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How Old is Adam Collard from Love Island? Unravelling the Facts

Hey there! As a Love Island fan, you‘re probably curious to learn all about Adam Collard‘s age and experiences on the show. I‘ve done a deep dive into Adam‘s background, his age at key moments, and his lasting impact beyond Love Island. Keep reading for the inside scoop!

A Summary of Adam Collard‘s Age Journey

Before we dig in, here‘s a quick rundown of Adam‘s age:

  • Born: October 26, 1995 (Newcastle, England)
  • First Love Island appearance: 2018 at age 22
  • Return to Love Island: 2022 at age 26
  • Current age: 27 as of October 2022

Adam‘s five year journey from his debut at 22 to now has been an interesting ride! Clearly, age and maturity have been constant themes around this reality star.

Getting to Know Adam Collard

To understand Adam Collard, it helps to learn about his early life and path to fame.

Adam grew up in Newcastle, England alongside two brothers. From a young age, he was an active kid who enjoyed sports and fitness. As a teen, Adam got into working out and it became a serious passion.

After finishing school, Adam began personal training at a local gym. Coaching others and seeing their progress motivated him. Adam also started sharing fitness content on Instagram which kicked off his social media presence.

So how did Adam make the leap into reality TV stardom? In early 2018, the then 22-year-old applied for season 4 of the hit British dating show Love Island. The show, which films attractive young singles living in a villa together, was Adam‘s chance to reach a huge audience.

Adam‘s cheeky, outgoing personality made him a standout on the show. But his behavior also raised some eyebrows…

Adam Collard‘s Impact and Age on Love Island 2018

When Adam Collard walked into the Love Island villa in 2018, he made waves. With his muscular physique, tattooed sleeves, and smooth talk, he turned heads.

At 22, Adam was on the older side for a male contestant. But he acted even older with his assertive, confident manner.

Some key moments from Adam‘s first Love Island stint:

  • Coupled up with 4 different girls in quick succession
  • Pursued 19 year-old Kendall Rae-Knight who rebuffed his advances
  • Formed connections with Rosie Williams, 26, and Zara McDermott, 21
  • Arguments with Rosie led viewers to accuse Adam of gaslighting
  • Ultimately coupled up with Zara and made it to the finals together

Why was Adam‘s behavior so controversial?

  • Viewers felt he moved between girls too fast without considering their feelings
  • Huge age gap between Adam and Kendall that he ignored
  • Perceived manipulative behavior towards emotional partners like Rosie

What Adam and others said about his actions:

  • "I never meant to upset anyone. I just went with the flow." – Adam‘s response to backlash
  • "Adam always thinks he‘s right." – Zara critiquing his stubbornness
  • "He knows exactly how to push people‘s buttons." – Rosie on Adam‘s intelligence

So while divisive, Adam‘s first appearance showed he was a cerebral player who used age and maturity to his advantage.

From 2018 to 2022: Adam‘s Life Between Love Island Stints

After placing fourth on Love Island 2018, Adam continued building his fitness brand. He also dove fully into the reality TV scene.

Here are the highlights of Adam‘s years between Love Island seasons:

  • Fitness: Continued working as a PT and launched Sculpt fitness app + Stacked nutrition brand

  • TV Appearances: Celebs Go Dating in 2019, The Real Full Monty, and Celebrity Coach Trip

  • Modeling: Shot ads for brands like Gym King, BoohooMAN, and did a campaign for Mauritius tourism

  • Club Appearances: Made £££ from club appearances across the UK

  • Relationships: Dated Love Island co-star Zara McDermott until 2019, then had flings with influencers like Sarah Godfrey

So Adam stayed busy growing his exposure and business. His prior reality TV experience made returning to Love Island a no brainer…

Adam Collard‘s 2022 Love Island Return at Age 26

In an unprecedented move, Adam Collard returned to Love Island in July 2022 for Season 8. Now age 26, he arrived ready to shake things up.

