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Are There More Than Two Kelce Brothers? Inside NFL‘s Historic Super Bowl Matchup

If you‘re an NFL fan, you‘ve likely heard the big buzz around this year‘s Super Bowl LVII. For the first time ever, a pair of siblings will face off as opponents on football‘s biggest stage. Those brothers are Travis and Jason Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. Their historic family showdown has left many fans wondering: how many Kelce brothers are there?

While all eyes are on the Kelce vs Kelce matchup, there‘s a deeper story behind these two that‘s truly inspiring. This is a tale of brotherhood, beating the odds, and achieving the ultimate NFL dream together.

Let‘s take a closer look at how the Kelce brothers got here and what makes their bond so special.

A Quick Recap: Meet the Kelce Brothers

Before we dive in, here‘s a quick intro to the Kelce bros:

  • Jason Kelce – Philadelphia Eagles center, age 35, 12th NFL season
  • Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs tight end, age 33, 9th NFL season
  • Grew up together in Cleveland Heights, Ohio
  • Played college football at the University of Cincinnati
  • Will be the first pair of siblings ever to play each other in the Super Bowl

Despite being rivals on the field, Jason and Travis have an unbreakable bond off it. Their journey from humble beginnings to NFL stardom shows how brotherly love can motivate greatness.

Low-Key Beginnings in "The Heights"

You might think the Kelce brothers were destined for fame as star athletes from a young age. But their origin story is much more modest and grounded.

Jason and Travis grew up in a middle-class suburb of Cleveland called Cleveland Heights. It‘s an area locals refer to as just "The Heights."

As sons of Donna and Ed Kelce, the brothers learned the values of hard work, discipline, and family. Mr. Kelce worked for a commercial real estate firm while Mrs. Kelce was a corporate secretary.

Sports allowed Jason and Travis to bond as kids. They played multiple sports but especially connected through football.

"We were always on the same team growing up," Travis recalls. "From pee-wee football through high school, we had each other‘s backs."

The Kelce boys stood out for their athleticism and competitive drive at Cleveland Heights High School. However, neither brother received much recruiting attention for football.

Overlooked Gems: The Kelces Choose Cincinnati

Given their relatively low profiles, the Kelce brothers chose to play college ball at the University of Cincinnati.

Jason paved the way, joining the Bearcats in 2006 as a walk-on offensive lineman. He had to pay his own tuition at first before earning a scholarship.

"I didn‘t get any scholarships out of high school for football," Jason said. "I had to work my way from the bottom up."

After redshirting his first year, Jason‘s work ethic and skills quickly earned him a starting role. He helped protect quarterback Ben Mauk, who led Cincinnati to 10 wins and a Top 25 ranking in 2007.

When Travis joined Jason at Cincinnati in 2009, his older brother showed him the ropes. Jason was now a standout senior lineman while Travis played tight end.

"We worked out together and motivated each other," Jason said. "It was great having Travis there."

By the Numbers: The Kelces‘ Epic NFL Success

The Kelce brothers defied doubters with their NFL careers. Check out how their stats stack up:

StatisticJason KelceTravis Kelce
NFL Seasons129
Pro Bowls76
First-team All-Pro34
Super Bowl Wins11
Career Approx. Earnings$60M$85M

Jason Kelce has been a stalwart for the Eagles, starting 140 regular season games since 2011. Travis Kelce holds the NFL record for most 1,000-yard receiving seasons (7) by a tight end.

Their individual and team accomplishments prove the Kelce brothers beat the odds to become elite players.

Brothers Forever: Kelce vs. Kelce Made History

When Jason‘s Eagles faced off with Travis‘ Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, it was a monumental moment in NFL history:

  • First pair of brothers to ever play against each other in a Super Bowl
  • Special for their hometown of Cleveland Heights
  • Unforgettable for parents Ed and Donna Kelce

The Kelces are soaking up this special time in the spotlight.

