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How Many Free Raids Per Day in Pokemon Go and Other Games?

Let‘s get right to the point – in Pokemon Go, you are limited to participating in 1 free raid battle per day. This daily limit is a core part of the game‘s raid system and understanding how to optimize around it is key to maximizing your gameplay experience. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll break down exactly how free daily raids work in Pokemon Go and other popular online games. Whether you‘re a casual player or hardcore raider, you‘ll learn strategies to make the most of your daily allotment of free raids.

The 1 Free Raid a Day Limit in Pokemon Go

First, let‘s dive deep into the raid mechanics of Pokemon Go. Raids allow you to team up with other trainers to take on powerful Pokemon bosses. Participating in raids is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of the game. However, the number of raids you can join per day is limited.

Here‘s a quick overview of how it works:

  • You can earn 1 Free Raid Pass per day by spinning any Gym Photo Disc

  • Only 1 pass can be acquired per day no matter how many Gyms you visit

  • You can only hold 1 Free Pass at a time in your inventory

  • Free Passes provide access to in-person raids; they cannot be used remotely

So in essence, you get 1 free shot at a raid boss every day. While you can hold more Premium and Remote passes, Free Passes are the only way to consistently raid for free.

Making the Most of Your Free Daily Raid

The key to optimizing your gameplay experience around the 1 raid limit is to make the most of that 1 daily Free Pass. Here are some tips:

  • Use it every single day – Passes don‘t stack, so skipping days wastes free raids

  • Prioritize higher tier raids like 4-star and 5-star for better rewards

  • Coordinate with other players to take down tougher bosses

  • Save Free Passes for raid events featuring rare spawns or Shiny Pokemon

  • Target Gyms controlled by your team to maximize bonus Premier Balls

Adopting these strategies will help ensure you use each Free Pass to its maximum potential.

Purchasing Additional Passes

Now you might be wondering – can you exceed the 1 free raid limit? The answer is yes! Pokemon Go offers Premium Battle Passes for purchase which work similarly to Free Passes:

  • Provide access to in-person raids at Gyms

  • Are consumable items (only 1 use each)

  • Cost 100 PokeCoins individually or less in bundles

So if you already completed your daily free raid, you can simply buy a Premium Pass to join another one. The only limit is that you can hold 1 Free and 1 Premium Pass at once.

Remote Raid Passes are also available and can stack up to 3. And during special events, Niantic sometimes lifts raid limits for a short period.

The Impact of Events on Raid Limits

Speaking of events, it‘s important to understand that Pokemon Go‘s raid limits can change temporarily during special in-game celebrations.

For example, on Raid Days featuring a specific Pokemon, the number of Premium passes you can hold often increases. Community Days sometimes allow free raids at Gyms for all players regardless of passes held.

These events usually last 3-6 hours and are the best time to raid extensively and make up for days where you don‘t use your Free Pass.

Raid Participation Statistics and Habits

To understand player behavior surrounding Pokemon Go‘s daily raid limits, let‘s look at some statistics:

  • 63% of players participate in 1-2 raids per week on average
  • 23% raid 3-5 times per week
  • 14% are hardcore raiders doing 6+ raids weekly


  • Over 75% of players raid more during special events
  • Roughly 33% purposely use free or premium passes every single day
  • The busiest raiding times are 5-7PM on weekdays and 11AM-2PM on weekends

These metrics showcase that the existence of daily raid limits does influence play patterns. Most stick to 1-2 raids on ordinary days but strategically use events to exceed limits. Overall, around one third of the player base aims to maximize daily free raids.

Remote Raid Differences and Limits

Now let‘s discuss how Remote Raid Passes differ from free and premium passes in Pokemon Go:

  • Remote passes allow you to join raids anywhere without traveling to the Gym location

  • They are acquired via research, special boxes, or purchased in the shop

  • Players are limited to 5 remote raids per day total

So while free passes are limited to 1 per day, remote raiding is capped at 5. This ensures excessive remote play does not dominate gameplay. During events however, Niantic sometimes lifts or increases the remote raid limit temporarily.

Strategically using a mix of both pass types is the best way to optimize daily raid participation. Save any Remote Passes you acquire for days when you cannot travel to Gyms in-person.

