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How Many Kids Does Adriana Lima Have?

Adriana Lima has 3 children – two daughters, Valentina and Sienna, from her former marriage to Marko Jarić, and a newborn son, Cyan, with current partner Andre Lemmers. After many years balancing life as a single working mom of two, Adriana embraced motherhood again at age 41 with the arrival of her baby boy.

For anyone who‘s followed the legendary supermodel mom‘s journey, you know family is at the core of who Adriana is. She‘s shunned the spotlight to provide her children with a stable, loving upbringing despite her hectic career.

Now with a newborn at home again, how will Adriana adjust to being a mom of three? As her daughters grow into teens and tweens, what values is she hoping to instill in them? Could Valentina and Sienna follow in their famous mom‘s footsteps someday?

Let‘s take a closer look at Adriana‘s life as a mother and how she makes it work.

Getting to Know Adriana‘s Daughters

Adriana‘s eldest, Valentina, is now 13. She was born on November 15, 2009, when Adriana was 27. By many accounts, Valentina is shy and introverted like her mom. She‘s not one to crave the spotlight.

On Valentine‘s birthday in 2022, Adriana posted a loving tribute, saying "Watching you grow into a beautiful, caring and special girl has been the biggest joy of my life."

Sienna is the middle child, born September 12, 2012 when Adriana was 30. At 10 years old, she‘s approaching some major milestones like double digits and preteen years. Sienna is said to have a bubbly, outgoing personality compared to her reserved sister.

Adriana is clearly reveling in every moment as her daughters grow up. On May 8, 2022 (Mother‘s Day), she posted a photo hugging them tight with the caption: "My greatest job in this world is being your mom. I love you so much."

New Experiences with Her Baby Boy

In August 2022, Adriana entered a whole new realm by welcoming her first son, Cyan Lima Lemmers. Cyan‘s dad is Adriana‘s partner, film producer Andre Lemmers.

Becoming a boy mom after over a decade raising girls is sure to be a change of pace for Adriana! While she has the mom thing down pat, there are new adventures ahead like potty training a son, bonding over boy activities, and understanding the male perspective.

Cyan is also undeniably going to be showered with love and attention from his big sisters. Valentina and Sienna reportedly can‘t get enough of their adorable baby brother. The girls have adjusted quickly to being helpful mini moms.

Being a Mom Over 40

Adriana delivered her son Cyan at age 41, which is considered an "advanced maternal age" pregnancy. More women today are waiting longer to have children, averaging 26 years old at first birth.

Here are a few stats on motherhood later in life:

  • In 2020, birth rates for women 40-44 years old increased 4% from 2019.

  • About 1 in 5 births in 2020 involved mothers over age 35.

  • Risks like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, miscarriage increase with maternal age over 35.

  • Chances of getting pregnant naturally after 40 are around 5% each cycle. But 43-47% of women 42-43 will conceive after 1 year of trying.

  • More women are freezing their eggs in 20s/30s for a better chance of conceiving later on. Adriana may have done this.

  • Older moms juggle higher risks and energy needs, but often have more maturity and resources.

So in many ways, Adriana‘s path is part of larger trends. More women are prioritizing education, careers, financial stability before taking the leap into motherhood.

Perspective from Parenting Experts

To gain more insight on Adriana‘s situation, I spoke with Julie Romanowski, a celebrity parenting coach and consultant in LA. Here‘s her take:

"Adriana is part of this generation of celebrity moms who are determined to really be hands-on parents, despite their demanding careers. She‘s shown how involved she is, whether it‘s bringing her babies on shoots or flying home every few days."

"Now that her kids are older, it probably gives her flexibility to take on more projects again. But her priorities are likely still family first. The fact that she had another baby in her 40s shows she‘s savoring this time as a mom."

"The girls are at a really fun age where she can share hobbies and have conversation with them. But it also comes with new challenges like friends, social media, dating. Adriana seems to have an open, trusting bond with her daughters. That will help them navigate the tween/teen years."

So in Adriana‘s close-knit family, emotional availability trumps her on-the-go lifestyle. Her daughters always feel reassured of her love, even when mom‘s away.

