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How Much is Instagram’s Net Worth? (2023 Update)

Before starting an account on Instagram, one of the most common questions that people have is, “how much is it worth?” The usefulness of Instagram for businesses has received a lot of attention recently.

Instagram was launched in 2010 as a platform for the sharing of photographs. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, both undergraduates at Stanford University, came up with the idea for the site and were able to secure startup capital of 500,000 dollars to get it off the ground. Their very first test upload was focused on Pier 38, which is located in South Beach Harbor.

After some time had passed, Systrom uploaded a picture to his Instagram account that was of his girlfriend's foot. Since the site's inception, every one of these images and videos has been uploaded to it.

There are a lot of people who use Instagram which also refers to the site as IG and Insta. It is a social networking platform that allows users to share photographs and videos. To this day, there is not a single another platform for social media that is even remotely capable of competing with it.

To answer, “how much is Instagram worth”, we need to talk a little about its inception, its expansion, and its evolution over the years. Let’s dig out information about Instagram.

What Instagram is?

Facebook acquired the photo-sharing application as well as the social network platform Instagram for a total of one billion dollars in the year 2012.

To determine the answer to the question “how much is Instagram worth?” we need to investigate the origin, development, and progression of the Instagram social media platform. Let's get more familiar with Instagram, shall we?

When a user publishes anything on Instagram, that content will display in their followers' feeds and, if the post contains hashtags or geotags, it will also be viewable by the general public. Users also have the option of making their profiles private, which limits who can view them to only those who have chosen to follow them.

By using an Instagram mobile app, users can modify their photographs and videos before uploading them. Each post has the capability of having a caption, hashtags, and location-based geotags added to it, which indexes the post and makes it accessible to other app users. Instagram users can engage in conversation with one another by liking, commenting on, and saving each other's posts. They also have the option of using Instagram Direct to send a direct message to one of their pals.

What is the net worth of Instagram?

Net worth of Instagram

It is expected that as a result of this, Instagram's income would climb from 17.7 billion dollars in 2019 to twenty-four billion dollars in 2020, making it the engine of digital marketing and advertising. According to a survey that was published not too long ago, sixty-nine percent of marketers in the United States want to devote the bulk of their advertising and promotion tools to Instagram Influencer marketing in the year 2020. During this year, Instagram produced approximately twenty billion dollars in revenue from advertising.

By the most recent data available, it is estimated that Instagram is worth more than 102 billion dollars. Although a rough estimate of its value has been supplied, the actual value is not known to the general public at this time. It has been scientifically determined that Instagram's annual income is around 319.47 million dollars. The only source of income for Instagram is through advertisements.

Instagram Revenue

At present time, Instagram does not provide any services that need a subscription of any kind. In a manner analogous to that of Facebook, Meta now makes money off of advertisements.

What are the interesting facts about Instagram?

Interesting facts about Instagram

Instagram has many great facts and they are;

  • The value of Instagram has increased beyond what Facebook paid for it, and it is projected that this rapid rise will continue.
  • In 2012, Facebook paid a total of $1 billion to acquire Instagram.
  • By the year 2022, it is expected that Instagram will have a valuation of more than $hundred billion.
  • The advertising revenue generated by Instagram is contributing more than 50% of Facebook's total revenue.
  • Instagram has 1.39 billion active users every single month.
  • 32 percent of Instagram's user base is comprised of individuals who are between the ages of 25 and 34.
  • The majority of marketers, 78%, believe that Instagram has a greater influence on advertising than other social media platforms.
  • Instagram attracts a disproportionately high number of female users, which presents a unique marketing opportunity.
  • The amount of money that was made from advertisements on Instagram in the United States was 17.4 billion dollars.
  • A whopping 89 percent of Instagram marketers employ the utilization of influencer marketing.
  • Eighty-one percent of people who use Instagram are curious about learning about new companies, goods, and services.
  • The click-through rates on Instagram posts are seventeen times higher than those on Facebook postings.

How many users does Instagram have?

Since its inception, Instagram has experienced meteoric rises in popularity and has evolved into much more than just a photo-sharing program geared toward younger users. The site's users, on average, are younger than those of many of its rivals; yet, they are more involved with the site. The number of male viewers aged 55 to 64 years old saw a rise of 63.6 percent over the previous year.

Many users does Instagram

It is only 2nd to Facebook in terms of market size. Facebook has the largest audience and the most powerful targeting options for marketers; thus, it is the clear leader in both categories.

Research that was conducted and presented by Morning Consult this year found that thirty-one percent of adults in the United States have a “very favorable” assessment of the functionality of the app. According to the findings of the study, one-quarter of the most active users of mobile internet goes to Instagram every month. It's estimated that roughly the same amount of people use Facebook, Google, and YouTube combined.

Daily, Instagram users log an average of twenty-nine minutes using the platform. The forum is visited by users between the ages of 18 and 24 for a total of 5.5 hours per week, while users between the ages of 4 and 15 spend approximately forty minutes each day on the platform.

How much money do users earn on Instagram?

According to Web Search Marketing, influencers who have one million followers have the potential to earn around $670 for each post published.

Only ten thousand of an individual's Instagram followers can generate $88 per post from that individual's work on the site, whereas one hundred thousand of that individual's followers can generate $200 per post from another user's work.

Why Instagram get so popular in 2021?

Instagram get so popular in 2021

Examples include “likes,””comments,” and “shares” all together one of the reasons for Instagram's high level of engagement is the fact that it is primarily a platform for visual material.

Additionally, there is an app for IGTV that can be downloaded, and users have the opportunity to produce and share material in several different file formats.


It is now possible to obtain a response to the inquiry “How much is Instagram worth?” We can only hope that the information provided in this piece has been illuminating.

With the assistance of this article, a strategic plan for utilizing social media can be formed. It is impossible to contest Instagram's popularity given that the platform has more than a billion users who come from a diverse range of demographics and pursue a wide variety of hobbies.

If you have a comprehensive awareness of the demographics of your target audience, you will be able to target the content that you post on Instagram in a more specific manner. To put it another way, you shouldn't have any doubts that marketing on Instagram, and video content, in particular, is a successful approach for reaching the people you're trying to attract.



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