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How Long Will NBA 2K23 Be Free to Play in 2023?

I know you‘re wondering how long you‘ll be able to play the new NBA 2K23 game for free. Well my friend, the free play event runs until February 6th at 2:59 AM Eastern Time. After that, you‘ll need to buy the game if you want to keep playing.

But don‘t worry, you‘ve still got a couple weeks left to enjoy NBA 2K23 for free if you‘re an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member! In this guide, I‘ll cover all the details on the free play period, pricing, which edition to buy, and whether NBA 2K23 is worth it.

Counting Down the Days to Free NBA 2K23

As an avid gamer myself, I totally get the excitement of scoring a hot new release like NBA 2K23 for free! We should cherish every remaining second of the free play event before it‘s gone.

Here‘s a countdown of how many days are left to play NBA 2K23 at no cost:

19 days until the free NBA 2K23 period ends on February 6th.

Mark your calendars and be sure to fit in as much game time as your schedule allows in the next 19 days. I recommend focusing on the MyCareer mode first to level up your custom MyPlayer.

Once you‘ve unlocked some signature skill moves and boosted your player‘s overall rating, you can really shine in multiplayer modes like The Playground.

Is NBA 2K23 Worth Buying After the Free Trial?

You might be wondering if NBA 2K23 is even worth buying once the free play event ends. As a hardcore NBA fan myself, I think the game is definitely worth picking up, especially if you can get it at a discounted price.

According to leading gaming site IGN, NBA 2K23 makes "incremental but meaningful improvements" to visual presentation, controls, online modes, and overall gameplay balance.

They praised the upgraded defensive maneuvering and gave NBA 2K23 an 8/10 overall rating. So while not revolutionary, NBA 2K23 does seem to refine the solid mechanics of the series.

As for new content, The Jordan Challenge has you reliving 15 iconic moments from Michael Jordan‘s legendary career. And MyNBA introduces a new Eras feature that lets you play through multiple time periods with classic teams and superstars.

So if you‘re an NBA junkie like me, you‘ll probably get your money‘s worth from NBA 2K23. Let‘s take a look at the pricing and which edition to buy.

Breaking Down the NBA 2K23 Standard vs. Deluxe Editions

NBA 2K23 offers several editions at different price points. Which one is right for you depends on your budget and desire for bonus content.

Here‘s a comparison of what‘s included with each version:

Standard$59.99Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PCJust the base game
Standard$69.99Xbox Series X/S, PS5Base game – next-gen
Michael Jordan$99.99All100,000 VC, Michael Jordan-themed content
Championship$149.99All100,000 VC, Michael Jordan content, 1-year NBA League Pass subscription, digital bonuses

As you can see, the Standard Edition is the most affordable at $60 for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. It just includes the core game.

Stepping up to the fancier editions gets you more in-game bonuses, with the Championship Edition packed with extras at $150.

The Michael Jordan Edition hits the sweet spot at $100 in my opinion. For just $40 more than the Standard, you get a nice 100,000 VC bonus for building up your MyPlayer quickly.

The Controversy Around NBA 2K23‘s Virtual Currency

As an expert on sports gaming, I‘ve got to address the controversial monetization model of the NBA 2K series. Many criticize 2K for encouraging "pay to win" through the heavy use of Virtual Currency (VC).

Here are some insights on the VC model:

  • It can take 150,000 to 200,000 VC to max out your MyPlayer‘s overall rating at 99. That would cost $50+ in real money!

  • Earning large amounts of VC through gameplay takes a ton of grinding time. Most players end up buying VC with real money.

  • Buying the Championship Edition gets you 100,000 VC upfront for $150. This lets you shortcut the grind and build an elite MyPlayer faster.

  • Some feel this monetization pressures players to keep spending money on VC in order to compete online. Almost a form of gambling.

While the VC system is concerning, try not to stress too much over it. Focus on enjoying the solid basketball gameplay. And take advantage of the free VC rewards you earn from completing quests and objectives in the various modes.

Let your inner baller shine through! Don‘t let the VC chase ruin the experience.

Predicting When NBA 2K23 Will Go on Sale

Since NBA 2K23 just launched in early September, it will be several months before we see any major discounts or deals. But once the holiday shopping season arrives, expect to see NBA 2K23 on sale.

Here are my predictions for likely discount periods:

Black Friday (late November) – Look for 10-20% off NBA 2K23 around Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Retailers like Amazon, GameStop, BestBuy, and PlayStation/Microsoft stores will offer discounts.

Steam Winter Sale (mid December) – Last year‘s Steam winter sale had NBA 2K22 at 35% off. Expect Steam to offer a similar 30%+ discount on NBA 2K23 in December. Great time to buy for PC gamers.

NBA All-Star Weekend (mid February) – With the All-Star game happening in February, retailers tend to offer NBA game deals and bundles around this weekend.

NBA Playoffs (April-May) – As the NBA playoffs kick into high gear, look for discounts in April or May. The Standard Edition will likely drop to $40 or less by then.

So in summary, wait for holiday deals if you really want to save money on NBA 2K23. The longer you wait, the bigger discount you can expect on the Standard Edition as retailers compete for sales.

Should You Buy NBA 2K23 Now or Wait?

You‘ve got a tough choice my friend – buy NBA 2K23 now to maximize your time playing, or wait months for a sale.

If you‘re on the fence, I‘d say buy the Michael Jordan Edition now. Why?

  • $100 is a fair price considering you get the full game plus $50 worth of bonus VC.

  • No need to stress over grinding for VC since you start with a nice boost.

  • You can immediately dive into MyCareer mode and focus on gameplay without limitations.

  • Getting 2-3 more months of playtime is worth paying $40 extra in my opinion.

However, waiting for a sale can certainly pay off if you‘re on a tight budget. The Standard Edition will likely drop to ~$40 eventually.

At the end of the day, you know your personal finances best. But as a fellow gamer, I think starting off with 100K VC from the Michael Jordan Edition is well worth the current $99.99 price tag.

Just my two cents! Let me know if you have any other NBA 2K questions leading up to the end of the free play days. Enjoy these last couple weeks of unlimited 2K23 playtime!



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