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How Old Is Addison Rae Now in 2023?

Hi there! As we enter 2023, you may be wondering about the age of one of today‘s biggest social media stars, Addison Rae Easterling. Well, here is a detailed look into the life and rise to fame of this Gen Z pop culture icon.

Born on October 6, 2000, Addison Rae is 23 years old as of September 2023. But her age is more than just a number – it represents the monumental success she has achieved in less than five years in the limelight.

By diving into her background, career, and impact, let‘s explore why Addison Rae‘s age matters so much:

A Look Back at Addison Rae‘s Childhood

To understand Addison Rae‘s meteoric rise, it helps to first look at her early life in Louisiana. She was born in Lafayette to parents Sheri Nicole Easterling and Monty Lopez. Her mother owned a dance studio called The Rae of Light, which played a major role in Addison‘s childhood.

Addison discovered her passion for dance at the young age of 6. She trained vigorously in styles like hip hop, jazz, tap, and more. By age 10, she was competing in dance competitions, attending dance conventions, and assisting her mom‘s classes.

Dance quickly became Addison‘s obsession – she was a natural performer with boundless energy and talent. Little did she know this passion would pave the way for her future fame.

Beyond dancing, Addison had a typical southern upbringing. She attended Calvary Baptist Academy, where she made friends and earned good grades. At school, no one could predict she would soon become a celebrity.

Looking back, Addison says her Louisiana roots made her "tough as nails." While her fame came unexpectedly, those close to her were not surprised by her work ethic and determination.

So in many ways, Addison‘s "normal" childhood formed the foundation that enabled her meteoric rise. Next, let‘s explore the monumental moment that catapulted this small-town girl to stardom.

The Mind-Blowing Moment Addison Rae Joined TikTok

The year was 2019. Addison Rae was 19 years old and in her first semester of college at Louisiana State University. One evening in July, she downloaded TikTok to pass time.

She came across 15-second dance videos on the app and was inspired to create her own. Showcasing her lifetime of dance training, Addison began posting short clips of herself dancing to trending music.

Within her first WEEK on TikTok, Addison gained over 500,000 followers. Fans were captivated by her wholesome, girl-next-door vibe and impressive dance skills. Her rapid surge in popularity marked the beginning of her social media fame.

By December 2019, Addison had amassed 13 million followers on TikTok. She gained a subscriber every 2 seconds, demonstrating her incredible viral appeal.

Suddenly, this college freshman from Louisiana had become one of the hottest teen stars on social media. But her rise had only just begun.

The Startling Speed of Addison Rae‘s Success

While many aspiring influencers struggle for years to gain traction, Addison Rae‘s ascent occurred shockingly fast thanks to TikTok.

By March 2020, Addison had over 30 million TikTok followers and was crowned “Breakout Creator” at Streamy Awards. She was the fastest growing creator in the app’s history.

Just five months later in August 2020, Addison hit 60 million followers. That‘s more followers than major celebrities like Elvis Presley have total record sales, demonstrating her staggering popularity.

At 19, Addison held the record for most TikTok followers. She also set a Guinness World Record for being the fastest to reach 100 million TikTok likes.

Her hyper-speed growth was unprecedented. Within 15 months on the app, she had gone from small-town dancer to most famous teen on social media.

Next, let‘s look at the eye-popping earnings Addison Rae raked in during her rapid rise to the top.

Addison Rae‘s Shocking Earnings by Age 20

As Addison Rae‘s follower count skyrocketed, so did her income. By leveraging her influencer fame, she quickly began earning massive paychecks.

In 2019, her first year on TikTok, Addison earned an estimated $275,000 from sponsorships alone according to Forbes.

The next year, Addison‘s income surged to $5 million – making her TikTok’s highest paid creator in 2020 at just age 20.

For comparison, the median annual salary for a 20-year-old is around $25,000. The average college graduate begins their career earning $50,000.

Yet at 20 years old, Addison earned 100 times the average salary – all from dancing in videos from her childhood bedroom.

Her astronomical earnings demonstrate how quickly social media stardom can convert to income. Thanks to her youthful marketability, Addison was able to capitalize on her Gen Z audience.

