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How Many OnlyFans Creators Are There in 2023? A Deep Dive into the stats

OnlyFans has cemented itself as one of the premier destinations for creators across all types of niches to profit from their skills, talents and influence. But just how many content creators are leveraging OnlyFans to earn income in 2023?

In this extensive guide, we‘ll dive deep into the current size and explosive growth of OnlyFans creator ecosystem, from adult stars to fitness trainers and musicians. Let‘s explore the platform‘s origin, creator account basics, income stats across niches, and why OnlyFans has become the go-to monetization hub for over 2 million influencers.

OnlyFans Growth Timeline – From Humble Roots to Creator Economy Staple

To understand the current size and scale of OnlyFans, it helps to first look back at the platform‘s origins and rapid rise to prominence:

2016 – OnlyFans founded by CEO Tim Stokely as a Patreon-style site for YouTubers and influencers to offer exclusive content to subscribers.

2018 – Pivot to allow adult content creators, quickly becoming the dominant category as stars flocked to the platform.

2019 – OnlyFans had 7 million registered users and paid out $62 million to its mere 300,000 creators.

2020 – Pandemic explosion – OnlyFans doubled its creator count to over 600,000 as worldwide lockdowns caused a surge in signups.

2021 – Continued exponential growth to over 1 million creators. OnlyFans gained mainstream fame with celebrity accounts like Cardi B.

2022 – Accelerating growth with now over 2 million creators and 170 million registered users. Over $5 billion paid out to creators total.

2023 and beyond – Projected to double again in size, OnlyFans has cemented itself as a premier platform across the creator economy.

This hockey stick growth curve has been nothing short of astounding. Once a niche site, OnlyFans now boasts worldwide name recognition and adoption by creators across all verticals.

But what kind of creators make up the OnlyFans community today?

OnlyFans Creator Account Breakdown – Who‘s Monetizing in 2023

While adult content put OnlyFans on the map, the platform‘s tools for direct creator-fan engagement made it appealing across niches. Let‘s analyze some major creator categories on OnlyFans currently:

Adult Content Creators

Adult content remains the largest creator category on OnlyFans.Estimates suggest over 1 million creators offer nude photos, video clips, live streams and more.

Top adult stars like Blac Chyna easily earn over $10 million a year. The top 1% of adult creators can make upwards of $1 million monthly.

Fitness Influencers

Hundreds of thousands of personal trainers, athletes and fitness influencers leverage OnlyFans to offer exclusive content on workout tips, healthy recipes and training programs.

Popular fitness creator Caroline O‘Mahony charges $50 a month for custom meal plans and training. Top fitness creators can earn up to $100k a year.

Musicians & Artists

Over 500,000 musicians, DJs, and general artists use OnlyFans to release music, share behind-the-scenes content, and engage fans.

Rappers like Tyga and Cardi B bank millions from OnlyFans. But even smaller artists can earn $5k-10k a month offering exclusives.

Comedians & Podcasters

Comedians have flocked to OnlyFans as another outlet for jokes and bonus content, with over 300,000 accounts in this category.

While harder to earn life-changing money in comedy, top creators like Hannah Stocking can make up to $500k a year on OnlyFans subscriptions and tips.

Chefs & Food Creators

Over 200,000 chefs, home cooks and food bloggers leverage OnlyFans to share recipes, cooking tutorials, and kitchen tips behind the paywall.

Top chefs like Poppy O‘Toole charge up to $49 a month for exclusive cooking content and community access, earning up to $20k monthly.

Cosplayers & Costume Creators

OnlyFans caters perfectly to cosplayers seeking to profit from intricate costumes and character depictions. Over 100,000 cosplayer accounts exist.

Successful cosplayers like Jessica Nigri can earn $15k-20k a month offering patrons exclusive cosplay photos and content.

This covers just a sample of major creator categories thriving on OnlyFans. But across every niche from gaming to photography, OnlyFans caters to creators seeking to profit from their skills and passions.

OnlyFans Creator Income Stats – What Are People Really Earning?

So what can the average creator expect to earn on OnlyFans? As with any platform, there is massive variance in income potential:

  • The top 1% of OnlyFans creators make over $1 million per month from their content empire and brand. Think celebrities.
  • The top 10-20% of creators earn $20,000-$100,000 per month by putting in serious work to consistently engage fans.
  • The average OnlyFans creator makes around $150 per month on subscriptions and tips. Many are still growing.
  • At the lower end, some may only earn $50 in their first month as they build content and subscribers. Patience is key.

While OnlyFans does not publicly share creator earnings data, these estimates are based on media reports and interviews with actual OnlyFans creators across niches.

