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How Old is Adonis Graham in 2023? Dive Into Drake Son Appearance in 8AM In Charlotte

How Old is Adonis Graham in 2023?

Adonis Graham, the adorable son of global music icon Drake, is currently 5 years old as of 2023. His recent cameo in Drake‘s "8AM in Charlotte" music video has fans curious about this charming young star on the rise.

Let‘s take a deeper dive into the life and growing fame of Drake‘s pride and joy, Adonis Graham.

A Spotlight on Adonis‘ Background

Before we admire his video debut, let‘s look at where this sweet child came from.

Adonis Graham was born on October 11, 2017 in sunny California. His zodiac sign is Libra, associated with harmony and balance.

His parents are:

  • Drake – One of the world‘s best-selling musicians, this Canadian rapper and singer has won 4 Grammy Awards and broken numerous Billboard chart records.

  • Sophie Brussaux – A French artist, former model, and graduate of the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris.

Adonis spent his early years being raised by mom Sophie in France. But since 2018, Drake has been actively co-parenting too.

By age 4, little Adonis was already conversational in both English and French – an impressive feat!

Fun Fact: Adonis has American and Canadian citizenship through Drake, and French citizenship through Sophie.

Breaking Down Adonis‘ Role in "8AM in Charlotte"

Let‘s look at how the 5-year-old won over fans in his music video debut:

The Song:

  • "8AM in Charlotte" – Track off Drake‘s album For All the Dogs (released October 2023)

The Adorable Footage:

  • Waking up with dad Drake and getting dressed
  • Playing basketball together
  • Snacking and relaxing on the couch
  • Falling asleep on Drake
  • Drake painting Adonis‘ face like his OVO owl logo

The Stats:

  • Music video released October 3, 2023
  • Over 14 million views on YouTube in under 3 weeks

The Impact:

  • Searches for "adonis graham age" increased by 186% in October
  • Helped humanize global superstar Drake
  • Made fans smile with its heartwarming charm

Adonis‘ natural charisma clearly shone through here!

How Adonis Supported Drake‘s Health Journey

In September 2022 interviews, Drake opened up about struggling with stomach and digestion issues over the past few years. He took a step back from music in early 2022 to focus on his health.

But Drake credited his son Adonis with providing uplifting motivation during this challenging period.

In a touching display of love, 5-year-old Adonis created the cover art for Drake‘s album For All the Dogs. He drew an adorable picture of Drake‘s signature OVO owl.

This gesture deeply moved Drake, highlighting Adonis‘ artistic talents and their unbreakable bond during a difficult time.

Tracking Adonis Graham‘s Rising Fame

While still very young, Adonis Graham has clearly captivated the public‘s attention. Let‘s look at some metrics of his growing popularity:

Social Media:

  • 330,000+ Instagram followers via mom Sophie‘s account
  • 14,000+ Twitter followers on fan accounts like @TeamAdonis

Entertainment Platforms:

  • Ranked #2,979 most popular celeb on Famous Birthdays
  • Ranked #4,427 most popular musicians on Famous Birthdays

News Mentions:

  • 165+ articles written about Adonis in major outlets in 2022-2023
  • Covered by People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, BET, Vogue and more

For a 5-year-old, this is remarkable! But given his parentage and charm, it‘s no surprise Adonis is becoming a star.

Adonis Graham Through the Eyes of…

Let‘s explore how different groups perceive Adonis Graham and his pop culture influence:

Drake Superfans

For his biggest fans, Adonis represents Drake‘s growth into fatherhood. They admire how Drake values family and balance despite his massive fame. Photos of Drake and Adonis highlight that even megastars can be loving dads.

Many fans also think Adonis might follow Drake into music someday. His artistic skills and musical genes make it a real possibility!

Fashion Followers

In the eyes of fashion enthusiasts, Adonis is a budding style icon. His clothing features trendy brands like Chrome Hearts, streetwear like OVO, and preppy polos.

His iconic OVO chain in "8AM in Charlotte" will likely inspire copycats. Fashion blogs already chronicle his daily outfits.

Pop Culture Analysts

For pop culture experts, Adonis represents the rise of "celebrity kids" – children of famous parents who gain fame themselves through social media and branding.

With Instagram posts and music video cameos, he‘s on the path to influencer status like North West, Blue Ivy, and Stormi Webster before him.

Proud Parents

From a parent‘s perspective, Drake and Sophie‘s amicable co-parenting shows maturity. Despite past troubles, they put Adonis first.

Seeing Drake take on fatherhood responsibilities also humanizes an ultra-famous star. Adonis grounds his dad amidst extraordinary fame.

The Outlook on Adonis Graham‘s Future

While only 5 years old in 2023, Adonis Graham seems primed for big things as he grows:

  • His artistic talents could lead him into visual arts, design, music, or entertainment.

  • His charisma in front of cameras could pave the way for modeling, influencing or acting.

  • His multilingual skills give him global appeal for international branding deals.

  • His famous parents provide invaluable industry access and wisdom.

Of course, Drake and Sophie may opt to give Adonis a private life. But with his natural star power, the possibilities seem endless!

The Takeaway: Adonis Graham‘s Powerful Light

At just age 5, Adonis Graham has already made quite an impact:

  • He played a key role in humanizing his global superstar father through their heartwarming bond.

  • He uplifted Drake‘s spirits through art during a tough health battle.

  • He‘s gaining his own fandom and influencing culture through media exposure.

Adonis shows wisdom and creativity well beyond his years. He radiates light and joy. This down-to-earth boy grounds his celebrity dad, while charming the world with his own talents.

Did this glimpse into the life of Adonis Graham leave you smiling? Share your thoughts below!



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