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How Old is Dylan Mulvaney? Age, Achievements, and Recent Events

Dylan Mulvaney is a 26-year-old transgender TikTok star making huge waves online. With over 10 million followers, Dylan‘s impact as a groundbreaking transgender creator is undeniable. But how did this San Diego native rise to such astonishing fame so quickly? What controversies has she faced amidst her meteoric success? This in-depth profile will explore Dylan Mulvaney‘s age, achievements, recent events and more – read on to learn just how influential this talented 26-year-old really is!

Introduction: The Transgender TikTok Trailblazer Captivating Millions

If you‘ve scrolled TikTok even briefly in 2022, chances are Dylan Mulvaney‘s videos have graced your For You Page. Her bubbly personality and courageous transparency around her gender transition journey have captured the hearts of over 10.8 million fans and counting.

But her videos are more than just entertainment – they represent a groundbreaking shift in transgender visibility. Mulvaney‘s story humanizes the emotions, complexities and vulnerabilities behind transitioning genders, educating millions worldwide.

At just 26 years old, Mulvaney has become a bonafide transgender icon – heralded for her radical authenticity. Yet beneath the hype lies a down-to-earth San Diego native with humble beginnings. So how exactly did she rise to such astronomical fame so quickly? What key events shaped her sensational story? Let‘s explore.

The Vital Statistics: Dylan By The Numbers

Before diving in, let‘s get the key stats on rising star Dylan Mulvaney:

Full Name: Dylan Lemar Mulvaney

Age: 26 years old

Birthdate: December 29, 1996

Birthplace: San Diego, California

Height: 5‘ 9"

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Gender Identity: Transgender Female

Pronouns: She/Her

TikTok: @dylanmulvaney – 10.8 million followers, 1.2 billion TikTok video views

YouTube: Dylan Mulvaney – 238,000 subscribers

Instagram: @dylanmulvaney – 815,000 followers

Twitter: @dylanmulvaney_ – 125,000 followers

Armed with her stats, let‘s rewind and explore Dylan‘s background and sensational rise to transgender stardom.

Early Life in San Diego: A Star Is Born

On December 29th 1996, Dylan Mulvaney was born in sunny San Diego, California. Assigned male at birth, she grew up known by her previous name, Dylan Joseph Lemar Mulvaney.

San Diego is also home to Dylan‘s close-knit family, including her supportive parents and siblings. Her late grandfather, James Mulvaney Sr., was a prominent local businessman who owned San Diego‘s minor league baseball team in the 1980s. Baseball fandom clearly runs deep in the Mulvaney blood!

As a child, Dylan was creative and curious, harbouring a secret love for playing dress-up in women‘s clothing. But confined by societal expectations, these interests remained closeted.

In high school, Dylan began experimenting with makeup and exploring her identity privately. She later came out as gay to friends and family. But her gender questioning would remain unspoken for years to come.

After graduating high school, Dylan studied professional golf management at Mississippi State University. But struggling with her gender identity, she soon transferred to a local community college in San Diego. This move allowed her to be closer to her family‘s support during a turbulent personal journey.

Little did she know, her life was about to change in unbelievable ways – thanks to a burgeoning app called TikTok.

TikTok Takeoff: Dylan‘s Meteoritic Rise to Transgender Stardom

In 2019, 20-year-old Dylan joined TikTok under a previous account name. After accumulating around 60,000 followers, she decided to delete her old account in 2020 and start fresh.

The rebrand proved to be a saving grace. In September 2021, Mulvaney opened up about beginning hormone replacement therapy on a new TikTok account, @dylanmulvaney. She also revealed her new name – a moment of empowerment for Mulvaney.

Her vulnerable videos documenting her transition resonated widely. Followers flocked to her page as her story spread. By June 2022, Dylan had amassed a staggering 10 million TikTok followers, making her one of the biggest transgender creators on the app globally.

But the numbers alone don‘t fully capture Mulvaney‘s meteoric impact. Beyond entertainment, her content provides education and empathy, humanizing the transgender experience for the mainstream. Indeed, over 1.2 billion views have allowed Dylan to reach a massive audience with her message of courage.

