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How Old Is Robin Roberts Today? A Glimpse Into the 62-Year-Old Good Morning America Anchor‘s Life

If you‘ve turned on your TV in the morning anytime over the past two decades, chances are you‘ve been greeted by the smiling face of Robin Roberts. As the anchor we‘ve invited into our homes on Good Morning America since 2005, Robin has become a familiar and trusted voice for millions across America. But when you watch her deliver the morning‘s top stories, have you ever wondered exactly how old Robin Roberts is today?

While many may know Robin primarily from her time on GMA, her story began long before she became a morning show fixture. At 62 years old, Robin has lived a life full of remarkable highs and lows both personally and professionally. As we celebrate another year around the sun with Robin, let‘s take a nostalgic trip to learn more about the life and journey of this beloved broadcaster.

Robin Roberts at Age 62: By the Numbers

Before we dive in, here are the key stats on Robin at 62:

  • Date of Birth: November 23, 1960
  • Hometown: Pass Christian, Mississippi
  • Alma Mater: Southeastern Louisiana University, Class of 1983
  • Relationship Status: Engaged to Amber Laign (together 18 years)
  • Tenure on GMA: 17 years (since 2005)
  • Emmys Won: 3 Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Morning Show
  • Social Following: 1.1 million Instagram followers, 650K Twitter followers

Those numbers only begin to scratch the surface of an extraordinary life. Now, let‘s rewind and walk through Robin‘s journey decade-by-decade to fully appreciate the woman she is today.

The Early Years: A Star Athlete Emerges in Mississippi

Before she was a famous face on TV, Robin Roberts spent her early years in Pass Christian, Mississippi, where she was born on November 23, 1960. The third of four children, Robin grew up in an athletic family.

Her father Lawrence was a pilot for the famous Tuskegee Airmen squadron, while her mother Lucimarian was an educator. Both parents emphasized faith, education and discipline as pillars to their children‘s upbringing.

From a young age, Robin took after her older siblings and developed a passion for sports. She played basketball, tennis and volleyball throughout her school years. Her brother Lawrence Roberts Jr. played in the NFL, while brother Ricardo Roberts played pro basketball overseas.

With athletics running through their veins, the Roberts kids spent many days competing together in the yard. Robin recalls her siblings never letting her win: "They made me work hard. But that‘s what gave me my competitive fire."

That competitive fire continued shining when Robin went on to Pass Christian High School. She helped lead the school‘s basketball team to back-to-back state titles in 1977 and 1978.

Her success on the court landed her a basketball scholarship to Southeastern Louisiana University, where a trailblazing career awaited.

Breaking Barriers at Southeastern Louisiana University

When Robin arrived at Southeastern Louisiana on a full athletic scholarship in 1977, she knew she faced high expectations on the basketball court. After all, the women‘s basketball team had gone 66-5 in the past 3 seasons.

But Robin proved she was more than up to the task. She led the Lady Lions to 4 straight conference titles and 2 Sweet 16 appearances. By the time she graduated in 1983, here were just some of Robin‘s awe-inspiring stats:

  • 1,446 career points scored

  • Southeastern‘s all-time leading scorer & rebounder

  • All-conference honors all four years

  • Selected as one of the top 5 female basketball players in school history

Meanwhile, Robin stayed just as impressive off the court by graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor‘s degree in Communication. Her success broke barriers, as she became the first African American woman to play for the Lady Lions squad.

As her proud basketball coach remarks, "Robin exceeded all expectations. She brought skill, intellect and grace to everything she pursued at Southeastern."

After dominating both athletically and academically at the collegiate level, Robin set her sights on a career in sports journalism. It was an industry where few African American women had been given a chance to shine up to that point. But Robin was ready to break down those barriers next.

Moving Up the Ranks: From Local TV to ESPN Fame

Upon graduating in 1983, the odds were stacked against Robin in her dream to become a sports broadcaster. At the time, women in sportscasting were extremely rare and usually relegated to secondary positions like reporting.

But she didn‘t let those obstacles stop her for a second. Thanks to her poise under pressure from years of competitive basketball, Robin felt unfazed while pursuing roles usually reserved for men.

She credits her parents for giving her thick skin: "My parents taught me to not let cruel words or discrimination stop me from reaching for what I wanted."

Robin got her first big break shortly after college with a sports anchor role at CBS affiliate WDAM-TV in Mississippi. She quickly built up a local fanbase with her warm demeanor and trademark catchphrase "Go with your gut!"

Her talents didn‘t go unnoticed for long. Within just two years, ESPN came calling.