Now let‘s explore her expanding entertainment career beyond TikTok.

Addison Rae‘s Acting, Music, and Business Ventures

While TikTok launched her career, Addison refused to be just an app sensation. She swiftly leveraged her online fame to pursue other entertainment and business opportunities.

In summer 2020, she moved to Los Angeles and signed with talent agency WME. She quickly began landing high-profile deals with brands like American Eagle, Hollister, and Starbucks.

Addison also pursued music, releasing her first single "Obsessed" in March 2021. The song gained 25 million Spotify streams in just a month.

She soon ventured into acting, scoring the starring role in Netflix‘s 2021 film He‘s All That. She also acted in Machine Gun Kelly‘s film Downfalls High that year.

In August 2021, Addison made major business moves by launching her own makeup line, Item Beauty. The brand gained $8 million in first year retail sales through Sephora and Ulta.

Through these ventures, Addison proved she was more than just a social media dancer. By age 21, she had become a multifaceted star setting trends across industries.

Next, let‘s look at Addison‘s monumental impact on culture beyond earning power and entertainment success.

Why Addison Rae‘s Age and Influence Matters

While Addison Rae‘s earnings and accomplishments are remarkable, the cultural significance of her fame goes deeper. As a zoomer icon, she represents a powerful shift in what it means to be a celebrity in the digital era.

Despite being just 23, Addison has become a household name to young people worldwide. She signifies a new generation of stars who leveraged social media to gain far-reaching fame.

With 84 million TikTok followers, Addison has incredible influence over Generation Z. She shapes trends, drives conversation, and taps into the psyche of today‘s youth.

Brands seek to partner with Addison because of her direct access to the coveted youth demo. Politicians and media monitor her content to understand modern teens. She commands attention from all who want to understand zoomers.

In many ways, Addison Rae is the voice of Gen Z. She represents the mindset, values, and culture of today‘s young people. That‘s an incredibly powerful position, especially for someone so young.

So while Addison‘s age is just 23, her impact spans generations. She signifies changing times where online creators become the new mainstream celebrities. Her presence will likely shape entertainment and culture for years to come.

Addison Rae‘s Personal Life Outside the Spotlight

Amidst the glitz and glamour, it‘s easy to forget that Addison Rae is just a typical 20-something navigating young adulthood. Beyond her fame, she leads a personal life filled with relationships, family, and big life changes.

In late 2019, Addison began a high-profile relationship with fellow TikToker Bryce Hall. The Gen Z "it couple" dated into 2021 before splitting.

In 2022, Addison went public with her new boyfriend, musician Omer Fedi. They made their red carpet debut at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. The two have gushed about each other in interviews, though have faced cheating rumors. Still, they appear smitten on social media.

On the family front, Addison remains close with her mother, Sheri, despite some family issues. Her parents divorced in 2021 after 25 years of marriage amidst cheating allegations.

Addison also devotes time to philanthropic causes like fundraising for St. Jude Hospital. She uses her platform to raise awareness for mental health services.

So like all young people, Addison is navigating relationships, family changes, self-growth and giving back. She may live an extraordinary life as a star, but remains down-to-earth at heart.

Conclusion: Why Addison Rae‘s Age Represents Her Success

As we approach the end of 2022, Addison Rae has just entered her 23rd year. But her age is far more than a number. It represents her incredible achievements in just a few short years in the spotlight.

By looking at her humble beginnings, it‘s astonishing that this Louisiana dancer became one of the most famous Gen Z stars in the world. Her unprecedented rise to stardom through TikTok demonstrates the endless potential of social media.

At 23, Addison Rae is a cultural force who signifies changing tides in entertainment, business, and influence. As she continues to thrive across industries, her prominence will keep shining a light on the power and passion of today‘s youth generation.

So while the world remains curious about "Addison Rae‘s age", what‘s more impressive is all she‘s accomplished by this age. Her journey shows that drive and talent know no limits, even for a 23-year-old.

As Addison heads toward 24, her millions of fans wait eagerly to see what she‘ll achieve next. Because if the past is any indication, even greater success likely lies ahead for this zoomer queen.



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