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How many levels are in FreeCell Mobilityware?

If you‘ve played the popular mobile solitaire game FreeCell Mobilityware, you may be wondering – just how many levels are there to play through? With new levels and challenges added regularly, it can be hard to keep track. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about the levels and progression system in FreeCell Mobilityware.

To start, there are over 500 main levels in the base game, with total levels numbering in the 700+ range when you include all the daily challenges, leagues, and modes. The main levels go up to at least 235 based on player reports, with no maximum cap. You‘ll also accumulate over 200 unique title awards for completing levels and challenges.

Let‘s take a deeper look at how the levels and progression system works in this addictively fun solitaire title.

What is FreeCell Mobilityware?

For anyone unfamiliar, FreeCell is a classic solitaire card game where the goal is to build up each of the four suits from Ace to King by moving cards between tableau columns. Unlike Klondike, all cards are dealt face-up into the tableau at the start.

The MobilityWare version offers gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, hints, undos, stars, daily challenges, leaderboards, and themes – making it one of the most fully-featured takes on FreeCell available on mobile. With over 100 million downloads, it‘s easy to see the appeal!

Overview of Levels and Progression

FreeCell Mobilityware starts you off with a short tutorial teaching the basic rules. After that, you‘ll dive right into the main levels of the game.

Here‘s an overview of how the levels and progression works:

  • Over 500 main numbered levels from beginner to expert
  • Levels increment in difficulty – starts easy and gets tougher
  • Each level has unique title like "Hotel California" or "Aces High"
  • Special difficult levels marked with numbers like #454 or #718
  • Handful of intentionally unsolvable levels alert you upfront
  • Additional modes like Daily Challenges, Stars, Leagues
  • Earn new card backs and themes by progressing
  • Reach level 99 to achieve "Legend" status
  • Titles continue every 25 levels past 100, no level cap

This gives players a tremendous amount of variety and replayability. Let‘s look at some key areas in more depth.

Number of Main Game Levels

The core of FreeCell Mobilityware lies in the numbered main game levels. According to MobilityWare, there are "several hundred levels" included in the classic mode.

Based on crowdsourced player reports in forums and reviews, the consensus seems to be there are at least 300-400 levels in the main game, likely more. Users note it took them between 6-12 months playing regularly to reach the reported maximum level 235.

So a rough estimate would be 500+ main levels in total. The exact number is not publically provided by the developers.

Difficulty Progression

The levels start off relatively straightforward, allowing new players to learn the basics. The first few dozen are beginner levels that most casual players can complete with a bit of effort.

The difficulty then progressively ramps up, with more constrained layouts and fewer free cells to work with. Around level 50, you‘ll start encountering intermediate challenges.

In the expert levels starting around 100, expect fiendishly tricky layouts that require extensive planning. You‘ll need strong FreeCell skills and pattern recognition to have a chance.

There are also occasional uniquely difficult levels marked with special numbers like #454, #661, #718, and #6182. These are seen as some of the toughest challenges in the game.

Lastly, there are a handful of intentionally unsolvable deals numbered #11982 and up that cannot be completed no matter how perfectly you play. These guarantee a loss when dealt but are rare.

Daily Challenges and Modes

In addition to the main levels, several other modes provide ongoing replayability:

  • Daily Challenges – New game every 24 hours with leaderboard
  • Star Challenges – Objectives like completing levels under time or move limits
  • Leagues – Extended 5-15 level challenge series
  • Blitz – Race against a tight clock for high scores

These likely add over 100 levels on top of the main game‘s 500+, though the challenges rotate regularly.

The variety of modes provides something new to play every day without repeating. It also lets players practice skills like speed and efficiency outside the normal levels.

Level Titles and Awards

A fun detail in MobilityWare FreeCell is that each main level has a unique title referencing pop culture, history, or literature. Some examples are:

  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Aces High
  • Hotel California
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Letter From Birmingham Jail

Based on user estimates, there appear to be over 200 unique level titles that unlock as you play through the game.

In addition to the individual titles, you‘ll receive meta awards each milestone:

  • Novice – Completing tutorial
  • Apprentice – Reaching level 10
  • Amateur – Reaching level 25
  • Professional – Reaching level 50
  • Master – Reaching level 75
  • Legend – Reaching level 99!

The titles and meta awards give a sense of progression and completion as you work your way up through the levels.

Maximum Level Cap

A major difference from other solitaire games is FreeCell Mobilityware does not seem to have a maximum level cap. The levels just keep incrementing after 100, rather than restarting.

The highest reported level reached so far by a player is 235. Given the game has been available for nearly 10 years, it‘s likely levels could potentially go into the thousands for truly dedicated players.

For most users, getting to level 99 to attain "Legend" status will be plenty big of a challenge. But for FreeCell fanatics, knowing there‘s always a new level to conquer is part of the appeal.

Tips for Progressing Through Levels

Reaching the higher tiers like Master and Legend will require honing your FreeCell skills. Here are some tips:

  • Expose aces first – This opens up space to build suits upwards
  • Keep free cells empty – Don‘t fill unless necessary, maintain maneuvering options
  • Avoid moving cards backward – Plan ahead for multi-step card sequences instead
  • Watch for opportunities to move groups – Don‘t just move singles, transfer sequences
  • Think 5+ moves ahead – Consider the long-term results of each move
  • Review mistakes – Study the undo history to improve decision making

With practice, you‘ll be able to handle the tougher expert deals and progress further. Perseverance and learning from mistakes will eventually pay off!

History of FreeCell MobilityWare

To understand how the game reached its current form, let‘s look back at some key milestones:

  • 1978 – FreeCell card game created by Paul Alfille on PLATO mainframes
  • 1995 – Included as part of Windows 95 operating system
  • 2012 – MobilityWare releases mobile app version on iOS and Android
  • 2013 – Major update adds hints, stars, daily challenges
  • 2016 – Leagues introduced as longer challenge series
  • 2017 – Visuals overhauled with new graphics and animations
  • 2022 – Over 100 million downloads, still one of the top solitaire apps

Over the past decade, MobilityWare has continued building on the original FreeCell formula across hundreds of levels while maintaining the strong logical core gameplay.


One of the most appealing aspects of MobilityWare FreeCell is the sheer variety and volume of content. With over 500 main levels that increment forever, hundreds of challenge modes, an expansive awards system, and new content added regularly, players have unlimited gameplay potential.

The huge library of FreeCell deals and constantly changing daily challenges will keep you engaged for years. The feeling of progression as you improve your skills and achieve new titles and milestone levels is immensely satisfying.

While the exact total remains unconfirmed, the most accurate estimate based on user research seems to be 700+ levels and over 200 titles. For any solitaire lover, that‘s an incredible amount of replayability!

So if you relish a long-term gaming challenge, unlocking all the levels, titles, and awards in FreeCell Mobilityware will provide you with many hours of card-shuffling entertainment. Let the addictive progression fun begin!



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