At age 23, Robin was hired by the network, becoming one of ESPN‘s first female sports anchors. Early on, she dazzled viewers with her coverage of major events like the NFL Draft.

But it was when Robin landed a coveted spot as an anchor for SportsCenter in 1987 that she truly hit the big leagues. She‘d go on to spend 15 years covering nearly every major sporting event for the network.

Some highlights from her barrier-breaking ESPN career:

  • Co-hosted the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy
  • Covered the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta
  • Profiled iconic athletes like Michael Jordan

Robin recalls her first day on the job feeling like she‘d won an Olympic gold medal. Her meteoric rise showed young girls everywhere that sports journalism wasn‘t just a boy‘s club anymore.

Trading the Sports Desk for News – Robin‘s Transition to ABC

Never one to get too comfortable, Robin made her next bold move in the 1990s when she expanded beyond sports into news broadcasting.

She credits her parents again for giving her the courage: "My father always taught me to dream big. And my mother taught me that there‘s more to life than just sports."

Robin‘s charisma, versatility and intellect made her a natural fit for news. She first served as a contributor for the ABC newsmagazine show Primetime Live from 1995 to 2005.

Her excellence reporting from the sidelines at major sporting events also captured ABC‘s attention. In 1995, Robin was named the first African American woman to host Wide World of Sports, further cementing her status as a groundbreaker.

But perhaps most monumental, Robin officially joined Good Morning America in 1995 as a feature correspondent while still working for ESPN. She immediately resonated with morning show audiences with her warmth and eloquence.

After a decade of juggling assignments, Robin made the leap full-time to ABC in 2005 to become an official GMA anchor. It was a long way from her basketball days at Southeastern, but the competitive drive that took Robin to the top of the sports world helped her excel at morning news too.

Now, 17 years into her GMA tenure, Robin wakes up Americans coast-to-coast as one of the most beloved and trusted broadcasters in the business.

unforgettable GMA Moments: Robin‘s Most Memorable Interviews

In her time at the GMA anchor desk, Robin has led broadcasts from the Olympics, interviewed presidents, and given viewers a front-row seat to historic moments. Here are just a few of her many iconic GMA interviews over the years:

President Obama‘s Landmark Gay Marriage Interview (2012)

In May 2012, Robin conducted a sit-down interview with President Barack Obama where for the first time, he publicly supported gay marriage. His words – "I think same-sex couples should be able to get married" – sent shockwaves across America. Robin‘s poised and compassionate line of questioning elicited one of Obama‘s most memorable declarations.

Michelle Obama on Motherhood, Politics and More

Robin has had multiple intimate interviews with former First Lady Michelle Obama over the years. The two have bonded over topics ranging from parenting and work-life balance to Mrs. Obama‘s initiatives for children‘s nutrition and girls‘ education globally. Their easy rapport shows how Robin puts even the most prominent people at ease.

Taylor Swift‘s Album Reveals and Career Milestones

Robin has sat down with music superstar Taylor Swift surrounding the releases of hit albums like Lover and Folklore. During their laidback chats, Robin pulls back the curtain a bit on Taylor‘s songwriting while still allowing the artist‘s personality to shine.

Serena Williams Before and After Majors

As a former college athlete herself, Robin has a knack for getting tennis legend Serena Williams to open up in interviews surrounding Grand Slams. Serena even jokingly calls Robin her "therapist" for the way their conversations help prepare her for the mental battle ahead.

Amy Robach‘s Breast Cancer Diagnosis Reveal (2013)

In a chilling live TV moment, Robin supported fellow anchor Amy Robach in 2013 as Amy learned she had breast cancer after reluctantly getting a live mammogram on the show. It was a raw demonstration of Robin‘s poise and compassion.

These are just a handful of the countless impactful moments Robin has presided over during her tenure as GMA‘s fearless leader. Her rapport with everyone from world leaders to Hollywood stars reveals why she‘s one of America‘s most beloved anchors.

Battling Breast Cancer – Turning Adversity into Inspiration

While Robin has had incredible professional highs hosting GMA, she has also bravely battled significant health challenges over the years. Her openness and grace throughout her fight against cancer especially have left a meaningful mark.

In 2007, Robin was diagnosed with breast cancer after discovering a lump in her breast during a self-exam. The shocking diagnosis came despite no family history and a clean mammogram just months prior.

Robin faced the devastating news with tenacity. She underwent a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation over the next months.

True to form, Robin brought viewers along her journey, never shying away from talking about her treatment and recovery. Her candidness on GMA encouraged countless women to prioritize their own breast health.

