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How Much is Adam Devine Worth Today?

If you‘re a fan of Adam Devine‘s outrageous comedy, you may be wondering: How much is this rising star actually worth today? According to financial experts, Adam Devine‘s current net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.

With his sharp wit and goofy on-screen antics, Devine has become one of the most popular comedic actors in Hollywood. Thanks to hit movies, TV shows, comedy tours, and wise investments, he has quickly built an impressive fortune.

Let‘s take a closer look at how Adam Devine built his wealth and what lies ahead for this multi-talented performer.

From Humble Beginnings to Comedy Stardom

Adam Devine wasn‘t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He grew up in a lower-income household in Omaha, Nebraska. As a kid, Devine worked as a limo driver, popcorn vendor, and even a ball boy for the University of Nebraska tennis team.

After high school, Devine attended community college in Orange Coast, California. There, he started taking classes in improv comedy and realized he had a knack for making people laugh.

In 2006, a 23-year-old Devine decided to drop out of college to pursue stand-up comedy full-time. He started performing at pizza parlors, coffee shops, and dive bars anywhere that would give him stage time.

Slowly but surely, Adam polished his comedy chops on the Orange County circuit. Through perseverance and dedication to the craft, he progressed from open mic nights to becoming a regular at the famed Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

Big Break with Workaholics

Adam‘s big break came in 2011 when he co-created and starred in the Comedy Central series Workaholics. The slacker comedy centered on Devine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm playing three immature telemarketers.

Workaholics was a smash hit among the college crowd. It ran for seven seasons and 86 episodes, finally ending in 2017.

So how much was Adam earning from the show at the peak of its popularity? According to reports, Devine‘s salary per episode on Workaholics was:

SeasonEpisode Salary
Season 1$1,500
Season 2$15,000
Seasons 3-7$50,000

Not too shabby! While the early seasons were modest, Devine was raking in $50K an episode by Season 3.

Across 86 episodes, Adam Devine pocketed over 4 million dollars just from his Workaholics salary. The show cemented him as a bankable comedy star.

Big Screen Breakout in Pitch Perfect

Capitalizing on his TV fame, Adam Devine made the leap to Hollywood movies when he landed a supporting role in the 2012 sleeper hit Pitch Perfect.

Devine played Bumper, the obnoxious leader of an rival a cappella group. Thanks to his musical comedy chops, he was perfect for the role. Pitch Perfect ended up grossing $115 million on just a $17 million budget.

The movie was such a success that Devine reprised his role in two big-budget sequels:

  • Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) – $287 million worldwide
  • Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) – $212 million worldwide

For the first Pitch Perfect, Devine earned just $500,000. But for the sequels, he was able to negotiate much higher salaries with backend points, earning:

  • Pitch Perfect 2 salary: $1.7 million
  • Pitch Perfect 3 salary: $3 million

The Pitch Perfect franchise shot Adam to new levels of fame and fortune. According to financial analysts, the trilogy has contributed over $5 million to his current net worth. Not bad!

Adam Devine Movie & TV Earnings

To see a breakdown of Adam Devine‘s estimated earnings from his biggest movie and TV projects, check out this table:

Show/MovieEstimated Salary
Workaholics (86 episodes)$4+ million
Pitch Perfect$500,000
Pitch Perfect 2$1.7 million
Pitch Perfect 3$3 million
Game Over, Man! (2018)$1+ million
The Righteous Gemstones (2019 – )$75,000 per episode

Adam‘s acting salaries demonstrate how much his earning power has jumped over the course of his career. While the figures seem impressive, it‘s important to note they don‘t account for taxes, agent fees, and other deductions.

Still, it‘s clear that acting is by far Adam Devine‘s primary income source and driver of his millionaire status.

Other Income Sources Contributing to Adam Devine‘s Wealth

Beyond acting, Adam earns big money from other income sources:

Stand-up Comedy Tours

  • Devine still performs standup shows and tours when his schedule permits. He can make over $100K for a multi-city tour.

Endorsement Deals

  • Devine has partnered with brands like Arby‘s, GameFly, Boost Mobile and more over the years. The typical payout for these deals ranges from $50K to $100K.


  • As a millionaire, Devine has the capital to invest in real estate, stocks, and businesses. While his private investments are unknown, even modest investing could make him 6-7 figures in annual gains.

Production Company Ownership

  • Devine co-founded the production company Art & Industry alongside his Workaholics partners. The company produces shows like The Righteous Gemstones and likely provides Devine backend ownership profits.

While less significant than acting, these other income streams have likely contributed a few million to Devine‘s total net worth. Every bit counts!

What Does the Future Hold for Adam Devine‘s Wealth?

At just 39 years old, Adam Devine is only just hitting his prime as an entertainer and comedian. He likely has decades more of success ahead of him.

Industry experts predict that if Devine can avoid any major career missteps, his net worth could potentially double to $20 million within 5-10 years.

Here are some of the factors that could help him get there:

  • Continued success and additional seasons of The Righteous Gemstones on HBO.
  • Major new movie roles building on his Pitch Perfect fame.
  • Leveraging his celebrity to land higher paying endorsement deals.
  • Further earnings from stand-up comedy touring.
  • Smart investments to grow his wealth outside of entertainment.

While we can‘t predict the future, I certainly wouldn‘t bet against Adam Devine adding more zeroes to his net worth in the years to come. He has proven his staying power as a versatile, talented performer that audiences love.

For you Adam Devine fans out there, keep enjoying his work and cheering him on. At the rate he‘s going, it won‘t be long before he‘s considered one of Hollywood‘s very wealthiest comedic stars!



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