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Is Bruno Mars Married? Inside His Long-Term Relationship with Jessica Caban

Let‘s clear something up right away – Bruno Mars is not married. But he‘s definitely not single either. Bruno has been in a committed relationship with model Jessica Caban for over 12 years now.

As one of the most popular musicians today, many fans are curious about Bruno‘s love life. Who is the woman who has captured his heart? What‘s their story?

In this article, we‘ll take a deep dive into Bruno‘s low-key but enduring romance with girlfriend Jessica Caban. Whether you‘re a longtime fan or just discovered his music, you‘ll learn all about the love that inspires his heartfelt songs.

Bruno Found His Lady Years Ago

Bruno first met Jessica Caban back in 2011. After dating for a while, they became a serious couple. More than a decade later, these high school sweethearts are still together!

Let‘s learn more about the woman who has been by Bruno‘s side through his whole career…

All About Jessica Caban, Bruno‘s Long-Time Love

Profession: Jessica Caban is a model, actress, and fashion/lifestyle blogger. She‘s enjoyed quite a successful career, having modeled for Levi‘s jeans, Avon cosmetics, Atlantic City tourism ads, and Proactiv skin care among other big brands.

Jessica has appeared in movies like Arena and Monster Island. She‘s also acted in shows like CSI: Miami and Jane the Virgin. And she runs a popular YouTube vlog called "CabanaboyTV" where she shares fashion and beauty tips.

Age: Born on June 13, 1982, Jessica is currently 41 years old as of 2023. Her boyfriend Bruno Mars is 32, making her about 9 years older than him. But age is just a number for this pair!

Background: Jessica grew up in the traditionally Puerto Rican neighborhood of Spanish Harlem in New York City. She was born to Puerto Rican parents and is proud of her heritage.

Personality: Friends describe Jessica as kind-hearted, humble, and family-oriented. Despite being in the spotlight, she remains down-to-earth and gracious. She has a fun sense of humor too!

Net Worth: Through modeling and acting, Jessica has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million. While not at Bruno Mars level money, she is quite successful in her own right!

Jessica Stood By Bruno Through Thick and Thin

Bruno and Jessica prefer to keep their relationship very private. But here are some of the rare special moments they‘ve shared publicly over the last 12+ years:

  • 2012 – Jessica joined Bruno at the Grammys, marking one of their first red carpet appearances as a couple. Bruni would win his first Grammy that night!
  • 2014 – On Bruno‘s massive Moonshine Jungle World Tour, Jessica traveled with him, showing her support backstage.
  • 2016 – The lovebirds walked hand-in-hand at the Grammy Awards red carpet again. Bruno swept the night with four Grammy wins!
  • 2019 – In a rare interview, Bruno referred to Jessica affectionately as "my lady" – one of the only times he‘s talked about her publicly. So sweet!
  • 2022 – For Bruno‘s 32nd birthday, Jessica helped organize an intimate dinner celebration with close friends.

Through Bruno‘s incredible rise to fame, Jessica has been his biggest cheerleader. They prefer privacy, but it‘s clear she is always rooting for his success.

How Jessica Compares to Bruno‘s Past Flames

Before dating Jessica, Bruno was briefly linked to British pop star Rita Ora in 2009. He has chosen not to discuss any other past relationships in interviews.

Compared to his short fling with Rita, Bruno‘s relationship with Jessica has been stable and out of the spotlight. The differences are stark:

Jessica CabanRita Ora
Length12+ yearsFew months
PrivacyVery low-keyPublic
FocusBruno‘s careerRita‘s career
Age9 years olderSimilar age

It‘s obvious Bruno has something truly special with Jessica. Their focus on privacy and Bruno‘s music sets them apart from his past romance with Rita.

By The Numbers: Bruno Mars‘ Monumental Music Career

While this piece is about his relationship, let‘s look at some key stats from Bruno‘s incredible career so far:

  • 3 – Number of studio albums (Doo-Wops & Hooligans, Unorthodox Jukebox, 24K Magic)

  • 11 – Grammy awards won

  • $175 million – Estimated net worth

  • 2 – Super Bowl halftime shows headlined (2014, 2016)

  • $400 million – Gross touring revenue since 2010

  • 5 – Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles

With an esteemed career any musician would dream of, it‘s no wonder Bruno cherishes having a partner like Jessica who can share in his joys and successes privately away from the chaos of fame.

The Mars Family Is Pulling For Them Too!

Not only have Bruno and Jessica‘s relationship got the support of fans, but even Bruno Mars‘ own beloved family is their biggest cheerleader!

Bruno‘s siblings often share how happy they are that he found his perfect partner in Jessica. His sister Presley says Jessica is "a gem" who brings out the best in Bruno.

The whole Mars family recognizes that Jessica‘s down-to-earth nature and kindness make her a treasured part of the family. She joined them for a big family trip to the Philippines in 2015, showing how she‘s been welcomed into the fold.

Knowing they have his family‘s full blessing, it‘s clear this couple was simply meant to be. The Mars‘ see that Jessica is Bruno‘s perfect match.

Why Bruno Values His Privacy With Jessica

Unlike many celebrity couples, Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban are nearly never spotted out together. So why do they cherish their privacy so much?

He‘s laser-focused on music – Bruno is passionately devoted to his craft. He wants to direct all his energy into creating, not busywork publicity. Staying out of the limelight allows him to focus on what matters most.

No media scrutiny – Keeping their relationship under wraps has allowed them to avoid unwanted gossip or tabloid rumors that often plague famous couples. They‘ve dodged all that external pressure.

More freedom – Being able to live more anonymously gives them space to just be themselves, without feeling watched. Bruno can shed his global pop star persona and just be Jessica‘s partner.

Stronger foundation – By developing their bond privately, they‘ve built a solid base rooted in trust and communication. The lack of outside opinions has allowed them to focus on each other.

Bruno values his privacy, and Jessica understands that better than anyone. Their decision to stay out of the spotlight has only strengthened their connection.

Potential for Marriage and Kids Down the Road?

Together over a decade already, could wedding bells one day chime for Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban?

While Bruno has said he sees marriage and kids in his future, he‘s waiting for the right time when his demanding career can take a backseat. He understandably wants to be fully present for major life milestones.

For now, the couple seems content just cherishing their privacy and supporting each other‘s dreams! But there‘s no doubt they have built a foundation of love that could absolutely go the distance.

Jessica Truly Is Bruno‘s "Treasure"

In the song "Treasure", Bruno Mars sweetly croons about a love so special that it can‘t be bought. His lyrics perfectly describe what he has found with girlfriend Jessica Caban:

"You‘re my treasure, you‘re my treasure
Yeah you, you, you, you‘re my treasure"

Jessica has truly been the most precious treasure in Bruno‘s life for the past 12+ blissful years. Their commitment proves that even the brightest stars can find true love if they have the right partner who shines just for them.



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