Robin beat cancer and has been in remission ever since. But she poignantly reflects that the experience forever changed her:

Cancer shook me to my core, but in a strange way, it was also a gift. It taught me to appreciate all the hours in a day and to grasp each moment."

Tragically, Robin faced another harrowing diagnosis in 2012 when she developed the rare blood disorder myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). After struggling through debilitating symptoms, doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant to save her life.

In true family fashion, Robin‘s sister Sally-Ann proved a perfect donor match. Robin bravely documented her battle every step of the way on GMA during her 159 days off the air. Her honesty about the grueling effects of chemotherapy and isolation resonated with the millions facing their own health struggles.

Happily, Robin‘s transplant was successful and she returned to GMA in February 2013, met with open arms and tears of joy from her co-hosts and fans.

While cancer delivered unexpected blows, Robin‘s grace never faltered. She lives by the motto: "Make your mess your message." Her resilience through adversity continues inspiring people everywhere.

Love and Commitment – Robin‘s Bond with Amber Laign

While Robin doesn‘t flaunt her private life, she found love and comfort through difficult times thanks to her long-term partner Amber Laign. After 18 years together, the two prove that true commitment amplifies life‘s blessings.

Robin and Amber‘s meet-cute sounds like something out of a romance movie. They were set up on a blind date by mutual friends in 2005 and sparks immediately flew.

Amber didn‘t know much about sports or Robin‘s fame as an ESPN icon, which Robin found refreshing: "It helped that she didn‘t grow up watching me on TV. She got to know the real me."

The two kept their relationship relatively quiet over the years, but Amber has been Robin‘s rock through her cancer, a bone marrow transplant and the daily pressures of television. Even when the world was watching, Amber provided a peaceful respite from the spotlight.

While they stayed mum about marriage plans for years, Robin and Amber finally announced their engagement in December 2021. Sadly, they had to postpone their 2020 wedding due to COVID-19. But once it became safe to gather again, the two proudly showed off Amber‘s engagement ring during interviews.

After walking through fire both literally and figuratively together, their upcoming wedding feels like a joyous new beginning. As Robin raves:

Even after all we‘ve seen, Amber still takes my breath away. I can‘t wait for forever together."

Their love story proves that an out-of-the-blue connection can turn into lifelong devotion. Robin and Amber‘s commitment through sickness and health shows the power of partnership above all else.

The Legacy She‘s Built – Robin‘s Philanthropy and Accomplishments

While Robin will forever be remembered for her illustrious television career, she has also spent decades giving back to others. Through charitable organizations and corporate roles, she continues breaking new ground.

In 2014, Robin became a national spokesperson for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She also co-founded the #ThriverThursday campaign on GMA featuring inspirational cancer survivors.

She established the Robin Roberts Foundation in 2021 to support students in need through scholarships, mentorships and mental health programs.

Professionally, Robin made history by becoming the first African-American woman to chair Walt Disney Company‘s ABC Television Network in 2022. She also currently holds a seat on the company‘s Board of Directors.

Among her countless honors, Robin has received the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism, the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She‘s authored best-selling memoirs like Everybody‘s Got Something and My Story, My Song sharing her journey. And she‘s built a social media following over 1 million strong.

Across every chapter of her life, Robin has swung open door after door previously closed to women, particularly women of color. The grace, grit and authenticity she leads with set her apart.

In Robin‘s words:

I want to do more than just exist. I want to truly live by uplifting others."

At 62, her star shines brighter than ever.

The Living Legend Turns 62

Like a familiar friend we‘ve grown up with, Robin Roberts has been there for so many mornings over the years as America wakes up. She‘s delivered tragic news and joyous triumphs, engaged in thoughtful interviews and lent a shoulder during difficult times.

So on her 62nd birthday this year, may we all celebrate Robin not just for the news she delivers, but for the extraordinary life she‘s led.

From barrier-breaking athlete and broadcaster, to resilient cancer survivor, to devoted partner and philanthropist, Robin has never stopped reaching for new heights. The young girl from Mississippi with big dreams has become a living legend, but still exudes that same warm, down-to-earth spirit.

So the next time you wonder, "how old is Robin Roberts?" remember that she‘s more than just a number. Robin is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance and purpose. At 62 years young, she still has so much left ahead to accomplish.

Robin‘s life story has unfolded like a series of chapters in one remarkable book. As she celebrates another trip around the sun this year, the final pages have yet to be written. But if Robin‘s poise, compassion and inner strength through decades past tell us anything, her best is truly yet to come.



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