plus service? Both offer libraries of 100+ games for a monthly fee. Here‘s how they stack up:

FeatureXbox Game PassPlayStation Plus
Monthly fee$9.99 Console
$14.99 Ultimate
$9.99 Essential
$17.99 Extra
Number of games400+[400+]
New releasesDay one (Microsoft titles)Select titles
Console online multiplayerYes – with Game Pass UltimateYes
PC game downloadsYesNo
Cloud game streamingYesSome titles
Free trial length14 days7 days

While Game Pass offers day-one access to Microsoft exclusives absent on PlayStation Plus, Sony‘s service does feature prestigious third party titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 not currently on Game Pass. Ultimately, each service has strengths that appeal depending on your platform and game preferences.

"After trying both, I prefer Game Pass for playing Microsoft first party games right away," Xbox owner Luke told us. "But I can see why PlayStation owners love Plus too."

The best way to decide is to take advantage of the free trials. Game Pass‘s 14 day trial duration provides more time to adequately evaluate its vast library compared to just 7 days for PlayStation Plus.

The Future of Xbox Game Pass

According to WindowsReport industry sources, exciting Game Pass enhancements Microsoft is developing include:

  • Shared libraries – Letting friends and family access your Game Pass games
  • Play anywhere streaming – Cloud gaming on more devices like smart TVs
  • Family plan subscription – One fee covers accounts for all household members
  • Perks beyond just games – In-game content, partner service offers, DLC

Microsoft is focused on providing unlimited value to make Game Pass a must-have gaming subscription. With day-one access to Starfield, Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and more blockbusters confirmed in 2023, the catalog will continue expanding.

Gaming pundits speculate even cheaper Game Pass tiers may arrive, subsidized by a higher priced ad-supported option. More flexible family sharing options should also be unveiled.

Start Your 14 Day Free Trial

For Xbox fans yet to experience Game Pass, signing up for the standard 14 day free trial is strongly recommended. With over 100 titles across varied genres and generations, Game Pass grants access to an incredible variety most gamers individually couldn‘t afford to buy.

A two week no-commitment trial gives adequate time to download and play a sampling of games that appeal to your tastes and interests. Focus on shorter indies you can finish plus a longer AAA game that reveals more over 10+ hours.

Game Pass represents a tremendous value, saving members hundreds of dollars yearly compared to purchasing titles at retail. Take advantage of the free trial to decide if this Netflix-style subscription service is a fit for your gaming habits.

If you ultimately don‘t wish to continue, be sure to cancel before the 14 days ends to avoid unwanted charges. But with new additions every month, check back periodically to try Game Pass again with another free trial. Discover your next favorite game experience with Xbox Game Pass!



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