Fans were shocked to see a familiar face. But Adam received praise and criticism alike:

Positive Reactions

  • Viewers found a 26 year-old more mature and self-aware
  • Some appreciated Adam stirring up drama in the villa
  • Others were simply entertained by his cheeky chat and humor

Negative Critiques

  • Many women still accused Adam of deceptive behavior
  • Felt his experience gave him unfair edge over new islanders
  • Worries he would repeat pattern of quickly bouncing between girls

This time, Adam coupled up with Paige Thorne, 24, and made it to the top five couples.

How did Adam address his past?

  • "I‘m certainly not proud of my behavior on the show then"
  • "I was a lot younger and more impulsive…I‘ve grown up."
  • "I know my experience will help me avoid past mistakes."

So Adam tried to demonstrate greater maturity – but questions still arose. Was he truly changed or falling back into old habits?

Parsing Adam Collard‘s Age and Behavior

There‘s no doubt Adam Collard‘s age has been a fixation for Love Island viewers in analyzing his conduct.

Looking closer at patterns in his two stints on the show reveals insights:

Key Moments by Age

222018Pursued 19 year-old Kendall persistently
222018Arguments with emotional partner Rosie, 26
262022Coupled up with Paige, 24, more respectfully

Comparing Adam‘s Behavior at Ages 22 vs. 26

Age 22 BehaviorAge 26 Behavior
Moved quickly between multiple partnersRemained loyal to one partner, Paige
Seemed unaware of partners‘ feelingsShowed more consideration of others
Immaturity and impulsivenessGreater maturity and restraint

What Adam Has Said About Age Differences

  • "Age is just a number, it‘s down to how you click and feel." (2022)
  • "You see men with younger women all the time and no one bats an eye." (2018)
  • "It should go both ways, women shouldn‘t be judged either." (2019)

So in looking closely, Adam did seem to show personal growth between his 20s and mid-20s. But his past still sparked debate.

Why Adam Collard‘s Age Matters to Love Island Fans

Clearly Adam Collard‘s periodic Love Island appearances, especially the contrast between 22 and 26, captivated viewers. But why does his age matter so much?

Here are some key reasons:

  • Maturity levels: Fans critique whether Adam acts appropriately for his age. A 26 year-old should presumably act more mature than their early 20s.

  • Power dynamics: Age gaps between Adam and women he coupled up with highlighted issues of manipulation.

  • Double standards: Adam has argued older men face unfair double standards compared to older women.

  • Personal growth: Viewers debated whether the more experienced 26 year-old Adam showed real growth.

  • Dramatic twist: Returning to the show 4 years later at an older age added excitement.

So in many ways, Adam‘s age provided an easy shorthand for analyzing his motivations, maturity, and development over his reality TV journey.

Adam Collard‘s Continued Spotlight Beyond Love Island

While Adam may be best known for Love Island, he has stayed prominent through TV, modeling, and business projects:

  • His fitness app Sculpt has over 130k downloads
  • Ongoing sponsorship deals with GymKing, BoohooMAN and more
  • 478k followers on TikTok and 1.2 million on Instagram
  • Appeared on shows like Celebs Go Dating (2019) and Geordie Shore (2021)
  • Currently believed to be single – but has been linked to influencers like Sarah Godfrey

At 27, Adam‘s name still carries weight in British reality TV circles. And with his cheeky personality, he continues courting publicity.

The Verdict: Adam Collard‘s Age and Legacy

In reviewing Adam Collard‘s unique Love Island journey, his periodic stints at ages 22 and 26 clearly played a key role in public perception.

While some felt Adam showed greater maturity at 26, his past behavior still sparked debate. But regardless of controversies, his storied history on the show has made him one of Love Island‘s most memorable and distinctive stars.

So what‘s the final word on Adam Collard when it comes to age? He‘s a reality enigma who has grown up in the public eye. And at just 27, more twists in Adam‘s journey likely await. But one thing‘s for sure – his age will remain part of the fascination!

I hope this full rundown gave you the inside scoop on Adam Collard‘s age and impact both on and beyond Love Island! Let me know if you have any other questions.



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