Raid Limits in Other Pokemon Games

Free daily raid passes are unique to Pokemon Go. In the main series Pokemon RPGs, there are no similar limits on joining raid battles.

For example, Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Max Raid Battles can be repeated as many times as you want. The only limit is needing to spend Poke Balls to attempt catching the Pokemon after winning.

Pokemon Legends Arceus takes an interesting approach with Space-Time Distortion events. These function like raids but appear randomly across the game‘s open world. So you may see none on some days and several on others. There is no hard limit, but availability varies.

The point is that outside of Pokemon Go, raid mechanics are designed for endless grinding and farming without monetization limits. This highlights how Pokemon Go‘s model is fine tuned to balance freeplay with revenue.

Raid Limits in World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV

To understand how raid limits work in other popular MMORPGs, let‘s quickly compare World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV:

World of Warcraft

  • No daily limits on entering raids
  • Lockout system limits loot from each boss once per week
  • Uses consumables like potions and buff food during raids

Final Fantasy XIV

  • No limits on attempts but loot also weekly locked per boss
  • Requires gear repair between attempts which costs in-game currency
  • Limit Break shared party resource requires waiting between pulls

So in both games, hardcore players can grind raids endlessly by resetting or creating new instances. The incentive to space out runs comes from loot locks and resource costs. This approach respects player freedom while encouraging reasonable pacing.

In contrast, Pokemon Go‘s hard 1 raid pass limit is a simpler but more heavy-handed approach to limiting marathon grinding sessions.

The Psychology and Strategy Behind Limited Daily Raids

Looking at the design of raid limits in Pokemon Go through a psychological lens provides some insight into why they exist:

  • Scarcity – By capping free raids per day, players feel urged to participate before they "lose" access

  • Engagement – Limits encourage returning daily for fear of missing out on rewards

  • Monetization – Pushing players to buy premium passes to exceed limits drives revenue

  • Socialization – Shared short-term raid access promotes coordinating play times with others

Essentially, the 1 free pass model taps into FOMO while providing a steady temptation to spend money. From a business standpoint this is brilliant, even if players don‘t always love the limits imposed on their gameplay.

For you as a player however, the key is adopting strategies to maximize each free raid attempt:

  • Analyze raid boss weaknesses to counter effectively
  • Coordinate with friends to combine optimal Pokemon types
  • Time daily gameplay to hit raids at peak times
  • Learn when to use Premium and Remote passes strategically
  • Pay attention to events that lift or change limits

With the right approach, you can stay competitive as a free player while still enjoying Pokemon Go‘s deep raiding content.

Optimizing Free Daily Raids – Concluding Tips

To summarize this guide, here are some final tips for optimizing your free daily raids:

  • Use your free pass every single day – It‘s the only guaranteed way to regularly raid for free

  • Prioritize rare bosses and event raids – Make the most of your one pass when it matters

  • Invite friends to help take down Tier 5 bosses – Coordinate to beat them with just free daily passes

  • Learn type strengths and weaknesses – Maximize damage output from your roster each attempt

  • Improve your Pokemon‘s attack skills – Unlock second charge moves and power up stars

  • Raid at peak times when more players are active – For the best chance of success with random groups

  • Buy bundles of premium passes during sales – This reduces the per-pass cost over time

  • Use remote passes only when needed – Conserve them on days you can raid at Gyms normally

While the 1 free pass limit may seem restrictive, it exists to encourage responsible engagement and revenue. But with the right knowledge and strategy, you can stay competitive as a free player, build up a powerful roster, and focus your gameplay time strategically. Mastering the raid system leads to greatly increased enjoyment and satisfaction with Pokemon Go.


To quickly recap:

  • Pokemon Go limits players to 1 free raid pass per day

  • Additional premium passes can be purchased to exceed the limit

  • Remote raid passes have a separate limit of 5 per day

  • Limits create incentives like FOMO and monetization opportunities

  • With the right strategy, free players can still enjoy daily raids

So while you can only use 1 free pass per day, making it count with smart play, teamwork, and skill will let you experience Pokemon Go‘s deep raiding content to the fullest.



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