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How Much Is Becky Lynch Worth? Let‘s Take a Deep Dive Into This WWE Superstar‘s Impressive Financial Success

Hey there! As a fellow WWE fan, I know you’ve been wondering just how much money “The Man” Becky Lynch has amassed during her incredible career. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at Becky‘s net worth and salary. You’ll learn all about how she became one of the highest paid women in WWE history!

From her early days as an aspiring wrestler to her rise as the company‘s top star, we’ll break down all the key sources fueling Becky‘s wealth today. Let‘s get to it!

From Scrappy Underdog to “The Man” – Becky‘s Path to Riches

Becky Lynch first caught the wrestling bug watching videos of legends like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin as a kid. Born in 1987 in the small city of Limerick, Ireland, she immediately became attracted to the spectacle and storytelling of WWE.

According to an interview with Digital Spy, Becky began training professionally when she was just 15 years old in 2002. For years she wrestled for independent promotions across Europe and North America, slowly honing her craft.

After over a decade of hard work, Lynch finally signed with WWE in 2013 at age 26. She was assigned to their development brand NXT, where she adopted her signature orange hair and steampunk look.

While in NXT she put on classic matches and gained a loyal fanbase. Becky‘s technical wrestling skill and scrappy underdog persona resonated with audiences.

In 2016, Lynch got the call up to the main roster and quickly became a fan favorite on SmackDown. But her initial happy-go-lucky character failed to propel her to true superstardom.

The real breakthrough came in 2018 when Lynch turned heel and adopted "The Man" gimmick. According to SportsKeeda, this confident, tough-as-nails attitude struck a chord with fans. It allowed her to breakout as one of WWE‘s most popular acts.

Lynch‘s fan support and in-ring talent catapulted her to new heights:

  • First woman to win the Royal Rumble match (2019)
  • First woman to concurrently hold the Raw and SmackDown Women‘s Championships (2019)
  • Main evented WrestleMania 35 (2019)
  • Headlined two WrestleManias (35 and 38)
  • 5x Women‘s Champion
  • Held Women‘s title for over 800 days

Now as the company‘s top female star, Becky Lynch has been handsomely rewarded financially…

Becky Lynch Is the Highest Paid Woman in WWE

According to Wrestling World, Becky Lynch currently earns an annual salary of $3.1 million from WWE. This makes her the highest paid female wrestler in the entire company.

For comparison, most other top women wrestlers are reported to make low to mid 6-figures annually:

  • Sasha Banks – $750,000
  • Charlotte Flair – $550,000
  • Alexa Bliss – $450,000

Becky‘s $3 million+ payday dwarfs even the earnings of legends like Trish Stratus, whose peak salary was around $1.5 million as one of the most popular stars of the 2000s.

Lynch‘s lucrative contract was signed in 2019, likely for multiple years, after her meteoric rise to fame. While exact details aren‘t public, TheRichest estimates it ensures her over $1 million per year including incentives and bonuses.

Prior to 2019, Becky was making about $250,000 annually according to Sportekz. But once she became WWE’s top woman, they paid her like it.

Overall, Lynch has earned $10+ million in her WWE career since 2013. And with her current contract, the earning isn‘t slowing down anytime soon.

Becky Lynch‘s Total Net Worth Is Estimated Around $7 Million

CelebrityNetWorth currently estimates Becky Lynch‘s total net worth to be $4 million. However, other reports such as SportsKeeda put it higher at approximately $7 million as of 2023.

This factors in her massive WWE salary in addition to other income like:

  • Merchandise sales royalties – she sells one of the most popular lines of t-shirts, hats, and other items.

  • Appearance and endorsement fees – stars like Becky can make 5-figures for single appearances. She‘s endorsed brands like FedEx, Mount Franklin, and Hellmann‘s.

  • Investment income – Becky has made strategic investments in companies like mane ‘n tail haircare.

At just 35 years old, Lynch is well on her way to a potential 8-figure net worth down the line. Especially given her lucrative contract running through at least 2023.

Becky vs. Trish Stratus – How Their Bank Accounts Compare

One of the dream matches happening at WWE‘s upcoming Payback event is Becky Lynch vs. legendary Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. This clash features two of the biggest female stars of their respective eras.