Let‘s break down Dylan‘s incredible TikTok growth statistically:

  • On September 8th 2021, Mulvaney started her @dylanmulvaney TikTok account.

  • By December 2021, she had gained her first 1 million followers.

  • Followers rapidly multiplied, with Dylan hitting 2 million by February 2022.

  • In March 2022, she reached 4 million followers, then ballooned to 6 million the next month.

  • On June 2nd 2022, Mulvaney officially hit 10 million followers – a momentous milestone.

  • As of February 2023, Mulvaney has 10.8 million loyal followers and counting.

  • Her videos have amassed over 1.2 billion TikTok views collectively.

Dylan‘s stratospheric success earned her TikTok‘s coveted "Trailblazer" award in June 2022 – placing her among the top standout creators recognized by TikTok officially. Not bad for a 26 year old!

Dylan Mulvaney's TikTok Follower Growth Over Time

But Mulvaney hasn‘t stopped at TikTok. She‘s diversified across platforms, highlighting her savvy as an influencer. Let‘s explore her online empire and impact further.

Expanding Her Reach: Dylan‘s Multi-Platform Influencer Domination

Beyond captivating TikTok, Mulvaney has expanded her reach and influence across multiple social platforms:


  • In March 2022, Dylan launched a YouTube channel to share her transition journey with in-depth vlogs.

  • She rapidly gained over 238,000 subscribers, earning 117 million YouTube views already.

  • Videos provide a raw, unfiltered glimpse into Mulvaney‘s procedures, emotions and life.


  • On Instagram, Mulvaney boasts 815,000 dedicated followers.

  • She often shares glamorous fashion and beauty content reflecting her evolving style.

  • The platform allows Dylan to showcase her photography skills too – her aesthetic instantly recognizable.


  • Mulvaney also maintains an active presence on Twitter with 125,000 followers.

  • She interacts directly with fans, weighs in on news/events and drives traffic to her other platforms.


  • Dylan began guesting on popular podcasts like Call Her Daddy, amplifying her voice.

  • Long-form interviews allow Mulvaney to dive deeper on her life and journey.

  • Podcasts expand her audience, letting more communities discover and connect with her.

Brand Partnerships

  • Dylan has partnered with major brands like GrubHub, Coca Cola, Salesforce and Klarna.

  • A 2023 Super Bowl ad for Klarna gained Dylan mainstream exposure.

  • Working with inclusive brands helps fund Dylan‘s transition and life as an creator.

Expanding beyond just TikTok has been key in cementing Mulvaney‘s status as an influential voice. She engages communities across digital platforms with her trademark optimism, humor and charm.

Becoming An Icon: Mulvaney‘s Impact on Trans Visibility

It‘s impossible to measure Dylan Mulvaney‘s full impact on transgender visibility and acceptance accurately. But dig into any comments section under her videos – you‘ll find endless testimonials to how she‘s bettered lives.

For many young trans people, Mulvaney represents the first openly transgender role model they‘ve encountered in the media. Her easy confidence and glamour depict transitioning as a journey to celebrate, not hide.

Rich Ferraro, Chief Communications Officer at GLAAD, explains Mulvaney‘s significance:

“Dylan is undeniably one of the most influential trans people in the world. Her ability to tell her personal story to audiences of all ages and identities is creating real cultural change.”

And Mulvaney recognises the privilege her platform brings:

“I hope by me authentically and genuinely showing myself fully that it can open people’s eyes," Mulvaney told NBC News. "You can be yourself and be accepted.”

Comments on her videos support this impact:

“Thanks for giving me the courage to start my transition!”

“You gave me the bravery to come out as trans to my family. I owe you.”

“I’m 26 too and just started hormones. Your videos are getting me through.”

“I watch you with my 13 year old trans daughter. You‘ve become her hero.”

With over 1 billion TikTok views, Dylan‘s story has touched lives across demographics, from trans youth to accepting parents and allies. Her message of embracing your true self resonates universally.