"To see my sons go from pee-wee football to the biggest stage? As a parent, it‘s a dream come true," Donna Kelce said.

Remembering Their Remarkable Journeys

Looking at all they‘ve achieved, it may seem like stardom was destined for the Kelces. In reality, both brothers faced adversity and doubters early on.

Jason‘s Path

  • Walked on at Cincinnati, had to pay tuition
  • Was 6th round pick in 2011, barely drafted
  • Labeled undersized and weak as rookie
  • Defied odds to become elite center

Travis‘ Path

  • Only a 2-star recruit in high school
  • Draft stock hurt by 2010 knee injury
  • Lasted until 3rd round in 2013 draft
  • Doubted as receiver due to size

The Kelce brothers supported each other every step of the way. Their perseverance is a testament to the power of brotherhood.

Brothers Before Everything: What Connects the Kelces

With Travis and Jason approaching football stardom from different positions, what is the key thread that connects them?

It‘s their brotherly bond.

Here‘s what unites these siblings:

  • Grew up together in Cleveland Heights
  • Played multiple sports but especially bonded through football
  • Attended University of Cincinnati together
  • Supported each other‘s NFL dreams
  • Share a team-first, blue collar Midwest work ethic

The Kelces‘ passion for football, family and friendship make their Super Bowl clash truly special.

Kelce vs. Kelce: Tale of the Tape

Jason and Travis have very different styles and roles on the field. Let‘s compare the two:

StyleJason KelceTravis Kelce
PositionCenterTight End
StyleTough, traditionalFlashy, vocal
Known ForLeadership, blockingDownfield threat, celebrations
Drafted2011 Round 62013 Round 3
Height/Weight6‘3", 295 lbs6‘5", 260 lbs
College Highlight2010 Sugar Bowl win2011 Big East First-Team

While 10 years apart, the brothers‘ competitive nature and football smarts certainly shine through!

Inside the Brotherly Bond

The Kelce brothers share an unbreakable lifelong bond. Here are some inside looks at their relationship:

  • Paving the way: When Jason first joined the Eagles, he helped teach Travis the NFL ropes from afar.

  • Sharing the spotlight: Jason says his favorite memories are celebrating touchdowns with Travis.

  • Family comes first: Even with conflicting Super Bowl loyalties, their mother Donna remains both brothers‘ #1 supporter.

  • Role models: Jason and Travis take pride in inspiring kids everywhere to dream big and persevere.

The Kelces cherish this chance to make history together on sports‘ biggest stage. However, win or lose, their brotherhood remains rock solid.

Why This Matchup Is Bigger Than Football

This Super Bowl is historic, but the Kelce brothers‘ journey also teaches some powerful lessons.

For starters, it defies the myth that all NFL stars come from football factories or elite privilege. The Kelces epitomize hard work, perseverance, and blue collar roots.

Watching Travis and Jason achieve their dreams shows anything is possible through dedication and brotherly support. Kids everywhere can be inspired by their path.

Finally, their bond transcends football and reminds us family comes first. Long after the final whistle, the Kelce brothers will remain loyal and connected.

The Takeaway: Siblings Can Achieve Greatness Together

The No. 1 question about the Kelces has been: "How many Kelce brothers are there?" While it‘s just Travis and Jason, this brotherly duo accomplished something rare.

Not only did they reach the NFL mountaintop together, but now they stand on the brink of football immortality. By facing off in Super Bowl LVII, the Kelces etched their names in history.

Most importantly, Travis and Jason exemplify how family can motivate excellence. Their lifelong loyalty and bond fueled their dreams.

Win or lose, the Kelce brothers‘ journey shows how belief in each other helps siblings achieve the extraordinary. This Super Bowl is about far more than a game or trophy.

It celebrates a brotherly love that conquered the odds and uplifted two sons of Cleveland Heights to the stars. For that reason, this Kelce vs. Kelce showdown will go down as a Super Bowl like no other.



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