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OnlyFans Users: How Many People Use OnlyFans in 2023?

Let‘s explore the explosive growth of OnlyFans and unpack key statistics on its booming user and creator base in 2023. Get ready for a deep dive into how this subscription content platform became a cultural phenomenon.

Introduction: Answering the Question on Everyone‘s Mind

How many people actually use OnlyFans? This question is top of mind for anyone interested in understanding the platform‘s meteoric rise.

OnlyFans has experienced massive growth since launching in 2016, with over 210 million users and 2 million creators as of 2023. But it hasn‘t always been the internet juggernaut it is today.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll analyze OnlyFans‘ evolution from niche platform to global sensation by examining key data on its user and creator base. You‘ll learn:

  • Exactly how many people use OnlyFans in 2023 based on official stats
  • How the creator ecosystem expanded from under 100k to over 2 million
  • How top creators earn life-changing money while average creators struggle
  • What cultural trends and strategies fueled OnlyFans‘ exponential growth

Let‘s dig in to understand why OnlyFans is one of the internet‘s biggest breakthrough success stories.

OnlyFans Overview: Empowering Creators and Fans

For readers unfamiliar with OnlyFans, it is a subscription content service that allows creators to monetize exclusive videos, photos, live streams, and more. Fans pay either per creation via "tips" or through monthly recurring subscriptions.

This platform enables creators to earn income, retain control over their content, and foster meaningful relationships with subscribers. Fans get a more intimate connection with their favorite creators.

OnlyFans has emerged as a hugely popular way for creators to leverage their talents and brands. But subscribers are the true engine – creators need to consistently engage fans to maximize earnings.

Stunning Growth From 7 Million to Over 210 Million Users

In August 2019, OnlyFans had just 7 million registered users according to CEO Tim Stokely. But flash forward to today, and OnlyFans has over 210 million users worldwide!

Let‘s examine how this tremendous growth transpired over the past 3 years:

  • May 2020 – 30 million users
  • October 2020 – 75 million users
  • February 2021 – 120 million users
  • May 2021 – 150 million users
  • September 2021 – 170 million users
  • 2023 – 210 million+ users

Several factors explain this exponential growth…

COVID-19 Lockdowns Drove User Surge

The COVID-19 pandemic supercharged OnlyFans‘ growth according to CEO Tim Stokely. During peak lockdowns, the platform gained around 500,000 new users every single day.

Both existing and prospective creators had extra time and motivation to try monetizing their content. Fans dealing with isolation sought deeper connections with creators.

This growth exploded as the pandemic continued. From just 30 million users in May 2020 to over 210 million now, the bulk of OnlyFans expansion occurred in the last 3 years.

Quarantines clearly propelled OnlyFans into the mainstream and greatly expanded its creator/subscriber bases. But the company also utilized smart strategies to amplify growth.

Referral Programs Incentivized Creators & Growth

OnlyFans leverages referral bonuses to incentivize creators to join and promote the platform. Their model is simple:

  • Creators receive a bonus for each new creator they refer to OnlyFans
  • The more creators that join, the more total subscribers OnlyFans can reach

This genius strategy expands OnlyFans‘ pool of creator talent and helps new creators monetize their first subscribers. It played a major role in catalyzing creator growth.

Over 2 Million Creators Joined the Platform

OnlyFans had less than 100,000 creator accounts as of December 2019. But as of 2023, there are now over 2.1 million creator accounts on OnlyFans!

The referral program exploded the creator base:

  • May 2020 – 450,000 creators
  • December 2020 – 1 million creators
  • September 2021 – 1.5 million creators
  • 2023 – 2.1+ million creators

The platform tapped into an underserved market of creators yearning to monetize their talents and connect with fans. Now over 2 million creators leverage OnlyFans to turn their skills into income.

Less Than 1% Earn Over $100k per Month

With so many creators on the platform, how much are they earning? According to estimates, less than 1% of creators earn over $100,000 per month.

The top earners attract the highest number of subscribers thanks to existing fame and notoriety or exceptionally engaging content. For example, actress Bella Thorne earned $1 million in her first day on OnlyFans.

But the earning potential for the average creator is far lower. The typical OnlyFans creator earns just $150 per month according to calculated averages. With a standard subscription around $7, most creators only have approximately 21 paying subscribers.

Let‘s compare top creators to the average creator…

Type of CreatorMonthly Earnings
Top 1% of Creators$100,000+
Average OnlyFans Creator$150

With so few subscribers, creators need patience and dedication to build their subscriber base to meaningful levels.

Superfans Drive Earnings for Top Creators

The top-earning OnlyFans creators attract "superfans" who engage heavily with their content and tips. For example, creator Belle Delphine earns a reported $875,000 per month from her $35 subscription.

With an estimated subscriber count of 25,000, her marketing talents convert followers into paying superfans. Comparatively, the average creator makes just $150 per month from around 21 subscribers.

Gaining more paid subscribers is crucial but extremely difficult for most creators. Let‘s examine why OnlyFans is so uniquely positioned for growth.

Aligns Perfectly With Modern Fan/Creator Relationships

OnlyFans succeeded in capitalizing on several emerging cultural trends, which fueled its hypergrowth.

  1. Direct Access: Fans crave authentic intimacy and access to creators. OnlyFans provides this with exclusive content.

  2. Creator Independence: Many creators want to monetize their talents on their own terms. OnlyFans lets them retain rights and control.

  3. Built-In Marketing: The site incentivizes creators to market to their networks for bonuses, expanding reach.

  4. Pandemic Tailwinds: COVID-19 lockdowns drove creators and fans to the platform out of boredom and necessity.

OnlyFans expertly aligned with these trends to drive stratospheric engagement and growth. Its model empowers creators while providing fans an intimate look behind the curtain.

Key Takeaways: A Massive Platform and Still Growing

  • OnlyFans has over 210 million registered users and 2 million creators as of 2023.

  • Growth exploded thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns and referral programs.

  • Top creators earn life-changing income, while average creators currently struggle to profit.

  • Smart positioning aligned OnlyFans perfectly with emerging cultural trends.

  • All signs point to OnlyFans becoming an even bigger part of the online cultural fabric.

OnlyFans tapped into unique cultural trends at the perfect moment to fuel exponential growth. For creators, the platform provides unmatched monetization potential. We‘ll likely see OnlyFans continue to rapidly expand its user and creator bases. It remains one of the internet‘s biggest success stories and shows no signs of slowing down.



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