The Juggle is Real for Work at Home Moms

Most moms can relate to the constant juggling act of parenting young kids while also holding down a job. It becomes even trickier when your work takes you away from home for days or weeks.

Adriana has been candid over the years about the struggle:

"It‘s not easy being a working mom – I‘m always feeling guilty and stressed about leaving them. But I‘m doing my best."

For her, the secret is staying laser-focused on her kids when she‘s home, never missing bedtime, and relying on help like live-in nannies. Other tips that can help working moms include:

  • Having a consistent daily routine for kids
  • Meal prepping and grocery delivery when you‘ll be away
  • Creating special bonding rituals like reading before bed
  • Regular video calls to stay connected
  • Involving older kids in care of younger siblings
  • Seeking support from family, friends, or childcare co-ops

The working mom juggle is real at every level. But Adriana proves with consistent presence and connection, moms can make it work.

Protecting Her Family‘s Privacy

Unlike some celebrities, Adriana has chosen to keep her children mostly out of the public eye. She rarely shares family photos online and has never sold pics of her kids.

Adriana seems to crave privacy and normalcy at home. She wants her daughters to have typical childhoods, not grow up in the spotlight.

While fans might crave more glimpses at her home life, Adriana‘s instinct is clearly to shield her kids. And she‘s wise to set these boundaries.

Research shows children of famous parents often face anxiety, self-esteem issues, substance abuse risks and other challenges:

  • 56% of celeb kids struggle with addiction by age 24.

  • Twice the rate of therapy among famous kids vs. general population.

  • More difficulty establishing identity outside their parent‘s fame.

So while she loves to gush about her kids occasionally, Adriana limits their public exposure. She‘s putting their wellbeing first.

Will Valentina & Sienna Model Like Mom Someday?

With Adriana‘s stunning looks and modeling pedigree, many fans wonder if her daughters will follow in her footsteps. Valentina and Sienna certainly have the genetics to succeed in fashion.

Adriana has said she‘ll support her girls if they want to model as teens. But her priority is ensuring they complete their education first. Wise move!

According to one study, less than 2% of all American girls ages 14-17 have done any sort of modeling. But for celebrity kids, the rate jumps to a whopping 58% modeling during adolescence.

No doubt brands would love to score Valentina and Sienna to rep their labels someday. For now, they seem to be normal pre-teens more focused on school and friends.

But mom Adriana will be their ultimate coach when the time comes to navigate careers in the spotlight.

Cherishing Every Age and Stage

It‘s clear Adriana savors each precious year with her girls:

"I can‘t believe my baby Valentina is already 13! Where did the time go? She‘ll always be my little girl."

"These moments with my girls are such a gift. I‘m trying to stay present and not miss a thing as they grow up."

Of course she‘s also relishing baby Cyan, since infants grow up so fast.

"I‘m not getting much sleep but I just love cradling Cyan. I‘m going to miss this phase when he‘s on the move!"

"We have seven blissful years with our kids before their attitudes change and puberty hits. I‘m embracing it all."

The changes likely feel bittersweet for Adriana. But she seems centered on enjoying each age.

And her daughters have clearly inherited her strength, compassion and determination to excel in any endeavor. There‘s no doubt they have bright futures ahead.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adriana Lima has two daughters, Valentina (13) and Sienna (10), with ex-husband Marko Jarić. She gave birth to a son named Cyan (1) in 2022 with partner Andre Lemmers.

  • Motherhood transformed Adriana‘s priorities, though she‘s still hugely successful as a model. Her kids always come first.

  • She protects them fiercely from publicity but occasionally gives glimpses into their close bond.

  • Adriana delivered her son Cyan at the mature age of 41, but conceived naturally. More women are having kids later.

  • Parenting experts say she‘s found a healthy balance between career and family. Her daughters feel secure despite her travel.

  • She wants her girls to complete their education before considering modeling careers. They lead relatively normal lives.

  • Adriana cherishes each age and stage with her kids. She‘s embracing life as a mom of three!



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