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How Tall is Adam Devine Really? Exploring the Actor Height and Personal Life

Adam Devine‘s sharp humor and magnetic on-screen charm have won over legions of fans. He has you cracking up one minute as Andy in the hit series "Workaholics". The next, he tugs at your heartstrings voicing loveable characters in blockbusters like "Pitch Perfect".

But alongside his many professional achievements, there‘s a big question around Adam‘s physical stature – just how tall is he really?

As someone deeply interested in Adam Devine‘s story, I‘m sure you‘ve often wondered about the truth behind his height. Well, let‘s explore all there is to know about the actor‘s physique along with other fascinating aspects of his personal life.

At First Glance – Adam Devine‘s Vital Statistics

Full Name: Adam Patrick Devine

Date of Birth: November 7, 1983

Place of Birth: Waterloo, Iowa

Residence: Los Angeles, California

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Irish, German, English, Scottish

Parents: Dennis & Judy Devine

Siblings: Brittney Devine

Spouse: Chloe Bridges (married 2021)

Children: 1 child expected in 2023

Known For: Workaholics, Pitch Perfect films

Net Worth: $8 million (estimated)

Official Height: 5 feet 63⁄4 inches (169 cm)

The Eventful Journey of Multi-Talented Adam Devine

Being from humble beginnings in Waterloo, Iowa, no one could‘ve predicted Adam‘s phenomenal rise to fame. His journey to becoming a top entertainer in Hollywood has been marked with adversity, passion and relentless hard work.

As a teen, Adam participated in local production of plays and skits. He later honed his comedy skills at the University of Southern California.

In 2006, Devine took the brave step of moving to Los Angeles. He gradually found recognition doing improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Adam‘s career took off when he co-created the popular sitcom "Workaholics" which aired from 2011-2017 on Comedy Central. His performance as juvenile slacker Adam DeMamp won widespread praise.

Devine has since starred in hit movies like "Pitch Perfect", "When We First Met" and "Jexi". His comedic timing and endearing personality make him perfectly suited for these roles.

According to reports, Adam‘s net worth is estimated at $8 million. In addition to acting, he earns from comedy tours, film production, endorsements etc.

On the personal front, Devine married long-time partner Chloe Bridges in 2021. The couple is now expecting their first child later this year.

The Constant Curiosity Around Adam Devine‘s Height

One aspect of Adam‘s physique that draws immense fan speculation is his height. So what‘s the truth around those numbers?

Adam Devine‘s official height is listed as 5 feet 63⁄4 inches or 169 cm on most sources.

However, many feel this stat doesn‘t seem accurate when you see Adam alongside other celebs.

In 2019, Adam himself spiced up the mystery by tweeting he actually stands at "5‘8"! Could he have been downplaying his height all this while?

Let‘s compare Adam‘s stated height with some of his celebrity peers:

CelebrityHeight (in feet-inches)
Adam Devine5‘ 63⁄4‘‘ (claimed)
Adam Levine5‘ 11‘‘
Rebel Wilson5‘ 3‘‘
Anna Kendrick5‘ 2‘‘
Skylar Astin5‘ 8‘‘

In photos with the "Pitch Perfect" cast, Adam does seem shorter than co-stars Skylar Astin and Adam Levine who hover around the 5‘10"- 6 ft range.

But he also appears taller than the 5‘ 3" Rebel Wilson in group pictures.

So could Adam Devine actually be somewhere in the 5‘ 7" – 5‘ 8" zone? Very likely, according to most fan estimates.

Many Reddit threads and online forums also analyze evidence from Adam‘s movies and TV shows to deduce his true height.

Unfortunately, we may never get an 100% accurate measure of Adam Devine‘s stature unless he reveals it himself.

But the actor clearly doesn‘t mind the speculation – taking it all in good humor whenever his height becomes a hot topic!

Chloe Bridges – Adam‘s Partner in Love and Life

Adam Devine‘s better half is the talented actress Chloe Bridges. Her cheerful personality seems perfectly in sync with Adam‘s witty sense of humor.