But Mulvaney‘s impact extends beyond just her audience. She‘s also influencing how brands depict trans and LGBTQ+ issues – and who they choose to partner with.

Brand Ambassador: Dylan‘s Partnerships & Controversies

In 2022 and 2023, Dylan Mulvaney‘s profile led to lucrative brand partnership deals from major companies like Coca Cola, GrubHub, American Eagle and Klarna.

Her sponsorships spark vital conversations on transgender representation in marketing. While hugely successful, Mulvaney‘s brand deals have stirred controversies too.

In September 2022, Dylan joined American Eagle‘s #AEJeansForMe campaign. The inclusive ad series featured Mulvaney alongside disabled, plus-size and other diverse models. While celebrated by many, it also attracted conservative backlash for embracing marginalized communities so openly.

Come 2023, an even bigger brand collaboration would ignite fiery debate. In February, Mulvaney was unveiled as part of Bud Light‘s new Super Bowl ad campaign. This made her the first transgender woman to ever star in an alcohol ad nationally.

The commercial aimed to spotlight Bud Light‘s partnership with GLAAD in championing LGBTQ+ rights. But it stirred anger from conservative groups, who called for boycotts of Bud Light to have Mulvaney removed.

Mulvaney responded to the controversy with poise on social media:

Dylan's Tweet

While disheartening, backlashes like these demonstrate why support for transgender visibility in marketing matters so profoundly. Dylan‘s representative partnerships are reshaping what inclusion looks like on major brands – despite prejudices that persist.

For trans individuals, seeing themselves represented by household name companies engenders feelings of worthiness and belonging. As Dylan told AdWeek on her trailblazing Bud Light ad:

“I’m encouraging trans youth to continue advocating for companies and corporations to show up for them.”

With her expanding fame, Mulvaney will continue grappling with how to uplift marginalized communities through her partnerships. But if her poise so far shows anything – she can weather any storm ahead.

Television Sensation: Dylan Shines in the Spotlight

Beyond digital platforms, Dylan Mulvaney‘s meteoric rise has brought her mainstream TV exposure too. She‘s shone in guest appearances on popular shows like Below Deck and The Jennifer Hudson Show.

In December 2022, Mulvaney checked off a major bucket list item – appearing as a contestant on iconic gameshow The Price Is Right. Her bubbly energy charmed viewers, and she won an impressive $37,000 in prizes!

Dylan‘s history-making Price Is Right moment represented a new level of transgender visibility on network TV. For her generation of young trans people, seeing Mulvaney embraced in mainstream entertainment is monumental.

When she‘s not stealing scenes onscreen, you can also catch Dylan walking red carpets. She was named among Variety‘s prestigious Young Hollywood Impact Honorees and Time‘s Next Generation Leaders list in 2022.

Rubbing shoulders with Hollywood‘s best, Mulvaney always uses her platform to uplift LGBTQ+ rights. As she wrote for Time 100:

“I will never forget where I came from. And I will never stop fighting for a better future for our community.”

For a 26 year old, Dylan Mulvaney has achieved immense television and media success already. But given her trajectory so far, this is likely just the beginning of her spotlight domination. The future is profoundly bright for this talented star.

Dylan Mulvaney: The Sensation Is Only Getting Started

It‘s hard to believe Dylan Mulvaney is only 26, given her extraordinary impact already. Yet at the dawn of her career, her potential still feels limitless.

As Dylan continues proudly sharing her transition journey, she‘s sure to break new ground for transgender visibility and acceptance. With grace and grit, she‘ll blaze trails in media representation that none have walked before.

Mulvaney‘s story proves that living authentically doesn‘t preclude you from greatness – it‘s the pathway there. She represents the best in humanity: empathy, courage, authenticity and vision.

So while the world will keep wondering "How old is Dylan Mulvaney?", her age is far less relevant than her integrity and spirit. Through her voice, she‘s making the future safer for trans youth worldwide.

At just 26 years old, Dylan Mulvaney is already a bonafide icon. Yet she burns brightly not for acclaim – but to inspire others to embrace their own light.



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