While both women have achieved great success, the numbers reveal Becky‘s financial accomplishments have already surpassed Trish:

Becky LynchTrish Stratus
Net Worth$7 million (estimated)$6 million (estimated)
Career Earnings$10+ million$6+ million
Highest Yearly Salary$3.1 million (2023)$1.5 million (peak years)
Merchandise SalesTop sellerConsistent top 5 seller
Length of Career9 years (WWE main roster)7 Years full-time

Trish paved the way in the 2000s for women wrestlers to become mainstream stars. But thanks to her broad fan appeal, Becky has taken things to new financial heights. Her $3 million+ salary makes her potentially the highest paid woman ever in wrestling history.

Merchandise & Endorsements Are Huge Contributors to Becky‘s Wealth

A substantial portion of Becky‘s income comes from merchandising and endorsements. As one of WWE‘s most popular wrestlers, Lynch‘s name sells everything from t-shirts to iPhone cases. She earns royalties from all merchandise bearing her name or catchphrases.

Based on reports, Lynch likely makes a few million dollars per year from her cut of merch sales. All those "The Man" shirts and "Straight Fire" hats add up!

On top of that, celebrities like Becky can command 5-figure paydays for single social media posts or appearances. She also endorses major brands such as:

  • FedEx – multi-year sponsorship deal to promote FedEx shipping services. This national TV commercial spot with Becky was a big placement.

  • Mount Franklin – represented the sparkling water brand in promotions across Australia where she was born.

  • Hellmann‘s – appeared in an ad campaign for the mayonnaise company alongside WWE.

  • Tapout fitness gear – as one of WWE‘s top athletes, she has an endorsement deal with Tapout to promote their apparel.

  • mane ‘n tail – Becky became an investor and partner in the hair care brand in 2021, also appearing in marketing materials.

These lucrative deals allow Becky to boost her income and exposure outside the ring. Her fame and crossover appeal make her an attractive marketing asset.

Becky Lynch Has Come a Long Way from Her Early Career

It‘s remarkable to look back on Becky‘s journey from an aspiring 15-year-old trainee wrestling in small Irish promotions to becoming one of WWE‘s highest paid performers.

She recently reflected on those early days during a WWE Untold documentary:

“We had no money. We’d be lucky if we got $10 for a match. We were just taking any bookings we could. I was like, I don’t care if I have to wrestle for 500 years, I’m going to do this.”

According to Bleacher Report, Lynch worked everywhere from Japan to Canada to the Middle East trying to catch a break. At one point she even retired from wrestling briefly before getting the itch to come back.

Eventually her persistence paid off when WWE signed her in 2013. But even after joining the company it took years of paying her dues before making it to the top.

Now Becky Lynch is reaping the rewards of all that hard work. Her ascendance to becoming the face of WWE‘s women‘s division has come with major financial benefits too.

Becky Lynch Is Cementing Her Legacy in WWE

With her fiery red hair and take-no-prisoners attitude, Becky Lynch has an undeniable connection with the WWE Universe. She‘s built a special bond with fans over the years:

“The relationship with the audience is the most important thing as a WWE superstar. Any time I get in front of them, I just want to show them who I really am.” (Digital Spy)

Lynch‘s rise to stardom in WWE didn‘t happen overnight. She spent over a decade honing her wrestling skills all over the world before getting her big break.

But once she found the perfect "The Man" character, it catapulted her to become one of the company‘s most beloved heroes. Along with major financial success.

At 35, Becky Lynch is just hitting her prime both as a wrestler and a world famous celebrity. Her future earning potential looks bright.

While past stars like Trish Stratus and Lita paved the way, Becky continues to break new ground. She‘s already one of the wealthiest female wrestlers ever, with a net worth likely north of $6 million.

Given her top spot in WWE for years to come, expect Lynch‘s fortune and fame to keep growing. She‘s cemented her legacy as a pioneer for women‘s wrestling.

Final Thoughts on Becky Lynch‘s Wealth and Impact

There you have it! I hope this breakdown gave you some insight into how Becky went from scraping by to becoming one of WWE‘s richest female performers ever.

It just goes to show that with enough perseverance, the underdogs can eventually come out on top. Becky Lynch embodies that story.

Of course her biggest legacy extends beyond the money. Lynch has inspired countless young fans to chase their dreams just like she did from a young age. Her influence as a trailblazing wrestler and relatable role model is priceless.

But the fact that she also earned millionaire status from her passion makes it all the sweeter. Becky Lynch is the real deal, inside and outside the ring.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I had fun geeking out about WWE finances with a fellow fan. Enjoy all the awesome Becky Lynch action ahead.



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