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How Old Are George Clooney Twins in 2023? Unraveling the Facts!

Hi there! If you‘re like me, you love keeping up with fascinating celebrities like George Clooney. As a dad to twins with wife Amal, George is navigating a new chapter in life. A question I keep getting asked as a devoted Clooney fan is: how old are George Clooney‘s twins Ella and Alexander in 2023? Read on as I unravel the facts around the Clooney family for you!

At a Glance: The Clooney Twins‘ Age in 2023

  • Ella and Alexander Clooney were born on June 6, 2017.
  • In the year 2023, the twins are 5 years old.
  • Their parents are Amal Clooney (age 45) and George Clooney (age 62).

So in a nutshell, George and Amal‘s beloved twins are entering their sixth year in 2023! But the story of this high-profile family is so much more than just numbers. Let‘s dive deeper into the history and daily lives of the Clooney clan.

From Silver Screen to Human Rights: George and Amal‘s Backstories

To fully understand this celebrated couple, we need to learn about their pasts. George Clooney‘s journey to stardom started back in 1978 when he began acting in television shows until his big break came in 1994 on the hit drama ER. For his portrayal of pediatrician Doug Ross over 5 years, George received 3 Emmy nominations.

But TV was only the beginning for ambitious George. He soon transitioned to films like Ocean‘s Eleven, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and Up in the Air, winning 2 Oscars and 5 Golden Globes! Equally critically acclaimed were George‘s directorial efforts in movies like Good Night, and Good Luck and The Ides of March. He even earned billions as the face of Nespresso coffee.

Amal Clooney‘s path has focused less on the limelight and more on using the law to create social change. After studying at Oxford and NYU, Amal became a barrister specializing in international human rights law. Her clients have included former Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Amal also represented Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad and other Yazidi victims of ISIS genocide. She has consulted numerous times for the United Nations and was selected for the TIME 100 most influential people list and as Barbara Walters‘ Most Fascinating Person.

Baby Joy! Ella and Alexander Arrive

After meeting through a mutual friend in 2013, George and Amal tied the knot in 2014. And on February 9, 2017, they announced they were expecting twins!

Ella and Alexander Clooney were born slightly premature at St. Mary‘s Hospital in London on June 6, 2017 when George was 56 and Amal was 39. Little Ella arrived first, weighing 5 pounds, followed by brother Alexander at 5 pounds, 11 ounces.

The first-time parents were overjoyed. "It‘s going to be an adventure," said George. "We‘ve sort of embraced it all…with arms wide open."

To celebrate Ella and Alexander‘s June 2022 5th birthday, Amal shared, "As you turn five, I marvel at everything you are…". The twins enjoyed cake with their doting parents in Lake Como, Italy.

By the Numbers: The Twins‘ Charitable Legacy

At just 5 years old, the Clooney twins are already leaving their mark through their parents‘ philanthropic efforts. Let‘s look at some key statistics:

  • Over $100 million raised by the Clooney Foundation for Justice which George and Amal founded in 2016
  • Aid given to over 200,000 refugees from Syria and other nations through CFJ partnerships
  • 10 TrialWatch monitors now deployed globally by CFJ to observe court proceedings
  • 24 students supported to date by the Clooney Foundation for Justice Dockett Scholars Program
  • March 2023: George and Amal host first ever CFJ Awards honoring human rights heroes

While making headlines for their glamorous lives, George and Amal quietly donate millions and advocate for the displaced and persecuted. Their organization is ensuring Ella and Alexander grow up in a more just world.

2016Clooney Foundation for Justice launched
2017Birth of twins Ella and Alexander
20225th birthday trip to Lake Como, Italy
2023CFJ Awards inaugural ceremony

A Bilingual Life: The Twins Split Time Between Italy and LA

The Clooney twins lead a bicoastal life across two continents! Here is a glimpse into their routines:

Summers in Italy

  • Villa in Lake Como overlooking charming scenery
  • Boating and swimming on the lake
  • Playing in nearby Italian towns with local children
  • Learning Italian from caretakers and teachers

School Year in Los Angeles

  • Sprawling mansion in Studio City with playground
  • Attending pre-school close to home
  • Stimulated by both English and Italian languages
  • Bonding with cousins and neighborhood friends

The twins even have their own garden at the LA home! While their lives seem glamorous, George and Amal work hard to ground Ella and Alexander.

"They‘re not terrible two-year-olds," laughs George. "I mean, they‘re fun kids…they‘re happy kids."

Loving Grandparents: Ella and Alexander‘s Special Bond

While George‘s parents Nick and Nina sadly passed before meeting their grandchildren, Amal‘s mom and dad remain a strong presence.

Baria Alamuddin, Amal‘s mother, lives in Beirut, Lebanon but frequently visits her cherished grandkids. The family connects through long video calls too. "It was like a magical thing for my mom," remarks Amal about the twins‘ arrival.

"My parents sacrificed so much for me…it makes me so happy that they can be part of this joy."

And the twins share a special affinity for their grandfather Ramzi Alamuddin. On a rare outing in NYC, Alexander clung to his grandad for hours! Ramzi is retired but dotes on Ella and Alexander whenever they‘re together.

Fun With Cousins! The Twins‘ Playmates

George and Amal make sure the twins nurture relationships with their little cousins too!

Amal‘s sister Tala has a daughter named Mia, born just a few months after the twins. The three kids love to play dress up and make music together. "It‘s really sweet watching them grow up together," gushes Amal.

Meanwhile, George‘s sister Adelia has a boy named Silas who is one year younger than Ella and Alexander. On a visit to Kentucky, the trio had a blast catching frogs and rolling down hills, developing a tight bond.

George‘s Dad Jokes: On Being an Older Parent

Only George Clooney could make self-deprecating jokes about becoming a first-time father in his 50s. He quips that he needs to live until age 106 to finish parenting the twins!

But his love for them shines through. "I don‘t think of them as little kids…I feel like I‘m their peer," says George. "I find things funny about them…you can actually have conversations."

While amusing at times, parenthood has also given George Clooney new purpose. "There is no question that having Amal in my life changed everything for me," he shares. "It was the first time that everything that she did and everything about her was infinitely more important than anything about me."

The Twins Today: Happy 5-Year-Olds Thriving in 2023

As we‘ve discovered, Alexander and Ella Clooney are happy and healthy 5-year-olds nurtured by two phenomenal parents in George and Amal. While their lives are unconventional, the twins are growing up surrounded by love, languages and laughter.

Ella and Alexander have already traveled more than most adults! And through their parents‘ heartfelt humanitarian work, they are developing empathy and awareness beyond their years.

The Clooney twins‘ journey is just beginning, but the undeniable bond they share with George, Amal and the entire extended family provides them with a nurturing foundation. This tight-knit yet global and cultured clan offers Ella and Alexander the best of all worlds.

So in summary, while the twins turn 6 this June, George and Amal still have many more adventures ahead as a family. With their compassionate values, I believe little Ella and Alexander will one day also make their own meaningful marks on this world!



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