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How much free VP can Riot give you?

Hey friend! If you‘ve been playing Riot Games‘ hit tactical shooter Valorant for a while, you‘ve probably found yourself wishing you had more Valorant Points (VP) to spend on cool weapon skins, player cards, and other cosmetics from the in-game shop. The good news is Riot actually provides a few legit ways to earn small amounts of VP for free just by playing Valorant or engaging with the community.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through all the current methods players like us can use to get free VP directly from Riot. While these won‘t make you rich, they can give your VP balance a helpful boost toward that next premium Vandal skin. Let‘s jump in!

Can Riot give VP for free?

The short answer is yes – Riot does provide small amounts of VP to players through things like fanart contests, Prime Gaming rewards, and gifts from developers. However, there are limits in place:

  • The max free VP from a single source is typically 50-400 points.

  • Large amounts of thousands of points for free are NEVER legitimate.

  • VP cannot be traded between player accounts.

So while Riot won‘t hand out unlimited VP, dedicated players can rack up a few hundred for free with some patience and effort. Let‘s look at how.

Submitting Valorant Fanart

One super popular tactic Valorant players use to get some free VP is to submit original Valorant-themed artwork to Riot by creating a support ticket.

If Riot‘s community team enjoys your creation, they may credit your linked Valorant account with up to 50 VP as a reward. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Head to Riot‘s official Valorant support site and sign in.

  2. Click "Submit a Request" and select "I have a question about Valorant" as the request type.

  3. In the form, explain you have an original Valorant fanart to submit and kindly ask Riot to review it for a chance to receive up to 50 VP.

  4. Attach your artwork image and submit the ticket.

  5. Await a response from Riot support – may take a few days.

  6. If Riot awards you VP, it will directly credit your linked Valorant account.

Now keep in mind that Riot has a few guidelines when submitting fanart:

  • You must be the original creator of the artwork. No using others‘ creations.

  • The quality level does NOT impact the max 50 VP rewarded. But very low quality or offensive work may be denied.

  • Multiple submissions do not equal more rewards. Limit to one ticket at a time.

Submitting great Valorant fanart takes some artistic skill, but can pay off with up to 50 free VP added to your game balance. Not bad for channeling your creative side!

Receiving Gifts from Riot Developers

This one requires a bit of luck and positive gameplay – Riot developers you encounter while playing may opt to gift you VP or other in-game goodies.

Rioters look for players demonstrating skill, teamwork, and especially good sportsmanship. Here are some tips to potentially earn developer surprises:

  • Queue for matches normally – Rioters play all modes, not just Competitive.

  • Be kind, mature, and helpful to teammates in chat/comms.

  • Do NOT beg or excessively compliment Rioters to pressure them for gifts.

  • If gifted, thank the Rioter sincerely for their generosity.

The coveted Riot Gun Buddy is the rarest developer gift, reserved for players who really stand out. Only 10 Riot Buddies can be awarded per developer. This buddy usually comes with a nice boost of VP too!

Scoring free VP and items directly from Rioters requires good luck and behavior, but can really make your day if it happens!

Prime Gaming Rewards

Riot partners with Amazon Prime Gaming to offer regular Valorant loot drops for players who link up accounts.

About once a month, Prime members can claim various cosmetics and VP just for playing Valorant. Here‘s how to start collecting:

  1. Have an active Amazon Prime membership.

  2. Visit Prime Gaming and log in to link your Riot account.

  3. When new Valorant drops become available, claim them through Prime Gaming.

  4. Load up Valorant and your rewards will be automatically credited!

The VP amounts range from 200 to 400 per drop. While not huge, claiming Prime loot each month really adds up over time. So be sure to check back often and never miss a drop!

FAQ Events on Social Media

Riot will sometimes run weekend "FAQ Events" on their Valorant social media pages to engage the player base with trivia, polls, and VP prize giveaways.

These usually involve answering a game-related question correctly via reply to enter into a random drawing to win 100-200 VP.

Here are some tips for successfully scoring free VP from FAQ events when they pop up:

  • Follow @PlayVALORANT on Twitter and turn on notifications so you see events.

  • Set a calendar reminder so you remember to participate.

  • Reply early to increase your chances.

  • Only reply ONCE per question. Spam hurts your odds.

  • Keep notifications on so you know if you won VP.

With some diligent social media attention, sharp game knowledge, and luck, snagging free VP through FAQ events is pretty achievable.

Competitive Esports Reward Drops

Tuning into official Valorant esports events like Masters or VCT Challengers can reward you with free VP prizes. Here‘s the deal:

  • Live streams will announce in-game reward drops for viewers.

  • Link your Riot ID to the platform (Twitch, YouTube) to be eligible.

  • Watch a certain amount of time to earn the drop.

  • Claim the reward on the platform and VP will credit to your Valorant account.

The VP amounts are small, usually 100-200 per drop. But regularly watching matches adds up over time!

Referral Bonuses

Rounding out our list, Riot occasionally runs limited-time referral programs that offer free VP bonuses. Typically these work like:

  • Existing players get a unique referral link to send friends.

  • Friends sign up with the referral link and complete milestones.

  • Once the friend milestone is hit, the referrer (you) get a VP bonus!

The amount can range from 200-500+ VP depending on the specifics of the program. Keep tabs on @PlayVALORANT for announcements of new referral opportunities to take advantage of. Assemble your squad and rake in the rewards!

Is "Free VP" Legit?

Now when searching around, you may see sketchy websites promising free VP generators, hacks or exploits. Avoid these – they are 100% scams trying to steal your info or account!

Red flags include:

  • Requests account login credentials or downloads
  • Offers massive VP amounts instantly
  • Clickbait names like "SECRET 1 MILLION VP GLITCH"
  • Guarantees VP for surveys or other shady actions

Stick to legit methods like the ones outlined here. If you spot any questionable services offering tons of free VP, report them to Riot immediately. Protect your account!

Buying VP – Sales and Tips

While this guide has focused on earning free VP from Riot, buying VP is still the main way to get large amounts quickly. Here are some purchasing tips:

  • Buy VP through the in-game Valorant store for best security.

  • Watch for bonus VP percentage sales tied to events/holidays.

  • Avoid sketchy third-party seller sites – buying outside the game has risks.

  • Never use VPNs to exploit regional pricing – bannable offense.

Sales offer the best value if you do plan to buy VP bundles directly. And the new gifting feature lets you purchase VP for friends too – great for birthdays or thanking dedicated teammates!

Check Daily Shop for Free Items

Even without VP, remember to check Valorant‘s daily shop for free item unlocks. Featured skins rotate on a timed basis, so grab desirable ones immediately as they may not come back for months.

Pairing smart daily unlocks with your free and bought VP helps you score more cosmetics without overspending on each one a la carte.

Closing Thoughts

Riot makes most of its Valorant revenue through direct VP purchases. But the company also provides a variety of player-friendly methods to earn small amounts for free just for being engaged with the game and community.

With some consistent effort acquiring free VP through artwork contests, live streams, Prime loot, and other channels, you can slowly build up your balance.

Pair that free VP with occasional purchase bonuses and strategic daily shop grabs to unlock tons of sick skins and cosmetics! Riot‘s generosity makes it possible to minimize real money spending if you wish.

So get out there and start submitting some sweet plays and community content for Riot to notice. Some free VP and maybe even a special gun buddy could be around the corner! Let me know if you have any other questions.



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