Born on December 27, 1991 in Louisiana, Chloe Bridges began acting as a child. She starred in the 2005 film "The Notorious Bettie Page" alongside Gretchen Mol.

Some of Bridges‘ notable TV roles have included shows like:

  • Freddie (2005)
  • The Carrie Diaries (2013)
  • Insatiable (2019)

Bridges and Devine reportedly began dating sometime in 2015 after meeting through mutual friends.

After six years together, the couple finally tied the knot in a romantic outdoor ceremony in October 2021.

In February 2023, both Bridges and Devine announced they are expecting their first baby later this year through adorable Instagram posts.

Many fans are excited to see Adam Devine embrace fatherhood in this exciting new phase. He will surely be a fun, doting dad!

Chloe Bridges‘ estimated net worth is around $3 million as per reports. Along with acting, she earns through brand endorsements on social media.

The 2001 Accident That Changed Adam‘s Outlook

Adam Devine‘s success story simply wouldn‘t be complete without the hardship he faced at age 18.

In 2001, Devine was asleep in the backseat of a friend‘s car when it crashed into a concrete boulder. Adam was tossed out of the window due to the impact.

According to Adam, he broke 24 bones and it "looked like I got shot with a bunch of paintball guns". His ribs detached from his sternum.

After the horrific accident, Adam had extremely limited mobility for two years. He underwent around 25 intense surgeries during this time to recover.

Understandably, the process tested Adam‘s spirit. But with support from family and friends, he powered through the pain.

According to Devine, the accident gave him "a new lease on life". It taught him to appreciate every moment and live life to the fullest.

This poignant experience undoubtedly instilled the grit and positivity we see in Adam Devine today. It‘s a key part of his success story.

Diving Into Adam Devine‘s $8 Million Net Worth

Driven by immense passion, Adam Devine has built quite a fortune from his entertainment career spanning 15+ years.

As per reports, Adam Devine‘s current net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. Let‘s analyze where this wealth comes from:

  • TV income – Adam earned big paychecks starring in "Workaholics" for 7 seasons on Comedy Central. He plays a lead role in the new sitcom "This Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman" (2022).

  • Movies – Devine has acted in commercially successful films like the Pitch Perfect franchise. He likely made a few million from these big studio projects.

  • Production & Writing – Income from Devine‘s production company Hooray For Films and writing credits on Workaholics.

  • Stand-up Comedy – Revenue from comedy tours and shows over the years.

  • Endorsements – Brand partnerships on social media and promotional gigs.

  • Investments – Adam‘s assets and financial investments.

Clearly, Adam earns from a diverse set of sources. His net worth will likely grow in the coming years as he explores new projects.

Other Intriguing Facts About Adam‘s Life and Interests

Beyond his work, here are some intriguing tidbits about Adam‘s passions and preferences:

  • He has been a loyal member of the sketch comedy group Mail Order Comedy since 2006.

  • Devine is an avid sports lover and huge fan of the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs.

  • Unlike his character on Workaholics, Adam is not fond of drugs or alcohol in real life.

  • He enjoys video games like Call of Duty and often live streams his gameplay.

  • Adam has participated in the Comedy Central and Netflix comedy roasts of Justin Bieber, James Franco and Bruce Willis.

  • He loves indulging in foods like pizza, burgers, tacos etc. despite trying to stay fit.

  • Adam is actively involved with several charities supporting children‘s hospitals and animal shelters.

  • His dream role is to voice a character in an animated film from Disney/Pixar.

The Final Verdict: Appreciating Adam Devine‘s Story

While we may never know Adam‘s exact height down to the inch, that doesn‘t dampen his stature as an entertainer.

With undeniable talent, humor and an inspiring life story, Adam Devine has truly made his mark on Hollywood. His ability to overcome adversity and find success on his own terms is remarkable.

No matter his exact height measurement, Adam Devine stands tall amongst his peers with a likeable personality and rare comedic skill.

Here‘s looking forward to whatever new heights this multi-talented performer conquers in his career ahead!



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