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Discover the Age Gap: What‘s the Real Age of Kristin Chenoweth‘s Husband, Josh Bryant?

Kristin Chenoweth, the iconic actress and singer, made headlines in 2021 when she got engaged to her now-husband Josh Bryant. The Nashville-based musician is 14 years younger than the 55-year-old star. In a 2020 interview with PEOPLE, Chenoweth quipped about their age difference, saying it made her adept at using TikTok. But what‘s the real age of Kristin Chenoweth‘s husband? Let‘s take a closer look.

Summary of How Old Kristin Chenoweth‘s Husband Is

  • Kristin Chenoweth is 55 years old
  • Josh Bryant is 39 years old
  • The age difference between them is 14 years
  • They got engaged in October 2021
  • Their wedding date was September 2, 2023
  • The wedding had around 140 guests
  • It took place in Texas
  • The wedding theme was pink

All About Kristin Chenoweth‘s Fianc√© Turned Husband Josh Bryant

Josh Bryant isn‘t just Kristin Chenoweth‘s younger husband – he‘s a Nashville-based musician with a budding career of his own. Known for his work with the country band Backroad Anthem, Bryant is also a solo artist.

The 39-year-old was born in 1982 in Oklahoma, just like Chenoweth. As part of Backroad Anthem, he plays guitar and provides vocals. The band has released two EPs and a self-titled album.

As a solo artist, Bryant has released two albums so far – "Between the Lines" in 2018 and "Josh Bryant" in 2021. Singles from the albums like "Truth About You" and "Fire Away" have garnered millions of Spotify streams each.

Clearly, Bryant is a talented musician who hasn‘t let his relationship with Chenoweth overshadow his individual accomplishments. His marriage to the actress may have raised his profile, but he was a steadily working musician long before they met.

The 14 Year Age Gap Between Chenoweth and Bryant

As mentioned earlier, there is a 14 year age difference between Chenoweth and Bryant. She is 55 while he is 39.

Both have openly discussed the age gap between them. Chenoweth even joked about it to PEOPLE magazine, saying that it has made her more adept at using the popular social media app TikTok.

Apparently, Bryant helps Chenoweth understand the latest social media trends and navigate new platforms like TikTok. While an age gap can sometimes create issues in a relationship, these two have leveraged it into an opportunity for Chenoweth to stay engaged with younger generations.

The age difference has not affected the strong bond between the two, proving the old adage that age is just a number.

Kristin Chenoweth‘s Background and Career

To better understand Kristin Chenoweth‘s current relationship, let‘s first look at her background and prolific career over the years:

  • Born: July 24, 1968 (currently 55 years old)
  • Birthplace: Oklahoma, United States

Chenoweth is best known for her career on Broadway and roles in musical theatre productions like "Wicked" and "You‘re a Good Man, Charlie Brown."

Her soprano singing voice has led to numerous accolades including a Tony Award and multiple nominations. She‘s also released numerous albums including "Some Lessons Learned," "As I Am," and holiday albums like "A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas."

On the acting side, Chenoweth has appeared in several TV shows such as "Pushing Daisies," for which she received an Emmy Award, "Glee", "The West Wing", and "American Gods."

She‘s also acted in films like "Bewitched," "The Pink Panther," and "Hard Sell." Chenoweth even starred in her own reality show titled "Kristin" in 2012.

Recently, she was cast as a series regular in the upcoming ABC show "The Rookie: Feds." Her versatility across mediums is a testament to her widespread talent.

With a net worth estimated at around $16 million, Chenoweth has certainly found success in the entertainment industry. Her marriage to Josh Bryant is just the latest positive development in a fulfilling career and life.

Timeline of Chenoweth and Bryant‘s Relationship and Wedding

Chenoweth and Bryant‘s journey to matrimony was a two-year process:

  • 2018 – The couple first met and quickly formed a connection. Chenoweth realized early on that Bryant was "the one," describing him as her "best friend and the love of her life."

  • October 2021 – After three years of dating, Bryant proposed to Chenoweth in New York City. Their engagement was announced later that month.

  • September 2, 2023 – Chenoweth and Bryant tied the knot in an intimate Texas wedding with around 140 guests.

The ceremony featured a pink-themed altar, adding a romantic flair. The exclusive guest list included close friends and family who witnessed the couple‘s vows to each other.

Details on the Couple‘s Dreamy Texas Wedding

Chenoweth‘s wedding to Bryant took place on September 2, 2023 in Texas. Here are some of the key details:

  • Guests: Approximately 140 guests attended the relatively small, intimate affair. The guest list included the couple‘s inner circle of loved ones.

  • Venue: While the exact venue is unknown, the ceremony took place somewhere in Texas where Bryant hails from.

  • Theme: Bright pops of pink defined the decor. This girly motif matched Chenoweth‘s bubbly personality. The pink-hued altar where the couple exchanged vows created striking photo ops.

  • Chenoweth‘s Dress: She likely wore a glamorous gown, but details are scarce. Based on Chenoweth‘s feminine style, the dress was probably either a ballgown or A-line silhouette with a possible pink accent to match the decor.

  • Food: Elegant wedding fare was served, but the menu remains under wraps.

  • Entertainment: Bryant‘s country music roots mean the playlist was filled with lively country hits and romantic ballads.

The stylish soiree combined Chenoweth‘s flair for the dramatic with Bryant‘s down-home tastes. Despite the age gap between them, their shared values and stage backgrounds unified them through the festivities.

Kristin Chenoweth‘s Impressive Net Worth and Other Projects

Chenoweth‘s decades-long career in the entertainment industry has amassed an impressive net worth of around $16 million. Some of her revenue streams include:

  • Musical theatre productions
  • Television shows and films
  • Album sales as a recording artist
  • Concert performances and tours
  • Brand partnerships and endorsements

Additionally, Chenoweth has a jewelry line sold on HSN and a perfume called "Kristin Chenoweth." These business ventures provide the multi-talented star with additional income.

Lately, Chenoweth has been focused on her upcoming ABC drama series, promotional efforts for her new memoir "I‘m No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts," and planning her dream wedding.

With a fruitful career, expanding business endeavors, and happy personal life, Chenoweth seems fulfilled both professionally and personally.

FAQs About Kristin Chenoweth‘s Husband and Their Age Difference

How old is Kristin Chenoweth‘s husband?

Josh Bryant is 39 years old currently.

What is the age difference between the two?

Kristin Chenoweth is 55 while Josh Bryant is 39, making their age difference 14 years.

When did Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Bryant get married?

The couple wed on September 2, 2023.

What is Kristin Chenoweth‘s net worth?

Her estimated net worth lands around $16 million.


Despite an age gap of 14 years, Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Bryant only have eyes for each other. Their recent Texas wedding joins two creative spirits from surprisingly similar backgrounds who found love later in life.

While some may focus on the age difference between the Broadway star and country musician, it clearly doesn‘t phase them. Chenoweth even finds humor in it, joking about Bryant teaching her about TikTok.

At the end of the day, Chenoweth and Bryant‘s marriage proves that age is just a number. Their bond survives all obstacles. As the iconic actress once said about her now-husband, he‘s simply her "best friend and the love of her life."



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