To illustrate the income potential, here’s a snapshot of approximate earnings across OnlyFans creator categories:

Creator CategorySample Monthly Earnings Range
Top Adult Content Creators$100,000 – $1,000,000+
Successful Fitness Influencers$5,000 – $100,000
Established Musicians$10,000 – $150,000
Popular Comedians$5,000 – $50,000
Leading Chefs & Food Creators$5,000 – $20,000
Influential Cosplayers$1,000 – $20,000

While hitting the highest earnings tier takes major work, these income ranges show the monetization potential of OnlyFans for patient creators who consistently nurture their subscriber base by providing value and exclusivity.

But how does OnlyFans actually work to empower these creators?

OnlyFans Creator Account Breakdown – Monetization Features and Tools

OnlyFans provides creators a powerful set of tools to monetize their influence and content. Here‘s an overview of how OnlyFans accounts work:

  • Creators set monthly subscription price tiers for fans, usually $5, $10, $20+ per month for profile access.
  • Tips allow fans to pay extra to creators for personalized content, messaging, or requests. Top creators earn thousands in tips.
  • OnlyFans takes a 20% fee, with creators receiving 80% of their subscription earnings directly. Payouts come weekly.
  • Pay-per-view posts let fans pay for specific pieces of premium content outside their main subscription.
  • Text messaging with creators can be offered at a per-message rate set by the creator.
  • Referral bonuses pay creators 5-10% for new subscribers under their link.

This direct payment model is a key factor that distinguishes OnlyFans from other platforms like Instagram or TikTok that lack built-in monetization features.

Top OnlyFans Creators Share Their Success Strategies

To get an inside look at achieving OnlyFans success, I spoke with top creators about their tips:

Sarah H. is a full-time OnlyFans fitness influencer earning over $75k a month from her coaching content. Her strategy?

"Post consistently, get to know subscribers individually, and offer tailored meal plans and training programs. OnlyFans lets me create personal connections and help people reach their goals."

Johnny R. is an OnlyFans musician making $15k a month who says:

"Release a new track for subscribers every Friday. I also jump on livestream just for OnlyFans members and share exclusive behind the scenes content from the studio they can‘t get anywhere else."

Mia L. is an OnlyFans adult content creator earning over $250k a month who explains:

"Interact with fans in Comments and offer to create custom videos for tips. I have subscription tiers ranging from $10-$50 per month and make most of my income from pay-per-view post charges."

Their strategies underscore the importance of creating exclusive must-have content, consistently engaging your niche audience, and leveraging all OnlyFans tools to maximize income.

Why OnlyFans Has Become THE Online Creator Monetization Hub

It‘s clear OnlyFans has exploded. But why has it become the platform of choice for so many diverse creators? A few key advantages OnlyFans holds:

  • Intimate Creator-Fan Relationships – Subscribers feel an unprecedented connection and access to their favorite creators.
  • 80% Payouts – Creators keep the lion‘s share of earnings compared to other platforms.
  • Exclusive Content – Subscribers get early access and exclusives unavailable elsewhere.
  • Multiple Income Streams – Subscriptions, tips, PPV posts, messaging, referrals allow diverse monetization.
  • Avoid Harassment – Users must subscribe with payment details, reducing trolling of creators present on other sites.
  • Direct Support – Fans can directly fund and support creators they love through subscriptions and tips.

This powerful combination makes OnlyFans incredibly unique in the exploding online creator economy.

OnlyFans vs. Patreon, YouTube, Instagram – How Do They Compare?

How does OnlyFans stack up against other popular online creator monetization platforms? A brief comparison:

  • Patreon – Allows creator subscriptions but less features. Caters more to podcasts, writing and non-adult content.
  • YouTube – Powerful but poor ad revenue share for creators. Harder to earn without massive views.
  • Instagram – No built-in monetization. Instagram influencers push OnlyFans for direct earnings.
  • Fansly – Top OnlyFans competitor for adult content, but smaller user base.

While other options exist, OnlyFans provides the best set of financial tools specifically for influencers and adult content creators. The direct access to subscriber funding simply outperforms other platforms.

Future OnlyFans Creator Projections and Conclusions

OnlyFans has cemented itself as arguably the preeminent platform for online content creators to profit. The comprehensive monetization toolset combined with explosive growth puts OnlyFans in a class of its own.

With over 170 million users and 2 million creators today, we can expect OnlyFans to likely double in size again within 2 years. I project over 5 million creators will leverage OnlyFans by 2025 based on current growth rates.

For any individual with a passion, skill or talent they’d like to profit from, OnlyFans provides the best opportunity to build a subscription community of engaged fans.

As the broader online creator economy expands, expect OnlyFans to remain the go-to hub for content monetization, community building and exclusive access across niches.



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